//Unfriendly reminders:


You are okay with racism / think reverse racism is real / “all lives matter” / “blue lives matter”

Homophobic / Transphobic / TWERF / TERF / Against Ace or acearo people 

Nazi / Fascist 

make r*pe jokes of any kind / inc*st shipper or supporter 

DD/LG or supporter of it / a kink blog / dont keep kinks in the bedroom

Abuse apologist / Make abuse jokes 

Use slurs that don’t belong to you in a reclaiming manner / apply slurs to everyone because you are ‘okay’ with it / Use slurs casually

Ship underage / age up characters for shipping / “age doesn’t matter”

‘Genderbend!!!!!!!’ (like stop jfc its offensive) / anything of the previous that erases trans people and other genders

Sui bait people / tell people to go kill themselves / etc

And that’s all I can really think about rn. I’ll make a byf page eventually; but I made this post really fast because of content I’ve been suddenly seeing, and also the kinds of people on ao3 that have been liking my content and have r*pe - “noncon” (its the same fucking thing shut up stop hiding it) fics either written or liked in huge amounts. Like no, stop.//


i’ll be damned if this isn’t a yuuri/viktor wedding song