gatchi gatchi gatchi, gatchi gatchi gatchi ~
The idea behind Appmon is stupid as hell, I think, but so far the series had it’s fun parts. I’m interested in where this is going. Also, it’s pretty cool to not have a dragon/dinosaur partner for the protagonist for a change


Ok, let’s spend a few words about my Magical/Digital girls au, nope, no girls, but PEOPLE! I’d really love to write about this au, in future. u^u 

There will be Ken, Miyako and Hikari doing the magical stuff and more non-magical characters, and Digimon cuties, of course. <3 And Daiken, obvious.

Aaaand I’ve just realized that this doodlepage is full of butts. I’m sorry. It’s not supposed to be a porn story.

redactedredacted  asked:

With all the Taito and Takari ship baiting in Tri do you have any headcanons on how Yamato and Hikari's relationship would be as in laws? I think they're just interesting because out of the original 8 they may have interacted the least throughout everything. In fact the only specific conversation I remember between the two was when Yamato did a terrible job comforting her during the myotismon saga.

When Yamato and Hikari are alone together, not much happens. Hikari makes polite conversation. Yamato grunts. And then they wait for their respective partners to bring back the party. Lol I’m joking… But only a little ;)

  • I mean, I do see them as having a pretty generic sibling-in-law relationship. Making small talk, which mostly centers on the loved ones they have in common, and then falling into silence, but it’s a comfortable silence, they both enjoy moments of peace and quiet.
  • but whenever Taichi’s really irritated Yamato, and Hikari’s around, she’ll end up hearing it all. Yamato’s not usually one to just dump on people, but Hikari’s so empathetic (and, to be perfectly honest, ever so slightly manipulative in getting it out of him since that’s her prerogative as well ;) ). Which is a good thing because then Hikari can act as mediator between the two completely different alien races that are Yamato and Taichi.
  • In the reverse, if Hikari’s feeling down because of some problem with Takeru, Yamato will go get the story out of Takeru. He doesn’t mediate exactly, but he’ll try to help Takeru get perspective, if perspective is needed.
  • Yamato and Hikari absolutely have to team up for holiday events because otherwise there won’t be nearly enough food to fill Taichi’s bottomless appetite. They clip and share coupons on a regular basis.
  • When Hikari gets engaged to Takeru, Yamato writes her a song. Hearing it makes her turn pink with happiness. Takeru enjoys the moment and then reminds her that he wrote her a poem a week when they first started dating (”by the way, where do you keep those?”). Taichi complains that Yamato never writes songs about him. (”I’ll write one right now,” says Yamato, “*ahem* you’re so vain, I bet you think this song is about you-”)

I love how Haru is the only Digimon protagonist who started solo. Tai got all the other kids, Davis got Kari and TK (and Tai) and the next day Yolei and Cody, Takato inmediatly got Henry (very next day i think), Takuya the same of Tai, Masaru got recruited by DATS almost inmediatly, Taiki might have been the only general but had Akari and Zenjirou by his side, and Taguiru got Taiki and Yuu. but Haru have been going solo for a few weeks,

Also, Haru might be the smartest one so far, he likes to read and like you can see in the first episode even when he was scare of Gatchmon he was listening to what he got to say and understood the stuff pretty fast. and in tha last episode he was reading about AI to find a way to defeat Leviathan. his partnership with Gatchmon is perfect, because Haru knows where to look to find answers.

just for this things alone Haru is pretty high in my best Goggle Boys list. not number one (that spot is for Taiki), maybe a little higher than Takato. 

and the next kid to get introduced is the girl, not the rival, the girl. maybe the girl is the rival. (and im not counting the emo kid since we only saw him)