You know, it’s not so bad [living with and being one of the Ravagers]. I mean sure, I’ve committed more thefts than most people my age. Or really, most people in general. Then again, I don’t really know anyone my own age. My best friends are a 26-year-old weirdo [Kraglin] and a giant blue alien who constantly hits me. Still, better than my dad. At least they’re AROUND! Huh… where did that come from?
—  Young Peter Quill.

You know how hard is to seperate Slavic languages? 

Today I wrote in Russian “Сегодня я съел снидание” - Today I ate/had breakfast.

Okay, this снидание is a little bit weird but okay… It actually sounds quite good. 


But in Russian breakfast is завтрак… Oh. OH. 

I wrote Czech snídaně in cyrillic.

“Have you ever loved somebody who used to get the party poppin’, we used to party-hop, we used to be in the Hamptons, party a lot…”

Jay-Z, Puff Daddy and Aaliyah, photographed at Roc-A-Fella Records’ “Big Pimpin’ Party and Barbecue,” held in East Hampton on July 3, 2000.

Since 1997 Hov and the Roc-A-Fella Records family had been renting mansions (which often came with a $30,000-a-week rent tag) and hosting Summer-long parties for their family and friends. The festivities would culminate in a massive Independence Day soirée, complete with a Roc-themed menu and VIP guest-list. That year they had booked the club Conscience Point to host the “Big Pimpin’ Party,” but two weeks before invites were sent, the party started to get too hot for its own good. “We were getting 20 to 30 calls a day, without invitations,” his publicist Lizzie Grubman remembers. And so the Tuesday before the party, Jay and Dame Dash asked Grubman to change the venue to Jay’s rented mansion. In line with the permit issued by the East Hampton town board, they cut the guest list to only 150 close friends and shut off the music promptly at 11 o‘clock.

Being a close friend of Hov and Dame Dash’s girlfriend, Baby Girl was of course always on hand for the Roc parties. Aaliyah’s close friend Natane Adcock apogee on their time together in the Hamptons to Vibe magazine in November 2001: “I’ll never forget how we laughed our way through the Summers. We’d make up silly names for the food Jay and Dame’s cook made, like ‘cereal pie,’ ‘candy salad’ and the ‘bizarre purple potatoes that came from Mars.’” Jigga of course referenced the “special plates” in his 2003 remix of her single “Miss You.” During one of her last interviews, with journalist Touré at Jay’s Hamptons mansion just two weeks before her untimely passing in August 2001, Aaliyah said this about her close friend Jay: “He is the sweetest person. I have so much fun when I’m with him. I admire him because he’s an amazing talent, and on top of that he’s a beautiful person. He’s really good people.” 

The Myrtle Avenue Station on the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.

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