Five Times Ellie Queen… 6/6 (FICoN ‘verse, Olicity, Mature)

Five Times Ellie Queen Had The Worst Timing In The World (and one time it was pretty perfect)

by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated

Summary: Oliver and Felicity’s daughter has an uncanny ability for things to happen at the most inconvenient time possible. But, every now and then little Ellie Queen gets it exactly right.

A/N: An important note about this story - five of the six parts of this story are set before FICoN, which means it’s set before Ellie time travels, and technically in what we think future canon should be.

Additional important note, thank you to @fallingmeleth for the gorgeous cover art! We were blown away and we love it. And thank you yet again to @jsevick and @alizziebyanyothername for being our amazing betas. I cannot overstate how wonderful and important you two are to this process.


The second he sees her beautiful face on the other end, his entire being aches even more to hold her in his arms. Her eyes are puffy and red from crying, and her usually-slick ponytail is haphazard. An involuntary smile pulls at her lips, her shoulders falling in a sigh - like the mere sight of him is enough to make things better, even for a few seconds.

He knows the feeling.

When she whispers, “Hey you,” it only highlights how much she’s carrying on her shoulders and he wants nothing else but to not have to add to it.

“Hi,” he says, smiling softly. It’s the first smile away from the kids that feels real in days. “How are you doing?”

“Oh…” She pauses. Her voice is shaky and her eyes grow wet as she admits, “I’ve been better.”

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kuroken fic: a shot of espresso (ch. 1)

title: a shot of espresso
pairing: kuroo/kenma (side pairings: iwaoi, bokuaka, kagehina)
chapter word count: 4,019
total word count: 4,019
summary: [modern!au] “you couldn’t be a normal person and just fall in love with kenma in a coffee shop, could you?! you just had to go and be a goddamn drug mule for some yakuza!”

kuroo cleared his throat. “…i prefer the term courier.”

[ ao3 ]

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honey herbal lady grey milk

honey:type out the last text you sent
”I’m going to believe. I’d say my glare made her blood run cold……buuuut it already does :V” huuurrr snake joke

herbal:post a selfie


lady grey:favourite outfit?
uhhhh hm. My fave is my destroy the weak t shirt. it’s very long but is loosely form fitting and has actual comfortable sleeves for a women’s T. I usually wear it with my cargo pants.
My other fave is black tank, dull dusty green button up worn loose with my painter pants. 

milk:do you have any allergies?
I’m mildly allergic to ragweed, pecans and tomatoes (but i fucking eat them anyway cuz i love tomatoes. screw you body. *lies fetal position on the ground in agony* “WORTH”)
I’m more seriously allergic to a relative of ragweed: Chamomile. I also have very poor reactions to most anything with sedative properties to them (natural and not).