I’m absolutely convinced that half the people who ship Kylux, the ones who are leaving now or calling it abusive, have forgotten just how much these two didn’t get along from the get go or willfully ignored it in favor of romanticism.

It’s interesting that some of these people would call Kylo out on Force choking Hux, but not Hux drawing his blaster to try and kill Kylo when he was incapacitated. In a moment of being caught in a power vacuum, both of them made their bid for the highest position in the First Order.

Kylo won that grab for power, but not by quicker reflexes. Hux withdrew his attempt at killing Kylo because he is a man of strategy first and foremost. Being caught drawing a blaster on someone so powerful in the Force only ends one way, and it’s far better to submit and live another day then die beside your former Supreme Leader in a ship that’s crumbling around you.

Likewise, Kylo let Hux live because he knows the General’s skills are not only useful but are absolutely needed in this crucial time. He needs Hux to command the forces of the First Order, who do not respond to him as a figure of leadership.

So no, I don’t find what happened to Kylo and Hux in TLJ prevents me form seeing their relationship as I always have- a thin, brittle alliance of convenience. The Battle of Crait did a very good job at showing this and why they work well together in battle, despite their personal grievances. It’s what I wanted to see on screen, and therefore, I am satisfied with what I got in that sense.

Further on the proposal comic- Taako comes across very casual about it like he hasn’t been trying to work up the courage to ask for months, but he actually did buy Kravitz an engagement ring ahead of time, which is when it hits Krav that he was really serious, (not that he thought he was joking, just that it seemed like he was asking on a whim and nothing was set in stone) and it’s only at that point Kravitz gets choked up and weepy. and Taako laughs at him

I imagine this happening after they’ve been together for a while, maybe the better part of a decade, but not nearly long enough that each of them isn’t still privately nervous, deep down, that the novelty of the relationship might wear off for the other and they’ll get bored and leave. I also think that Taako takes these kinds of commitments very seriously, it’s not really a giddily romantic gesture as much as it is cementing that Kravitz is so inextricable from taakos life, so necessary to him, that their relationship is a central and immovable part of his identity. So for Taako to work up the guts to propose is a big deal! (no matter how much he tries to play it off)