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I included a snapshot of my workspace because Caffe suggested it! * v *

That desk is usually filled with soda cans and soda bottles (mtn dew…). I cleaned it up for the occasion~ wihihi

Ehh, guess a little talk about the artist? @ v @ I started to take drawing seriously when I was in 6th grade, and I knew I wanted to make cartoons when I grew up. I’ve been drawing for about 9 years now, and I’m trying to get my bachelors of fine arts in animation!

Currently I’ve been saving up to buy a cintiq, and looks like the dream is close to becoming a reality! ; v ; I’m so excited. I hope school doesn’t end up sucking up all my savings or I’ll cry forever.

I’m tagging @dailylifeofmadoka/ @doublebflat > v < urm idk who else to tag…

woops forgot here’s the blank one!


I made my “I should post more art” bed, and now I’m gonna’ lay in it.  

So here are some “I haven’t drawn anything for myself in 2.5 months” doodles from a few nights ago:

  • Weird Sock (maybe trying to channel @grimharlequin a bit?)
  • Page of doodles (with some distressed Jonathans!)
  • 2 of the characters from a short I was animating for Greatest Party Stories Ever on MTV.  Am I breaching some sort of NDA by posting a picture of them making out?  Probably.

And some older stuff I just dug up but never posted:

  • Some rando girl so I could practice painting!
  • Fuckin traced screenshots from Madoka but with the South Park kids’ superhero forms as the megucas because apparently I have a fuckin problem.  (Madoka is Mintberry Crunch and Mysterion is Homura, I just didn’t get around to them.  I don’t remember who Mami was, these are like over a year old, it’s sad.)

apothicon-tragedy  asked:

Have you come up with names for either of your meguca OCs?

(Omg I totally forgot to reply to this one sorry)

Tbh I don’t have names for them yet, but I did consider naming my OC (the blonde one) either Hikari, Hikaru or Kirari since I wanted a unisex name that had a nice ~sparkly~ meaning haha. Atm I like Hikari the most, but I haven’t completely decided yet. 

damn I haven’t been thinking about my OCs in a long time, now i kind of want to draw more meguca OC stuff but I’m so busy with this comic I’m trying to finish