Subtle Witch Tips - Last New Moon Before Samhain

The veil is ever thinner and Samhain is swiftly approaching. The last new moon before Samhain is a great opportunity to prepare yourself and your space for the upcoming holiday! As always, here are a few more subtle witchy tips for those who prefer to keep things quieter:

🌑 Take some white wine vinegar, water, and your favorite essential oil and clean off all your high-trafficked areas. While you might be killing germs, clean with the intention of removing all negativity from your space.

🌑 Sprinkle herbs for protection just outside your doors - basil and rosemary are both excellent for this purpose. 

🌑 Grab a glass jar and set some water out to soak up all that new moon energy. Use this in a space cleansing ritual before you begin your festivities for Samhain.

🌑 Find a tea light and carve a small sigil into it for banishing, or blocking unwanted influences or energies. Burn it while meditating on what you would rather invite into your life in its place.

🌑 Prune your plants. Help them to shed the dead and decaying while focusing on what you can also let go of.

🌑 Take a long, cleansing bath. The best place to start with when ridding your life of negativity is to give yourself a bit of self-care and reset your mental and emotional state.

Many blessings for the new moon!