I know it can be hard sometimes,

I know you hurt.

But just take a moment; look around you. There’s the sun, the stars, everyone.

You have your friends, if not, then your family. If you do not have your family, then you have the internet. If you still say ya don’t have that, just hush, child.

You have a heckle lot of great peeps at your back, and if you’ve found your way on this blog, I can guarantee that at the least, you’ll have 20 people who would foght for you to live.

Thank you for makong Iit this far, now come on! Just anotjer day. Focus on anothrr hour, another minute, another second.

It’s not that hard, even if it may seem like you’re climbing a mountain. Take it a pebble at a time.

You made it this far.

You can go a little while longer.

For now, do what you need to do; take a shower, take your meds, finish a story, or a drawing. Practice playing an instrument; or just chill and read.

Do whatever you need to do, then make it another day.

You can do it.

We believe in you.