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Braco: Imagine Homura and Kyouko getting stoned together.
Braco: Hotboxing Mami’s apartment and getting her to make them pizza rolls and snacks.
Mireia: Au where after Sayaka finds out about her soul gem and Kyousuke and Hitomi…
Mireia: Homura corners her in the alleyway…
Mireia: and when she refuses the Grief Seed…
Mireia: Homura offers her a blunt.
Mireia: Cut to Kyouko walking on the two of them getting high together.
Mireia: Sayaka asks Kyouko if she has any food on her because she’s really hungry all of a sudden.
Braco: I figured out how Mami affords her apartment.
Braco: She sells “brownies” to the kids at school.
Braco: You need your fix, you talk to Tomoe.
*Madoka and Sayaka are walking through the part of the mall that’s under construction.*
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, does something smell funny to you?
Sayaka: Hey, now that you mention it…
Sayaka: Whooaaa… Check it out… Cotton balls with mustaches…
Madoka: Sayaka-chan?
*Then she gets hit with it too.*
Aah, what’s happening?
*Mami shows up and guides them to sit down.*
There there, this happens to everyone the first time.
Madoka: Waa… Who are you? Do you go to our school?
Mami: My name is Tomoe Mami - and I’m a marijuana dealer.

Junko: *slugs back vodka* Don’t do drugs, Madoka. They’re not good for you.

You know greenreticule when I was joking about R’aana and Uru becoming meguca and you were like “DON’T YOU DARE” 

One of my female Sangheili OCs might have been  Meguca in this verse.

The one who died as a teeanger and was willing to do ANYTHING to keep her unborn egg from being hurt. That one.