If you want your art to improve, you look up tutorials and take feedback to heart.

If you lack self-esteem and pride in your art, you talk to oloongearlgrey.

If you feel the need to take a break from art and veg out with a couple of saucer chairs, nintendo games, and cheeseburger hoagies, you come to me.

Is it time to take bets? I’m gonna say louist91 posting a beach pic or something. Or beard girl being back on social media with some snap or insta story. Or sneaky fan pics first? Stay tuned

that whole exchange between jeremiah and maggie was so uncomfortable. like, implying alex somehow defaulted to being with a woman bc there’s no man good enough for her just….rubbed me the wrong way. i’ll wait to pass official judgement, but it’s lookin like eliza might wanna get those divorce papers ready.

Gilbert: Who left thier phone? 

Gilbert: No one? Fine- $5?

Arthur: $10!

Alfred: I’ll give you half a pizza.

Matthew: Wait, guys I think that’s mine-

Gilbert: Turn that think into a know!

Matthew: Wait… nevermind.


Gilbert: So, guys, I think we just stole a phone. 

BTS as shit my writersgroupchat says v.4

Seokjin: *saSSY SNAPPING*

Yoongi: ‘stupid people hurt my brain’

Hoseok: ‘this cult is lit’

Namjoon: ‘a siren but a rapping siren’

Jimin: ‘assthethicc’

Taehyung: ‘make a fart sound like art’

Jungkook: ‘when your timbs fail you’


Part 2. Kids reaction to their dad in their mv ~~ hyung line ~~ I hope yu don’t mind for Jin I changed it to not today mv