(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  That’s it. I’m sending these boys down to the second floor. I AM IN RENOVATION HELL AGAIN!
I live on the fourth but they’re renovating the second and I CAN HEAR IT ALL DAY LONG. The amount of headaches I’ve had over the past week is ridiculous. And I actually really rarely get those.

Ugh… screen redraw, because.
….. I might have fallen a bit for Mr. Eyebrows……. who am I kidding I’m hopelessly lost *curls up in a corner staring into space*

I am remembering you
less and less
in pieces,
in gulps,
in drips.

I see the light sprayed
across your back
as the sun
peaks through my window
the morning after

you drove all day
and all night
to see me.

It felt so romantic
but this,
like everything else,
was done out of spite,
out of anger.

I feel you
in the bite
of the skin,
in the bruise
of consumed flesh,

the greedy,
the greedy,
the flush of it all.

The blood
to see the show–
what a spectacle we have

What a blur
this has all been.

And everyday,
it hurts
less and less.

—  Michelle K., Less and Less.

SO, Big step in ol’ ommy’s life. Tomorrow I am moving to London for a year to do a Masters degree in Taxonomy & Biodiversity (YES after all those Pokémon evolutionary trees, I am actually going on to specialise in taxonomy lol) with Imperial College London and the London Natural History Museum (YES, the building that is basically science hogwarts). I am on that fine line between incredible excitement and horrendous anxiety (but I think excitement is winning!)

Anyway, the workload is going to be massive, so it’s likely that I will be on here a lot less in the coming  months, especially in terms posting art and content, so I suppose you could say that I will kind of be on a semi-hiatus. However I will find it difficult to resist new SM news and hype, especially as the games are coming out so soon, so I hope to keep up my shitposting, memery, new pokemon fanart rates when those hype days occur. 

Anyway thanks for being such pals over this weird 2016 summer, love you all xoxoxo ;)

Tom Hiddleston Thinks His Relationship With Taylor Swift Was ‘Private,’ Sure
Apparently, all of those paparazzi photos were “unsolicited.”

Tom Hiddleston is on the cover of the newest issue of Interview magazine, thanks to Taylor Swift. His brief relationship with the pop star shot him to new heights of fame, in part because the couple smiled for the paparazzi nearly every day for two months straight this summer. But does Hiddleston discuss Swift in the magazine? No, of course not — that’s “private.”

The interview was conducted by Hiddleston’s good friend Benedict Cumberbatch, and in the beginning of the discussion, Cumberbatch offered him the following:

… [T]here’s another weight of us being in the public eye, which is this presumption that, because your work and your promotion work is very public, your private life should be, too. And, without getting into a huge debate, I just want to say that I’m not going to ask questions about my friend’s personal life just because there are unsolicited photographs of him and a certain someone, in a relationship or together. I’m not going to get into that. So that door is closed, dear reader.

In response, Hiddleston “chuckled” and said, “Thank you.”

The benefit of doing interviews with a close friend is that he will promote the narrative that suits you best. Cumberbatch’s assertion that the countless published photos of Swift and Hiddleston were “unsolicited,” however, is ridiculous. The first photos of “Hiddleswift” were almost certainly solicited by someone — paparazzi shot the pair making out on a private beach in Rhode Island. Do paparazzi normally hang out on private beaches in Rhode Island, hoping that someday, sometime, they’ll see a celebrity? And let’s not forget Swift’s Fourth of July party — “Taymerica” — where Hiddleston was spotted proudly wearingan “I <3 T.S.” tank top for photographers.

When Swift and Hiddleston broke up earlier this month, Swift “sources”told Us Weekly that Hiddleston was the one pushing Swift to take the relationship public. Now Hiddleston’s friend is asserting that the publicity was completely out of his control. Both Swift and Hiddleston will continue to blame each other and outside sources for the frenzy surrounding their relationship, but we’ll always have their smiling faces in many, manypaparazzi photos to show they enjoyed the publicity at the time.

Next time the Aces play the Falconers, Parson chirps Jack about “you think they’d be cheering so hard if they knew who you liked it bed?”

“Well, one of them IS who I like in bed, so yeah.”

“I’m sure she’ll love to hear what you and I used to get up to.”

“I already told him. He felt bad that it ended badly and wanted to bake you a pie.”

And Parson blows every shot the whole game.

Moving On

Summary: Steve still lingers in your life even after six months of not talking to each other and you wonder if you should make amends again. Meanwhile, Steve decides to face the truth [Final installment of the Good Enough trilogy].  

Word Count: 1,983

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Sorry this took a little while for me to write! I got a lot of my inspiration from the song “Clarity” by Zedd. I feel like that particular song perfectly summarizes Steve and the reader’s relationship in this whole trilogy. 

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Hey, it’s me again. I just want to know how you’re doing. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, you know? I really miss you, (Y/N). Just please call me back.

“End of message. If you want to delete the message, please pre—message deleted. You have no more messages.”

Closing your phone, you rubbed your temples and relaxed on the couch. Six months have passed since you talked to Steve and it still felt like he was a part of your life. He didn’t call you or text you as often, but he always tried to contact you no matter what. He was better off without you in his life though. You just wished you were better off without him.

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