@ home with ivy

Witchy Tip:

Keep ivy in your house, it doesn’t matter what kind: english, russian, irish, or japanese. The webs their vines weave will catch and trap any negativity in your home. Plus, they’re just plain pretty.

Reminder: prune your ivy regularly to rid the plant of negative build-up. Also, because some ivy can be slightly toxic to small children and animals. Pruning keeps it out of reach.

i’m just so happy that nct dream won tbh, im in no way saying that i didnt want the other groups to win cause they deserved a chance to win just as much. but im so thankful that nct dream won, and that they were the first nct unit to win on an awards show. idk man its just that when nct wins at awards shows, surely that win goes to all of nct, not just that one unit but most of them aren’t in 127 so they don’t get to fully experience the high of the moment, they dont get to stand onstage and look at the fans and thank them on a somewhat personal level, while the other members have gotten to experience that (minus ten). they got to stand on stage and have the adrenaline rush when they’re announced as the winners. they get to fully experience the whirlwind of emotions, with all your fans in front of you. its kinda different to experience the win off camera than it is to experience it in front of everyone’s eyes and it gives you a much different feeling. 
and not to mention that they are so young. i can’t say for sure how they feel for sure but i can image them feeling that since they are so young they would probably have a while to wait, until they are a bit older, to experience winning cause you know when you’re young you don’t expect big things to happen for you, you just expect the minimum or for people to look down on you cause of your age. i can image how much of a shock it must have really been for them when they won cause they probably werent really expecting such a great thing. and not to mention all the hard work that’s gone into both chewing gum and my first and last. i know most of them haven’t promoted as much as donghyuck and mark but i can image them feeling like they have expectations to meet since markhyuck have more experience. and im so happy that all the work mark and donghyuck have been putting into all the units (literally, all of them) and meeting all those expectation they never imagined they’d reach, are congratulated and they’ve received a token of much much appreciation.
and seeing renjun choke up soo much makes me s o emotional cause wow, he has been so helpful to chenle, hes been so selfless and even when chenle is standing on the other side of the stage, or if chenle isn’t next to him, renjun gets up and moves to be next to chenle to help translate stuff to him and help him have an understanding of what’s being said and what’s going on, he did that not for him but just because he doesn’t want chenle to feel left out. renjun and chenle left their own home countries (i know renjun is korean but he spent like 99% of his life in china) at such a young age to chase their dreams, to live in a country where 1 of them doesn’t even speak the language, in a big country and they are such small boys going after their dreams. and seeing renjun cry makes me cry cause i think of how helpful he is to chenle cause he doesn’t want chenle to feel like he’s alone, he probably wants chenle to feel the slightest bit of familiarity in a place where he many feel out of place.

and jaemin, i know he hasnt promoted with them cause of his own illness, but i really hope he knows that this win was for him as well, i hope he knows it was a thank you for putting out all that work even when you weren’t at your best, and a get well soon and we will always be supporting you and we would patiently wait for your return. *mark’s voice* oh man, i really love nct