shinee will be attending the 2016 korea sale festa opening ceremony today. the festa is both the opening of this particular festival and a music bank special. performances will begin at roughly 6pm kst and continue for an unspecified amount of time. along with shinee will be a multitude of other performers, including: 2pm, ailee, anda, aoa, a pink, b.a.p, cnblue, dal shabet, december, dia, g-friend, girl’s day, got7, gugudan, han dong gun, infinite, i.o.i, laboum, lovelyz, mamamoo, red velvet, sonamoo, vixx, wjsn and wonder girls. due to both the large number of performers and shinee being one of the more veteran groups they will likely be performing at the end of the show. streams can be found here; it will also be streaming on v live in select areas. check to see when all will be kicking off in your timezone here!

 Jonghyun singing the iconic Sailor Moon theme (김기범)

SEMI-RELATED BONUS: [minho’s letter to jonghyun during his solo concert series] jonghyunnie hyung…, i’m sorry. i can’t be honest with you. if this moment was a dream i will gently run to you and tell you everything. when the night without phone call comes my heart that always flutters to the magical fairy tale world~. or dreamy love that gestures from moonlight. i’m sorry i can’t be honest. if this moment was a dream to the magical world~…, magical sailor moon~. [note: most parts of minho’s letters comes from the “sailor moon” theme song.] (source: bysagyehan)


Preferisco tenermi tutto dentro e soffrire, piuttosto che ammettere quanto mi manchi.
—  ibattitidelcuore