@ bostonmarathon

10 cold and rainy miles at ~7:45 pace. The longest I’ve run since the Chicago Marathon. I thought about doing it on the treadmill, but ugh. I’ll deal with the weather and get a better workout.

Not planned, but I wore my 2015 Boston Marathon shirt underneath, which had similar crappy conditions. Soaked and fatigued, yet determined. Helped me power through the miles as I thought back to one of my best marathon performances.

That’s a giant smile on a freezing body under that space blanket. Even standing at the starting line this morning, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell I could run a 2:55:23. Super excited and amazed at myself. Nice to know the hard work I put into my training has gotten me to this point.

Thank you again to everyone that wished me good luck and posted while I was running. It’s really cool to know that people are watching as I cross those mats.

And big congrats to my fellow tumblr runners! Crappy conditions for your first time is a bummer, but you all did great.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The night before.

dun dun DUUNNNN!

I am so excited - I’ve trained for this for months. I’m not actually scared yet, but i think that’s just because i don’t really know what I’m getting into… but I’m optimistic.

Going to the expo this weekend was indescribably epic - seeing thousands turn out from all over the world either to run, or in support of those running the oldest continuously running marathon-the mythical Boston Marathon was impactful in ways i cannot even articulate, but i was proud to be one of them.

Today I rested. I am sure i lost a “weekend warrior” step challenge with my fitbit friends, but this is the first time i’m totally ok with such a low number of steps in a day. lol. Even after watching tomorrow’s weather obsessively, it still took me longer to my pick out tomorrow’s running outfit than i take to choose a “going out” outfit. I tried to imagine every possible weather situation and anything i could possibly need or want for for each. Then i packed my “after” bag with dry, warm everything because there is supposed to be significant amounts of rain and a temp of only 50ish. On the plus side-all my outdoor training has been in conditions that are similar in temperature, and being a cold-loving person, again, I’m optimistic. However, i strongly hope that declaration doesnt jinx me. Lol.  

Pictures to come tomorrow - some dear friends and my family are positioning themselves to leapfrog the course and ultimately meet me at the end and i couldn’t be more happy. :)


Forever lazy about buying and downloading my race pictures…

Here are some of the better ones from this year’s Boston:

1) runningwithpump, me, ariavie (& husband), mrcarlosbc staying warm before the race in the athletes village

2) right on Hereford

3) left on Boylston

4) nailing the finish shot (chip time 2:55:23)

5) and a smile!

Most of these shots were near the finish since that’s where the cameras were. You can really see how wet it was out there in some of those photos. Not sure yet if I’m gonna go again next year, but this was definitely the best race I’ve had there (so far).

race recap

Boston Wk 11 Saturday

I’m back on my regular marathon training plan now. My left shin has behaved well this week. That means I need to run a pair of 12-milers this weekend. We’ve still got quite a bit of snow lying around, so I went back to the Morton Arboretum today. All my other preferred locations would have been knee deep or iced over. Now this is the place where all my shin pain started 3 weeks ago, so maybe not the best decision. I made it through though, and I think I’ll be fine as long as I continue treating it well.

Since this wasn’t technically a long run as far as the Hansons are concerned, I was able to slow it down a little and not put quite so much pressure on my shins. Still a nice average pace of 7:23 over challenging hills.

I had hoped the roads would be completely cleared, but it was mostly a thin layer of snow. Since there were very few cars driving through there, I could dart back and forth to find the best footing. So many other runners out there too. Everyone else trying to find a way to train for spring marathons in this weather. I saw lots of Boston Marathon paraphernalia. As much as the weird colors they’ve used for the Boston jackets in recent years have annoyed people, it’s pretty easy to spot them in a crowd.

Nike Flash jacket keeping me warm and visible.

Boston Wk 3 Thursday

We took the kids to an indoor waterpark for one night, so I didn’t have a chance to post this yesterday before we left. I did manage to find a mostly dry stretch between the storms in which to run. I brought this new Under Armour hat in case it started raining again. Definitely need to work the brim some more. It kept catching in the wind and almost flying off my head.

This was the second 10-mile tempo run in the Hansons marathon plan. I did it in 1+ mile loops in a nearly neighborhood. Wanted to be close to the house in case the weather got really bad. Also wanted to practice taking in water at high speed. I carried a water bottle with me with the intent of dropping it somewhere so I could get a few sips every couple times around.

My brilliant idea was to put the bottle on top of a mailbox so I could easily grab it and not break stride. That would have been fine in my neighborhood where the mailboxes are uniform and flat on top. I ended up running farther than I wanted with the bottle in hand looking for one that wasn’t completely rounded. I managed to firmly plant it twice on the run – nailed the landing like Kerri Strug on those. The third time I had to put it down, it teetered and then fell on the ground. 5.5 from the Russian judge.

A 2:50 marathon pace is 6:29/mi. I averaged 6:32/mi. A couple outliers in there. Somewhat disappointed in those last two. I think I lost focus after I dropped the bottle. Considering I did this two days after a hard 18 and only ran 10 seconds total slower than last week, I’m satisfied with the result.