Saying Yuuki Yuuna is just a weaker rehashing of Madoka is stupid.

I’ve been saying it since episode 1. Though they may seem similar, these two shows are almost completely different.


  • magical girls
  • colorful fighting environment
  • fight against nameless (I know in madoka they have names and in yuyuyu they have astrological classifications but it’s a figure of speech) monster behemoths
  • lesbians (joking)

That’s a few similarities I’ll give it that. Let’s check out the differences.


  • yuyuyu is character driven while madoka is plot driven
  • yuyuyu spends time characterizing every girl while madoka focuses on developing 2 of the 5 girls
  • yuyuyu justifies its literary diegesis through subtle world-building and lore while madoka info-dumps a pre-existing scientific phenomena and attempts to tie it into the magical girl genre
  • yuyuyu’s main theme is discovering the hero within yourself in the face of overwhelming adversity while madoka’s main theme is self-sacrifice (these two themes may overlap at some point but are still vastly different)
  • yuyuyu’s character interactions are meaningful and pay off when the girls start to rely on one another while madoka’s character interactions comprise of brooding and self-loathing, causing the characters to shut themselves off from one another and deal with their problems alone
  • yuyuyu’s existential struggle is how to deal with not being able to die while madoka’s struggle is the fear of imminent death
  • yuyuyu spends time building tension and human emotions before executing while madoka opts for left-field twists or shocking developments before we even get to understand certain characters or their motivations, hampering our attachment to them
  • yuyuyu’s organization is using them to save the world from an imminent threat while madoka has kyuubey using the girls to save the universe from a threat that is estimated to occur billions of years from now if not longer
  • yuyuyu’s girls’ solution to a daunting revelation is to help each other and slap some sense into their friends when they need it while madoka’s girls’ solution to crisis is to kill each other to end their suffering
  • yuyuyu’s secondary theme is finding solutions to despair as a team while madoka’s secondary theme is trying to escape fate or despair (through the use of time travel)
  • yuyuyu’s hero system has side-effects if too much power is used fighting the adversary while madoka’s magical system and “emotions” are the direct cause of the show’s adversary
  • due to the nature of the plot itself, Madoka is unable to be properly characterized and she is thus underdeveloped, while Yuuna’s characterization, though subtle, hints that she is adaptable to many situations and is a key player in the group rather than just a mascot or overly-genki girl
  • due to the nature of the plot and the elements used, madoka is painted as “black and white” while yuyuyu opts for a more “grey area” interpretation of the girls’ struggle
  • though madoka girls are fighting witches to save people from despair, they are also being granted a wish as incentive for putting their lives at risk. yuyuyu girls are fighting vertices for no gain other than to help others
  • yuuki yuuna is not madoka kaname
  • fuu inubouzaki is not mami tomoe
  • mimori togou is not homura akemi
  • karin miyoshi is not kyouko sakura
  • itsuki inubouzaki is not sayaka miki

So it’s “a worse Madoka” eh? Yeah, you can leave now.

P.S. And in case you were wondering, I actually do like Madoka Magica. I just recognize that they are almost completely different shows and more people need to recognize that too.