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(sorry gonna be a downer for a sec) I used to have LGBT pride... but I've gotten so much NB-transphobic and Aphobic bullshit I don't feel as prideful as I once did... I mean how can someone be LGBT but then say "there's only two genders!" or "Aphobia doesn't exist... but you don't actually belong in our super secret gay club!" ... it just confuses me that a group that's supposed to be all about equality and love and support could hate my very being so much...?

I’m sorry you feel this way :/ there is discrimination in the LGBT community and I totally understand why you feel that way, I’ve felt that way too. Just remember there is good in our community 💕 keep your head up

She wasn’t my first kiss but she’s the kiss that mattered, the kiss that made me realize I didn’t want to kiss anyone else. So now my lips belong to her. Just look at them… Her name’s written all over them.
—  Oko Ninjah

Okay so I found my dead grandfather’s journal from 56 years ago. This is some old stuff, okay, and I was like yeah I’m gonna read a page or two. 

Basically he wrote down this road trip he did with a friend of his (name is Giulio) but at some point it gets so weird.

I’ll try my best to translate it from italian to english (english is not my first language) and well, I’m also having a hard time trying to read my gandpa’s writing cause he wrote like a drunk snail.

Now, beware, my grandfather was an italian man dedicated to work, church, work and work, who believed in the traditional family and all that Jazz. But at some point I reach this part where he writes: “yesterday me and Giulio slept in the same tent as mine was stolen at the gas station. As it was really cold, we slept close. In the middle of the night I realized that the warmth next to me did not belong to my Nadia (his fiancé at the time, my grandmother). It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt”.

And I was like allright that’s some weird no homo bullshit but who cares.


“I was having a cigarette whilst Giulio was asleep in the car, having a nap before we hit the road again. In the midst of the smoke of my tobacco, I saw his face and thought that the woman who is going to marry him will be lucky”.

Grandpa, what the hell? 


“We shared a bed. Old motel did not have spare rooms, it was awkward at first. Then I started thinking that the warmth of Giulio’s body is somehow becoming more familiar to me then Nadia’s.”

Now, I have like seventy more pages of this goddamn journal but I am pretty fucking sure my gandfather had the worst crush over his best friend.

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reaper76 should be canon

i’m biased cuz i’m literal r76 garbage but

think about it

two traditionally masculine characters enmeshed in military culture, which is itself very conservative. Muscular, gravelly voiced, macho men’s men archetypes who are all of that but defy convention by also being in relationships with men.

if they’re bi/pan/gay, that would be a huge dick punch to stereotypes. Now I’m all for Lena/Emily. don’t get me wrong. give me all the queer ladies gdi. but in the comic, they’re non threatening to the average shitbaby gamer. now blizz did a great thing by showing lena and emily as being normal people who belong in their world. they’re not unusual. they’re two ladies drinking tea or some english bullshit and gifting scarves, which is the most fucking english chick thing to do tbh

now let’s take that good ol’ gay train and keep it moving

jack and gabriel in a past relationship. not just two soldiers, but the Golden Haired Boy trope which is the bastion of all fucking conservative whiteness ever. plus


a complex, interesting afro-latino man interested in other men.

look at the lgbt movement. the gay representation in that equation? still white as fuck. not only that, but you got an interracial relationship going on

is that still important? do ppl still make a big deal out of it?

fucking right they do

so alllllll across the board, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes hooking up would put a fist through a bunch of dumbass stereotypes all at once and upset all the entitled assholes who try their damnedest to sideline this content cuz omg it’s two guys and that’s gay

My point is

Blizzard, pls

do it

You Scared of Me Now, Babydoll? (Part 7)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: You and Negan are mad at each other after your trip to Alexandria. You drive back to Sanctuary only to…resolve it.

Word Count: 1,826

Warning(s): Smut (finally!), unprotected sex (as will most sex scenes…I don’t think birth control is readily available in the apocalypse!), Language

A/N: Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, lovelies! Finally there is some smut in this chapter! (Apologies if the smut isn’t that great. I’ve written smut before but I’m quite out of practice and I’ve never posted it online before…so I’m a little nervous!) Masterlist is here. Enjoy!

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“Day’s over, everyone pack the fuck up!”

You jumped, almost dropping the box you were loading onto the truck. Damn, he was mad. And frankly, you were mad at him too. Seeing how he treated these people made you sick. Not to mention- you had been apart of this group. It made you wonder that if you had never left Rick if you would have to be apart of this mess.

Negan stomped over to you and growled in your ear.

“Get the back in the goddamn truck. Now.

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I’m so evil and petty I love it

My roommate cooked chicken last night and threw the packaging in the trash. The cats dug it out and dragged it across the kitchen, and so this morning I just cleaned it up and threw the chicken out and left. I put in the group chat that the cats knocked over the trash and the chicken roommate was like “well did you mop the floor?” And like? No? I have fucking classes to go to? And she was like “well it’s your responsibility to clean up after the messes you make” so I was like “for your fucking chicken? Excuse me?” So she tries some bullshit “dont assume it was me” blah blah blah I fucking saw her cooking the chicken last night.

Anyway she’s been vague posting all day in the group chat about cleaning up after yourself and so I was like “yeah so on that topic can whoever left their clothes on the bathroom floor for the past week pick them up?” And I fucking know the clothes belong to chicken roommate. And chicken roommate was all offended again “you’re the one to talk” blah blah fucking chicken again.

So anyway I get home at about 1am and the clothes are still there on the floor and chicken roommate is home. She had her chance to pick her shit up. It’s nice shit too, a Victoria’s Secret bra, PINK shirt, some expensive fuck-all yoga pants.

Here’s where being an evil petty bitch comes in.

I put that shit in the trash and chucked it in the dumpster.

@yosoycordova: Happy birth to this beautiful woman! @chloebennet Life gifts us all mirrors in which to find our reflection and thus belonging. With the finding of this rare specimen, life gifted me the girlfriend I so yearned for as a little girl. A strong, no bullshit, fighter, crazy, passionate, compassionate REsister. So today I give thanks that somewhere in Chicago, 25 years ago, a little girl named Chloe was born. (x)

Home, Part Ten

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N:  The end is nearing.

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?   Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

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The Truth

“He did what?!” Jack snaps over at Caspar.

“You didn’t know?” The blonde blinks in surprise, “I thought you two told each other everything.”

“No, clearly you still hold that title.”


“It’s fine.” Jack shakes his head quickly, “He doesn’t have to tell me everything. Just thought, you know, he’d tell me something like this!”

“Talk to Joe, I’m sure he has an explanation.”

“For sleeping with her? Probably just she’s hot and he had the opportunity.” Jack scoffs, “But thanks for telling me Caspar.”

“I’m sorry,” Caspar frowns, “I thought you knew. Especially with the relationship you two have…”

“We don’t have a relationship. We’re just friends.”

“But you two act like more! You’re both constantly flirting!”

“That’s all it is.” Jack says firmly, suddenly just wanting to leave, “Just flirting. Look, I gotta go. I’m not hungry any more. Sorry.”

“Oh, yeah,” Caspar nods slowly, “I get it. I’ll let the others know something came up.”

“Thanks. See ya.”


Jack decided to walk home from the restaurant he was supposed to be having dinner at with the others, needing to take some time to wrap his head around the piece of information that had been revealed to him.

Caspar and him had showed up to the restaurant first, and had started talking casually. Somehow, the fact that Joe had slept with one of the female managers at Gleam came up, and that hurt Jack. Because he thought he and Joe were on their way to shifting their relationship from just mates to more. They had been flirting constantly for a couple months, and Jack had already come to the realization that he cared for Joe as more than a friend. But then to find out that the older man had gone and slept with someone, possibly more than once, during that time? Jack wasn’t so sure that Joe had the same feelings he did.

Apparently it was all just a game to him.

Unsure of what else to do, Jack distanced himself from Joe for the next week or so, worried that he’d either start screaming at the other man or break down crying. He had really thought there was something between them.

Looks like he had been imagining it.

Caspar tried to get Jack to talk to Joe, to get an explanation, because the South African was sure there had to be an explanation, he had seen how Joe looked at Jack.

But Jack was adamant in leaving it be. It shouldn’t matter anyways, it wasn’t like the two were actually together, Joe could sleep with whomever he wanted.

Really, it was ridiculous for Jack to get as upset as he was, because Joe didn’t belong to him.

He just happened to want Joe all to himself.

“You aren’t going to stop knocking are you.” Jack states as he swings open the front door, revealing an upset Joe.

“Not until you let me in, no.”

“I’m busy, Joe.”

“Bullshit. Let me in.”


“So I can tell you the truth!”

For a second, Jack is tempted to shut the door and go back to watching the movie he hadn’t really been paying attention too, but the curiosity takes over, and he was never really able to resist Joe. And so, he steps to the side and allows the older man to step in, the door clicking closed behind him as the two head into the flat.

“What truth do you need to tell me?” Jack asks, falling onto the couch while Joe remains standing, looking equal parts nervous and terrified.

“I didn’t sleep with her.” He blurts out.

“Didn’t you, though?” A raised eyebrow causes Joe to blush lightly, his gaze falling to the floor.

“Okay, yeah, we slept together, but I didn’t want too.”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” Jack drawls, “Because who wouldn’t want to sleep with an attractive woman.”

“Will you let me talk?!” Joe snaps, his blue eyes flashing as they meet Jack’s once again. The tone surprises the younger man, and so after sitting up in his seat, he nods, remaining quiet.

“I honestly didn’t want to sleep with her, Jack. Because I knew it would mess things up with you, just when we were actually getting somewhere. And gods, I was so happy when I realized we were getting somewhere. Because I like you, Jack. A lot.”

“If you like me so much why did you go and sleep with her?!” He can’t help the burst of anger, not after being told that Joe does indeed return his feelings.

“Because she forced me to!”

The words hang in the air between them, and Jack forgets how to breathe for a moment as he stairs over at Joe, who looks like he’s about to break down.

“She..she told me if I didn’t,” Joe pauses, running a shaky hand through his hair, “If I didn’t sleep with her she’d ruin you. And I couldn’t…” He chokes on the words, the tears falling down his cheeks, “I couldn’t let her fuck with your life Jack. So I slept with her. But I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

The words can’t seem to spill from Joe’s lips fast enough, and all Jack can do is sit there in shock. “I wanted to say no, I wanted to tell her off, but then I thought of you, and I couldn’t risk it. And then I wanted to tell you, so many bloody times did I want to tell you, but then i thought you’d hate me or find me disgusting, and so I didn’t tell you. But then, then you started to hate me anyways—“

“I don’t hate you.”

“You….you don’t?”

“No,” Jack shakes his head, slowly rising to his feet, “Even after finding out that you slept with her, I didn’t hate you, Joe.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing!” The younger man snaps, his face softening immediately at Joe’s flinch, “You don’t have to apologize. You did nothing wrong. But you should have come and talked to me, Joe.” Jack reaches out for the other man’s hands, their fingers slipping together, “We could have dealt with this together.”

“I know that…now.”

“We should tell someone.”

“I never said no,” Joe says quietly, “There’s nothing that can be done.”

“She blackmailed you, Joe.”

“Technically, you.”

“Who the fuck cares who it was?! The fact is that she forced you into it!”

“Can we…can we just pretend it didn’t happen?” Joe asks, leaning into Jack’s body, “At least for tonight. I just…I just want to be with you tonight.”

“Yeah,” Jack sighs, “Tonight we can pretend it’s just us two.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” He smiles down at Joe, “And by the way, I like you too. A lot.”

“Oh,” Joe returns the smile, “That’s good. Because that makes kissing you a whole lot less weird.”

“Hmm, suppose it does,” Jack responds, their lips brushing together in a simple kiss.

Tonight, it would be just the two of them.

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Just out of curiosity, did you not want Harry to come out with solo stuff or something? You just seen very mute about it in comparison to when Louis' music was released (this isn't me saying you hate harry lol just curious)

I am not speaking much because 1. I don’t feel like engaging with 90% of the fandom discourse at the minute, especially some ridiculousness i have seen in the past days, no matter what side they belonged. 2. Louis’ song was released in a different context and for different reasons and as I am a Louie Larrie I am most keen on writing 400 posts about Louis compared to the others. Just like any other larrie/fan here with a ‘favourite’. I say ‘favourite’ in a specific -this fandom-context which I am too tired to explain deeper so understand me here before I get 300 asks saying I hate Harry or some bullshit. 3. I don’t like a lot of things I am seeing, I’ll be honest, many of them all related to the media and how they are treating Harry’s debut compared to the others. It was obvious the reaction to his stuff would be completely different from the other members of the band because he’s Harry Styles™ with a powerful team behind that invested a lot of time, money and power on him and his solo career but this ‘he’s the second coming of Jesus and the rest is shit’ is not my cup of tea at the moment so I don’t have a lot to comment. I am aware this doesn’t depend on Harry himself and I hope this is not the strategy his team wants for his image, so I am waiting for him to actually release his song, SPEAK and see how the media campaign after the release will go and what kind of plan his team will give to media to promote their client. With this said, I am very curious about his solo material, I am interested in what he wants to say and HOW he’ll say it. I am sure he’ll do great too, but before I judge the whole thing I prefer to wait one more week. I don’t think he’s Freddie Mercury, Bowie nor Prince and this is all the media are talking about now only because of  2 second trailer so I prefer to actually listen to what he has to say and how he says it, before I judge his work. Also, from my experience in this fandom, no matter what I say about Harry I will get 30 anon saying I hate him and I have to die so what’s the point of me saying anything at all? So to avoid all that I’m just staying here waiting to see and reblog posts I like about this. 

Dean me up, Scotty!

For @iwantthedean

“I’m tired, Dean, I’m so god damned tired of your bullshit.” YN shouted as she threw all her belongings and some dirty laundry of Dean’s into a rucksack.

“You’re just going to sit there and do what? Lick those fucking perfect lips, shake your head, lemme guess run a hand through your hair, because and I quote, ‘I’m no good for you YN’”.

“Well save your bullshit lies for someone who gives a shit, because it’s been me, Dean, me every night stitching you up, loving you down, putting up with the self deprecating.”

“It’s been me, not Sam, not Lisa, not last night’s easy lay, thanks for that by the way, hit me right in the jugular with that bimbo.”

“YN, please, she meant,” Dean didn’t even move from his seat, but YN cut him off with a slap to the face.

“Screw off, Winchester.”

With a flip of her hair, she flipped him the bird, and shouted over her shoulder shoulder, “lose my number.”

Zero Point; Chapter 4

For starters I would like to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @nothingbutwordsstuff!! And secondly I’m sorry this took so long for me to post but I finally updated!! And I plan to update more frequently as well, including my other stories, A Twist of Fate, and Proceed With Caution! So be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date with all these fantastic fics!

Natsu would’ve loved to say he went out in an epic blaze—that he valiantly stormed the tower, freed his wife, and faced off with Jellal like the hero he was supposed to be…or at least hoped to be. At the very least, the hero like everyone else wanted him to be.

Well, take it from him—fact of life; exploding yourself in space for the betterment of humanity does not make you unsusceptible to drugs, so if someone stabs you in the neck with a needle, fucking panic.

Now lo and behold, here Natsu was—waking up from a drug-induced coma, his butt numb from lying on the cold stone floor, and a raging headache ringing throughout his body that made it feel like someone was sounding a gong inside him. Times were not fun for Natsu Dragneel.

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Pale Skin and Onyx Eyes [10]

[Throne of Glass] [Elide x Lorcan] [W.I.P.]
Chapter Word Count: 2849 words

Summary: Set after Empire of Storms, Elide Lochan and Lorcan Salvaterre are traveling with Rowan and Gavriel in search of Queen Aelin. Will Elide ever be able to forgive Lorcan for betraying her and her Queen? Where will they go next?

Part I: The Search - Chs. 1-8
Part II: The Journey - Chs. 9-???
Part III: The Mission

Chapters: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [13 ] …
Read it on: [ fanfiction.net ] [ archive of our own ]

While she had been asleep, Lorcan had quickly chopped down some firewood and hunted down four rabbits. After they reached the cave, he began skinning and skewering the rabbits to roast over the fire pit. Elide untied her packs and rolled out her sleeping mat. Night had fallen, and innumerable stars flecked the sky. She immediately found the Lord of the North, the stag of Terrasen, shining bright so that she could always find her way home… The smell of the roasting rabbits wafted to her nose, reminding her that she was ravenous.

Lorcan almost laughed when he handed Elide the stone plate with a perfectly roasted rabbit. Her eyes were like dinner plates as she stared fixedly at the meat, waiting impatiently for it to cool enough to eat.

Elide devoured both of her rabbits unashamedly. She licked the juice from her fingers and sighed, sated and content. Lorcan was watching her from across the fire. As night fell a cool breeze picked up, a direct contrast to the beating sun earlier, and Elide was sitting right by the cave’s entrance. She shivered.

“Come to this side,” Lorcan suggested, his expression unreadable. He was sitting towards the back of the cave. Elide cocked her head at him, but complied wordlessly.

Oh, it was warmer on this side! She let the delicious warmth of the fire lick her toes for a moment, and then she hugged her knees to her chest. They sat there silently for a few moments as the firewood crackled and creatures of the night rustled and chirped.

She was thinking about earlier, about when she had been meditating… She still wondered what compelled him to go on this near-suicidal mission with her. It feels like… that time Lorcan stole the barge and we set forth for Eyllwe together…

Elide pursed her lips and blew air from her nostrils. So much had happened since then.

Lorcan was thinking about her damned lips again, about that time they were painted blood-red when she was dressed up as a fortune-teller. Gods, everything about this nearly-human woman was so distracting, he would make sure to take his time learning and appreciating every, fucking –

“Did you ever have a mate?” Elide asked unexpectedly, refusing to look at his face. Her cheeks flushed as she inspected her toes closely instead.

Lorcan snapped to attention, replaying her question in his mind.

“Where did that come from?” His growl was defensive. Once again, she had caught him off-guard. He couldn’t forget that those soft lips hid a razor-sharp tongue. Lorcan tried not to let his mind wander back into the gutter as he trained his gaze on her.

“I- I was just wondering,” she replied softly, her voice barely a whisper. Lorcan wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard a faint longing in her voice.

No one had asked him about a mate in a long, long while… And if she had asked him that question a couple of months ago, he would have snorted and simply answered, “No.” It wouldn’t have been a topic up for discussion.

But now… He had thought it was possible, once, lifetimes ago… Gods, when was the last time her name had even floated into his head?

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10 Days of EOS 10

Day 10: Favorite things about the show

  • the humor : dry, lots of sarcasm, lots of deadpanning, totally right up my alley
  • it still has a serious plot under all the absurd and hilarious situations and it doesn’t feel forced
  • the anti-vaxx episode belongs in a museum
  • the relationships between the characters : it’s evolving, it feels real and organic and it’s beautiful
  • ryan’s voice : it’s really soothing and it relaxes me when i’m commuting to work in the morning and i’m surrounded by stressed and rude assholes
  • the interface awakening and how it didn’t fell into overused clichés
  • levi’s steady rise to the top of the kitchen hierarchy
  • the way levi says “hello” and “good day” when it totally did something but pretend he’s totally innocent
  • urvidian being done with everyone’s bullshit but still caring for our favorite idiots
  • akmazian’s everything
  • jane and how she says really disturbing things in the most natural way and ryan’s like “i worry about you”
  • the online community, the creating crew, the cast, the fans
  • it’s my favorite show, i probably listen to it entirely at least once a month and i regularly listen to random episodes every few days
  • i can quote entire scenes from memory
  • i’m serious
  • i have an addiction to this show
  • don’t send help i like basking in my eos 10 obsession
i love being indigenous

despite the anxiety and the cultural trauma, despite all the bullshit and people getting their dirty hands all over the sacred and precious things left…

like but really i love being indigenous and no one can take this pride and this belonging away from me

Instagram post by Natalia Cordova-Buckley • Apr 18, 2017 at 6:41pm UTC
2,551 Likes, 36 Comments - Natalia Cordova-Buckley (@yosoycordova) on Instagram: “Happy birth to this beautiful woman! @chloebennet Life gifts us all mirrors in which to find our…”

yosoycordovaHappy birth to this beautiful woman!
Life gifts us all mirrors in which to find our reflection and thus belonging. With the finding of this rare specimen, life gifted me the girlfriend I so yearned for as a little girl. A strong, no bullshit, fighter, crazy, passionate, compassionate REsister.
So today I give thanks that somewhere in Chicago, 25 years ago, a little girl named Chloe was born.

You know I love you…♥️

Two Terrible People

Every time I see commentary that Amy and Dan belong together because “they’re both terrible people” I can’t help it - I cringe.

Because that, that right there is some super gendered bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a totally unashamed believer in “Dan and Amy living together in endless sexually charged banter.” Much Ado About Nothing is one of my all time favourite plays, and Dan and Amy are so Beatrice and Benedick (right down to the “he did her wrong in some undefined way in the past that will never be explained but will always underpin everything in their relationship”) that I was pretty much bound to ‘ship’ them.

But there is no way, in a million years, that Amy is anywhere near as bad a person as Dan is. I’m not viewing her through rose-coloured glasses - she can be ruthless, and probably more ruthless than him. Dan’s never, or almost never, sacrificed anything he actually CARED about - whereas Amy has shown herself more than capable of weighing up her ideals and sacrificing one to achieve the other. But she has never, not once, displayed his capacity for vindictive nastiness.

Amy can be dismissive and abrasive and insensitive, and probably a real pain in the neck to be around. But I find it…interesting that that is so often read as somehow equal to Dan’s tendency to brutally use and abuse everyone around him.

Their two worst deeds form an interesting comparison. Amy got Dan fired/caused his breakdown, and Dan slept with her sister and rubbed her face in it over and over again because he KNEW it upset her.

Except, Amy DIDN’T get Dan fired - DAN got Dan fired, through his own stupid decision to “pimp Selina out.” Amy also didn’t CAUSE his breakdown, though her actions were the catalyst for it, because he had worked himself to that point before she even did anything.

And notice the difference in how they handled it. Amy never, not once, rubbed it in to Dan, she didn’t take visible pleasure in his distress, she didn’t gloat.

Whereas Dan ENJOYED the fact that his sleeping with Sophie caused Amy distress. He took actual pleasure in her hurt.

Frankly, in any fair assessment, Dan not only doesn’t deserve Amy, he doesn’t deserve to receive the touch of a woman ever again. (But the world is unjust, and he will, if only because he’s far too good-looking).

But, yeah, the idea that they’re somehow equally bad, pisses me right off.

I fucking hate ace discourse and am legit mad @ you for bringing it up. Sorry. I love ur page i enjoy your contwnt but i can’t seem to escape it. I feel like its all bullshit. Cis het aces are not straight they belong in the lgbt community. End of. Rejecting someone from the community because they are romantically attracted to the same gender is like someone being rejected from a club because they’re half black or something. It all pissed me off. All a spec people belong in the community (this coming from a panro agender ace). People who don’t think they belong in the community are just gate keeping and too interested in what does or does not go on inside of peoples bedrooms to see the real problem at hand. If an ace person needs community or guidance or resources they should be able to get it

Cheater!Joker x Reader

Warnings: Self harm, strong language, stupid decisions…. 

Y/N  was grateful she didn’t accept the offer to move into J’s house. She was glad she still had her apartment to go to in times like this. Not that this has ever happened before.

When she came home from work early she caught them together. Harley and J. She always had a feeling he was cheating on her, she just didn’t want to believe it. And she didn’t think it would hurt this much. Her and Harley had been close too. Y/N would’ve considered Harley her best friend before this.

Y/N opened the door to her apartment, throwing her bag down and sobbing as soon as she closed the door. Her phone was going off, Harley texting her a thousand times and only one missed call from J. He probably would have ordered her to come home with how demanding he is. She took the phone and threw it across the room, realizing her mistake she hurried over to see if she broke it. Cracked screen. Great… She contemplated calling batsy and telling him everything. But that wouldn’t be fair. To batsy of course.

…Months later…

J hasn’t contacted her, and that relieved and angered her at the same time.  Y/N was currently sitting in a bar after a long week of work. She was thinking of taking a vacation next week when a gunshot caused her to drop to the ground. Oh no. Covering her head, she heard screams and a familiar laugh. Oh no. Please no no no no no. Risking a glance, she looked up and saw Frost walking up to her with an almost apologetic look on his face. He helped her up and moved to the side when a voice rang out.

“Oh there’s my pumpkin! Come to Daddy.” J purred. Y/N stared at him with disbelief. Did he think that would work? Now everyone was staring at her, making her feel uneasy.

“What the hell are you doing here?” O-k I guess we’re going for bravado. Mr. J made a ‘tsk tsk’ noise and walked up to her, grabbing her chin.

“Watch your tone, young lady. You had Daddy worried.” Anger flared inside Y/N, giving her courage. She yanked her chin out of his grip.

“Bullshit! You’re the one who cheated on me, you asshole!” J’s eyes darkened. His hands suddenly grabbed her face, making her flinch.

“So you think you could just walk away? That I’d just let you go? That I’d forget about you…” His eyes glanced at her lips then looked up at her eyes slightly shaking his head.

“You’re mine, Y/N. You belong to me. Now just come home with Daddy, I’ll make it all better.”  Y/N shook her head, tears running down her cheeks that she desperately tried to keep back.

“Oh, fuck you, asshole. I don’t belong to anyone. You have Harley now so stay away from me. I hate you. Do you hear me? I fucking hate you!” Y/N cursed herself that she couldn’t come up with a better comeback. And that she couldn’t hold her sobs in as she shoved him aside and walked out the door. Surprisingly, J let her go.

…Before the bar… J’s POV

J was sitting in the middle of room, knives and guns spread out in a circle all around him. He put roses on the outside of the circle, and had a picture of Y/N pulled up on a laptop. Sometimes if he was drunk enough, he could pretend she was really there with him. That she was listening to how his heists went wrong, that he could have pulled it off if she was there with him, that he was a total screw-up, blah blah blah…

He was currently holding one of the knives, blood dripping off the tip as he inspected his new masterpiece. He carved Y/N’s name into his arm, the pain making him forget what he lost. That’s how Frost found him, covered in blood and rambling.

“Until death do us part…… In sickness and health…. I do…. Do you? Do you do?…Hehehe” He trailed off in mad giggling.

“Uh… boss?” J aimed a gun at Frost. Now in a sitting position, slightly swaying from blood loss and being drunk as hell, he growled,

“Where is she?”

…Present…Y/N’s POV

By the time Y/N got home, her tears have stopped. Leaving her exhausted so she just went straight to bed. She awoke when she heard a crash downstairs. Grabbing a gun J bought her (that she needed to get rid of) she walked towards her living room. Noticing who the intruder was, she put the gun away.

“J you gave me a heart atta-” J stumbled over to her, pressing a finger to her lips.

“Shhhhh” He dragged his finger down, pulling at her bottom lip.

“J you need to leave- J please would you- J!” He wasn’t listening though, the whole time she was talking he kept muttering  “pretty pretty pretty pretty.”

He shocked her by grabbing her hand and placing it around his neck. He took her other hand in his and wrapped his arm around her waist. Swaying back and forth, he started humming.

“J, what are you-”  Her voice caught in her throat, the lump not letting her speak. She didn’t know how he did it, how he could make her love him again- not that she ever stopped. “J please I can’t-” He shushed her again and rested his forehead against hers.

“I can’t help fallliiinng in looooove with yooouu” Y/N giggled at his terrible singing voice, tears making their way down her cheeks.

“LIKE A RIVER FLOWS” Y/N laughed and shushed him.

“J my neighbors will call the cops.” His eyes snapped open.

“Can they call a priest?” She furrowed her brow.

“Why would they-” He captured her lips in a kiss, and almost toppled over as he leaned forward. As she helped him regain his balance, he dropped to one knee. Tears clouded her vision.

“J stop- this isn’t funny, J please. You’re drunk. Y-you don’t know what you’re doing-” His head snapped up and he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“I know what I’m- I know what I’m doing. I do. Heh, get it? I do? Do you?”

“J what-” He pulled out a small box.

“Do you take me- wait no that’s not the words.” Y/N couldn’t help but laugh.

“J. Yes.” He looked up at her with big eyes.

“Really?” Y/N made an unpleasant noise. Something between a laugh and a sob.

“Yes, you asshole.” He blinked, still shocked.

“Why?” She just shook her head and pulled him to his feet.

“Let’s get you home, so you can regret your choices there.”

“Wherever you are- It’s home. Is that how that goes?” He slurred, having to wrap his arm around Y/N to stay standing.

“J shut up or I’m taking you to batsy.”