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I inject a can of nos directly into my veins and trigger the Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast animation sequence but when the camera pans back out of my ear canal I’m dead on the floor

hey writers if you want to make a metaphor for racism, please maybe remember that racism is literally based on nothing. Africans weren’t enslaved en masse because the Robo-Musa threatened to destroy the world, they were enslaved because it was economically rewarding and politically convenient. If at any point your allegory for racism includes “so <oppressed group> did this major catastrophe and” then you have not only missed the point but you are literally reinforcing the ideas that racism have let racism self-perpetuate (that e.g. black people are naturally dangerous and violent and must be contained or begrudgingly accepted by the Nice White People)

December issue of Japanese magazine “Illustration” is out tomorrow! ✨ Including 2018 calendar with my works, big article, talk with Kei Toume and more (Japanese language only)! ✨


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Sorry but I still don't see how Dan has depression when he's rich and has a successful career, a happy long term relationship, and tons of friends


This was Cairo, he had the funniest personality ever. His cute pink nose and bean toes to match are unforgettable. He was hit by a car and passed away, not a day goes by where we don’t miss him

Me: Be patient and kind with people! You never know what they’re going through or how they feel!

Me: *has a 5 minute discussion with someone about why their granola cereal coupon won’t work on a bag of granola clusters just because they both say ‘granola’

Me: *is cursed at and called names by a customer for touching their groceries…. while I’m scanning their groceries*

Me: *is shoved by a customer because I’m in the way of their basket*

Me: *is honked at by a parked car in the parking lot because the guy behind the wheel thought it’d be funny to honk at the girl collecting baskets*

Me: Be patient :) and kind :) with people :) you never know :) what they’re going through :)