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tv characters are always running out in the middle of restaurants. who is paying your bill, aren’t you hungry, that’s good food you’re wasting like can’t it wait until you’ve finished your fries

  • youtube:wanna watch videos where you hear nothing but the sound of plastic and liquid


  • [ text ] Do it yourself.
  • [ text ] I’m sick of helping you.
  • [ text ] Leave me alone
  • [ text ] Whatever, I’m going to sleep.
  • [ text ] Are you done yet?
  • [ text ] Why do I have to do everything?
  • [ text ] Is it really that important?
  • [ text ] Can’t you ask someone else?
  • [ text ] Can it wait?
  • [ text ] I don’t want to do this anymore.
  • [ text ] Do I have to?
  • [ text ] Stop bothering me, I’m busy.
  • [ text ] Right now? Do you realize how late it is?
  • [ text ] Jesus Christ sorry I didn’t have my phone on me for one minute. You’re honestly overreacting.
  • [ text ] [ ✓ Read 00:00 AM ]
  • [ drunk text ] why are you udp my ass all the time
  • [ drunk text ] hoenstly i’m starting to bget sick of ycou no offenvse
  • [ drunk text ] ni dont care omg i'im nto your fucking spersonal assistant
  • [ drunk text ] can you jsut leave me alone fkor five minutes
  • [ text WRONG # ] I’m sick of [ YOUR MUSE ] being so clingy.
  • [ text – WRONG # ] [ YOUR MUSE ] can’t do anything for themselves.
  • [ text – WRONG # ] I have [ YOUR MUSE ] practically wrapped around my finger, they’ll do anything I say.
  • [ text – WRONG # ] I think I might end things with [ YOUR MUSE ]. It’s just tiring at this point.
  • [ text – WRONG # ] I swear to God [ YOUR MUSE ] gives me no space at all.
  • click here for the other seven deadly text memes !!
Dressing Room

I was sitting on the couch, on Twitter as I heard the boys playing the last song of their gig. Normally I would be standing in the front row and singing, but tonight I left half way through the show and decided to go in the dressing room. Jetlag was stronger than me.

Suddenly, I heard the boys coming in the room, talking about the show they had just done. Luke glanced at me and I gave him a small smile. He walked to the couch and sat down next to me.

“Are you okay?” He asked, concern in his eyes. “Why did you leave?”

I rubbed my eyes and fought a yawn. “Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just a little tired.”

He smiled and placed a hand on my thigh, “Babe, you’ve been struggling with jetlag for like more than a week,” he chuckled.

I pouted and took the hand on my thigh. I stood up and pulled Luke’s hand so he would get up from the couch. By now confusion was written all over his face.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. His arms slowly found their way around my waist, drawing me closer to his body.

“You’re really tired,” he chuckled. “You never let me hug you when I’m sweaty.”

“I don’t care,” I mumbled.

I felt another pair of arms wrap around me and I laughed. Calum was always up for a cuddle.

“Why am I single?” Calum asked, making us laugh. “It’s the national girlfriend day and I’m sad.”

We all pulled away from the hug and I gave Calum a sad smile. He pouted and looked at Luke.

“Girlfriends are not that great,” Luke stated and I hit him. “See, she constantly hurts me.”

Calum smiled but stayed quiet. I wrapped my arms around Luke’s waist and leaned my head on his shoulder so that I was side hugging him. From the moment I was tired, I was also really cuddly.

“I just want someone to hug,” Calum whined loudly as he walked away from us. We all laughed even though we all knew there was a little bit of truth in his statement.

Luke lowered his head and stared into my eyes, “I love you,” he mouthed.

“I love you too,” I whispered.


There’s this weirdness around body positivity for queer men, where, when we to validate and support fatness it is usually on women (which is totally 100% legit), but that same support doesn’t extend to fat men. There is this pseudo positive rhetoric around “thickness” and “curves”, but those euphemisms bring to mind specific body types of acceptable fatness. I think there are lots of really good reasons why fat and body positive discourse centers women– because they are undeniably the ones who bear the brunt of body policing and body fascism– the reason the same queer men don’t uplift fat men in the same way is 100% about fat hatred. Fatness has the potential to be positive on bodies we are not expected to desire anyway, but when it is on bodies we might presumably have the potential to desire and can’t, we just ignore it. And part of this is also about a lack of visibility– because it is absolutely more difficult to find more examples of fat men than fat women– and part of it isn’t.

I posted a photoset of me the other day and noticed many of my queer male followers and mutuals especially ignored it, while sometimes acknowledging posts around it. Admittedly, part of my motivation to post it is because it is important for people to recognize and see my body. I am going to make you look at it until you can get your shit together. It is important to me that these same men who like and validate and reblog my writing and poetry do the same with my body, because my body is the muse for all those other things that are disembodied and easier to enjoy and consume without confronting your own feelings about fatness. And I can’t help but wonder how many of these same men would have circulated the same photoset if I were not someone they read as male, as someone whose body reflects their own anxieties about their own bodies and what they don’t desire in partners and lovers, the way so many seem to do with fat women. And when there are passive likes, but you will reblog other thin and muscular men amidst all these other examples of fat positivity on women, I wonder what you’re hiding. What is so secretive about my body? What kind of bodies are you giving visibility to, and what standards are you upholding by doing so? It does not go unnoticed.

Object Story: the community trash can

I’ve been asked by Eliza Pancakes, from Willow Creek, why I keep drawing a trashcan that isn’t used in Paris anymore. I doubt this will interest anybody, but there’s actually a good reason, and not only because the new Paris trash can would ask too many vertices. ;)

That brown and “gold” trashcan was used in Paris in the 1990′s. In 1995, we had known a couple of bombings there, and then, all the trashcans of the town have been sealed by a metallic lid, to prevent terrorists to put bombs in the trashes. We had first simple carboard boxes to put dishes in, then new trashcans with a transparent bag (the new design inherits of that obligation), still with the idea that a bomb couldn’t be hidden there. And you know what? I don’t want my Sims to live in a world where we fear there could be bombs in a trash can (or anywhere else), so I keep drawing that now very old fashionned one.



Taking Lady Pentland’s silence for agreement, he plowed on recklessly.

“My mother has ways of finding out what goes on at court. The ‘crown prince’ is the bane of all is tutors; he is uninterested in maths and sciences alike and refuses to memorise even the most basic historical facts! How could someone like that hope to lead even a small kigdom like this one into a glorious future?” Lord Julian shook his head in disbelief. “I’ve worked hard all my life to get where I am now. I know everything about this kingdom’s history, noble bloodlines, military tactics…” His voice became a passionate, urgent whisper. “I could be a great king. And with a queen like you by my side.”

I’ve met some amazing people here, made several new friends, but at some point you just realize it’s time to take a bow and leave.

This blog will stay up, mostly for when I want to read “Swept Away”, my “Noelle” series, and of course the “Noirs” but I probably will not update anymore on here.

I want to thank everyone for showing this long time simmer a good time.

My Usual, Please.

Running a hand through his hair and taking a place at the front counter, Luke tried is hardest to shake off his thoughts about her. He willed himself not to think of how her eyes pretty much sparkled all the time, or how her lips wobbled into a smile when she laughed. But most importantly he willed himself not to think of how stupid he was for not giving her his number yet.


Luke is a barista and wants to get to know Y/N as well as he knows her drink order.

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