[soompi] small male idols who wow us with their great vocals

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we all know there are a lot of powerful voices in k-pop, including those who are physically small but have big, incredible voices! here’s a list of small male idols who have amazing vocals!

jonghyun, the smallest shinee member, standing at 171 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 7 inches), is well loved by shawols and is known for his outstanding voice and song-writing ability, appearing in many osts for dramas including: who are you: school 2015 and oh my venus. additionally, jonghyun has released four solo albums and seven singles, and has written over 60 songs, including shinee’s “view,” exo’s “playboy,” and taemin’s “pretty boy.” 

jonghyun is also famous for being able to hold notes for a ridiculous amount of time: 

check out an iconic jonghyun performance from shinee world iv: 


other idols listed:
big bang’s taeyang
btob’s eunkwang
bts’ jimin
exo’s d.o.
highlight’s yoseob
ikon’s jinhwan
seventeen’s woozi
super junior’s ryeowook
wanna one’s sungwoon

“now and then”

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hey! i'm looking for fics where derek and stiles get together in season 2 or after a pack is already established!

Season 2 getting together fics, here you go  -Emmy

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Deep Down in his Blood by wangler

(3,718 I Explicit I Complete)  *dubcon

“Do you want me to get you wet?” Derek asks, low now, like a growl.

The Sound of Your Heart by Drapetomania 

(8,980 I General I Complete)

Stiles has a 5 year plan of how to make Derek’s life better and woo him in the process.

Stiles Stilinski: The Protector by Little_red_2000 

(13,222 I Mature I Complete)

It’s all very new to Stiles, his and Derek’s relationship has been going on for less than a week, but it’s so natural that he feels that it’s been longer than that.

Everything is almost perfect, except for one thing.  No one knows about it. He has an inkling that Derek’s betas know but they haven’t said anything yet.

The Way We Began (or, What We’re Supposed to Be) by avioleta

(20,457 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles is attacked and ends up in a coma.  Derek is acting strange when he wakes up, and everything deteriorates quite rapidly from there.

There’s a Wolf in my Bed by halcyon1993

(30,366 I Teen I Complete)

Three weeks after helping Derek stop his uncle, Stiles returns home from school to find the new alpha fast asleep on his bed. He doesn’t know what to do about it, especially when it keeps happening.

For Better or Worse, We’re Changing by halcyon1993 

(101,530 I Explicit I Complete)  *hunter!stiles, suicide attempt

With Peter and Kate dead, Derek and Stiles are finally given the chance to figure out who they are to each other. Theirs isn’t the only relationship that continues to change for the better, but as Derek settles into his new role as the Hale Pack alpha and Stiles seeks to grow stronger, a new player comes to town with their sights set on revenge.