raven_alanes My agent just let me know I booked my 8th commercial in 11 months so I’m celebrating by posting this pic of the most exciting job out of the bunch🌟The whole day was like a dream, and when I got to set I didn’t even know I was going to be working with Taylor. Her parents were on location and even offered my mom a seat right next them so she could see all the action. When we wrapped, SHE asked to meet me and I almost died. She is as gorgeous and kind as you would expect and she told me that she was homeschooled too! I won’t say what company the commercial was for but it’s a really cool one and it’s airing somewhere yet I’ve never seen it 🤔Ms. Swift if you ever see this, meeting you was so special and i’ll cherish this picture forever💋 #homeschoolchicksrock#taylorswift #dreamscometrue#commercial #superstar #kidsthatdance#msafam #msakats #lovemylife#thatssoraven

Happy happy happy birthday @kwamikwami!!!! I hope your day has been full of delicious food and fantastic company :) Here’s something @paperskirts and I have been cooking up together for your roadtrip AU! Watch for her fic for this ;) 

Here’s her drawing and my fic!

happy birthday @kwamikwami !!!!! here is a birthday plagg with a candle just… stuck right in his cheese. he’s pretty happy about it

i hope you have a good rest of your day!!!

bonus birthday plorb:

i finally reached 2k!! thank you so much mel @olivelouie, the love of my life, for making this adorable edit!! ily

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We need access to safe non-segregated bathrooms for all trans people, especially trans youth and trans students.

It’s a basic human need, and making trans kids go out of their way to use separate bathrooms or being too afraid to go at all is just cruelty.

But we also need:

Access to adequate housing, inclusive education, medical care, transiton related healthcare, and non-transphobic mental healthcare for all trans people. Especially for poor and disabled trans people.

Freedom from transphobic violence and police violence for all trans people, especially black trans women.

Safety and respect for all trans people, everywhere.

Just as LGBT rights didn’t end with marriage equality, trans rights won’t end with a pro-bathroom access ruling.

I’ve always said, hypothetically, if my house was on fire, I would probably not even think of my belongings and just grab all of my pets in my arms, and today confirmed that because I didn’t even think to grab my phone that was literally right in front of me, any of my sentimental belongings, anything expensive

I met him on a restaurant on a spring day. This may sound romantic if you imagine a fancy restaurant with cole porter playing in the background on a rooftop in New York. But this restaurant wasn’t on a rooftop and neither in New York. All you could hear was the loud music playing on the pub next door. He worked there. My friend worked there. I didn’t work there but I had a friends meeting there. He was there. Working. I could never forget: I ordered chicken wrapped in Parma ham, and it was delicious.

When the waiters were leaving the kitchen he was entering. When they were carrying trays he was day dreaming and bumping into everyone. His eyes, always big and blue, made it clear he didn’t have a clue about what he was doing. It was love at first sight. For me only, I guess.

We spent some nights chatting on Orkut, listening to The Fray and Coldplay. From there we moved to Messenger. And then to WhatsApp.

We started dating when he was 20 and I was 18, but it seemed like we were just starting our life. We saw all the series. Some of it a lot of times. Made all the risoto recipes we could find. Burned a few pots cause the conversation was good. Bought furniture without thinking if they’d pass trough the door. We wrote plays, movies, music, together. Made a dozen new friends and with that our YouTube channel. It was over 100 videos, just the two of us -just counted. Suffered from the hatters, laughed with the shippers. Travelled the world sharing a earphone. From my ten favourite songs, seven he showed me. The other 3 he wrote. Learned about feminism and sexualities, gas lighting, mansplaning and other words my computer doesn’t  recognise cause it wasn’t lucky enough to be married to him.

One day we broke up. It wasn’t easy. We cried more than in the end of “how I met your mother”. More than in the beginning of “Up”. Until today there’s nowhere that I go that people don’t say, in some way: where is he? It seems that, forever, I’ll always miss him. If at least we had had a kid together, I think. I could carry him with me.

This week, for the first time, I saw the movie we made together -not randomly a love story. I thought I’d cry all over again. But what I got was this happiness of having lived the greatest love of my life. And that we documented this love on a film -and so many videos, musics and chronicles. I feel nothing.

AU: Harry Styles, actor and writer, writes for The New York Times about the love of his life and ex-spouse, actor, singer and writer, Louis Tomlinson.


From Buffalo to Broadway: Neil Haskell on landing a role in “Hamilton” (WIVB4):

[…] His first big break came during a tryout for the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” Charlie Haskell said, “All the things you see on TV are true, all those crazy auditions and the millions of people standing in line and they liked his athletic ability, and that he could tumble and dance, he had that sparkle, that presence.”

Neil made it to the final night of the competition. Cynthia said, “Whenever he was on stage, that’s who you looked at. But I don’t know if that’s because i’m his mom.”

Then, the choreographer for a little known- up and coming show- “Hamilton” sees him dance. Neil said, “I joined the cast when it transferred to Broadway, and it’s just something you don’t even really think about on a day-to-day thing. But coming to work every day and seeing the audience full, and seeing you know how excited people are to see the show and everything. It’s crazy. I’ve never been a part of something like that.”

And that something got 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and 16 Tony nominations–the most in Broadway history.

For Neil, hitting the Broadway stage never gets old. He said, “every time you step out there, you’re like its pretty amazing, that the house is full every night and it’s awesome. It’s crazy. I’m in a Broadway show right now. It’s absolutely crazy. But my parents allowed me to do that.”

His parents say staying humble, and remembering his roots, is what makes him so successful today.  Charlie Haskell said, “He’s still the same Neil when he comes back to visit everybody just remembers him as Neil.”

Neil Haskell said, “I mean having my parents be as supportive as they are, it’s incredible. They push me and all my brothers and sisters to do everything we’ve really wanted to do, and I think everybody, all of my brothers and sisters have taken different paths, and different roads and we’re all just aiming towards a crazy goal out there, that seems unobtainable when you’re coming from a small town, but I mean, you can do it.”

A few months ago, I joined a Discord daily blog chat just for fun, and I don’t think I could have even imagined how amazing an experience it has been. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I know I’m going to enjoy talking to the many new people who’ve joined recently! This is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the wonderful people I’ve met.


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gwinny3k  asked:

You're so cool and so is your blog.

I should elaborate, you’re cool bc you run a positive energetic SPN/TWD blog. A rare gift! :D

Aww that’s so sweet! Thank you so much! <333 You know, the reason I created this blog was me being tired of seeing hate, pettiness and drama everywhere. I just wanted a place to enjoy my favorite character in peace <3 And now I’m so happy I get to share my peaceful little space with everybody.

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tonight, my mother died from pancreatic cancer. nobody knew about her disease except her, she hid it so well. it was a sudden thing and i’m not going to talk about it here, but i’m just going to say that i’m going on a break. i won’t be active here, i need to be with my sister so if that bugs you, feel free to unfollow. i’ll probably delete by the end of the year, maybe even sooner. thank you all. thank you all for making me laugh and cheering me up. i had a wonderful time on this site, but it’s time to move on. you’re such wonderful people and i have nothing but positive things to say about you. thank you, thank you so much.