ahhh TwT
You guys always made me feel motivated to write or draw more. Thanks again all of you.

I will continue drawing Takari AU. It is just that I can’t say it will be always in comic since it took time. But Part 5 will be still in comic and full colors. It should be around 9 or 10 pages . So pls look forward to it as well~~ enjoy!!
and feel free to ask me anything (i guess??) XD

/ / It’s 2 AM over here and I’m tired af, but AT LAST I HAVE A BEELZEMON!

After days (literally) of painfully slow grinding, I finally digivolved my starter into my favorite digimon of all time! *weeps in joy*

Sorry this is extremely random, ooc, and most of you probably have no idea wtf I’m yelling about, but it’s just SOOO SATISFYING to have