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just a shout out to football fans from asia, australia, south and north america and other parts of the world who wake up in the middle of night to watch football and support their favourite teams, despite having school/uni/work on the next day. you are real mvps and I admire your passion and commitment!

小林元@コバゲン on Twitter
“もう10年経つんですねー、この絵を描いてて当時を色々と思い出しました。 自分にとって凄く思い入れのある特別なタイトルです。😊 #すばせか #すばらしきこのせかい”

Credits to KHInsider for the translation:

Gen Kobayashi: Art Director & Character Designer of TWEWY “Ten years have passed already. While drawing this illustration I started to remember a lot of things.  It is a special series that has a lot of meaning to me.”

Source: KHInsider

thepenguinofknowledge  asked:

I have just finished going through your blog (you may have noticed) and I love everything about it. I was wondering though how long does it take you to complete a drawing?

[Depending on the piece its about a 1-2 hour average! Comic type stuff takes a bit longer because I have to plan out whats best for the text/ flow of it!]