Yemin ediyorum bi günümü çekseler en iyi komedi filmi olur öylesine saçma şeyler yapıyorum ki dışardan tanımayan biri beyinimin olmadığını düşünür gerçi tanıyanlarda aynısını düşünüyor

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hi i saw your randy's donuts master post - and here's something fun - when we always see harry at the Tesco on hampstead heath st - well guess what's right across from the store - Louis Hungarian Patisserie - lol

STOPPPP! That’s hilarious. I wonder if they sell sweatshirts. 😂

alright, let me explain something to you all because i’m tired of seeing ‘well aren’t ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ a slur then?’ in the discourse.

gay and lesbian are not slurs, despite often being used in contexts where there supposed to be seen as insulting, because they are words that gay people identified ourselves as.

the reason they get thrown around as insults is specifically because we identify using those words.

whereas ‘queer’? that didn’t become a thing that lgbt+  people used until it started being thrown at us by cishet people and we opted to reclaim it. 

queer initially meant ‘strange’ and ‘abnormal’, and that is why homophobes and transphobes started using it against us. to express that that’s how they viewed us.

so yes, the q slur is completely different from ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’.