Backstory: So a while ago my friend and I were playing a dnd game with his Ranger and my mage. We had custom weapons that the dm allowed, mine was randomized dice that allowed different effects per roll, his was an elemental bow. He rolled a d4 per element, water, fire, earth, or air.

DM ooc: you see demons terrorizing the city what do you do?

Rogue ooc: I hit one with my bow.

He rolls to hit, and element, rolling low on Hit and a 2 on element, fire.

DM ooc: uh okay so you miss the demons and now the tavern is on fire.

Rogue ooc: Oh jeez I try and douse the other buildings with water with my bow so it doesn’t spread

Rolls low again with fire

DM ooc: now every building is on fire

Me, the mage ooc: dude stop we just began the campaign.

Rogue ooc: no i can fix this! I roll to do something about the flames!

DM ooc: normally I’d make you wait until another turn but this is pretty funny so roll again.

Rogue finally rolls something other than fire, but he rolls a critical 1 and with earth

DM: uh okay so you end up pelting the citizens of the town with rocks. Rogue how about you just sit this one out?

After a while we killed the demons but the entire town is destroyed, which our quest line revolved around.

Just wanted to draw my three favs showing their pride :D this is supposed to be like a photo (which Eren treasures because it’s the only one he has where Levi’s smiling c:)

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