This is me. This is me on a Monday morning, day two in my office with the closable door. This is how I feel about month end Mondays. But have no fear! A fish tank will soon grace this humble space and all will again be right with the world. So that begs the question: what should I name my office fish? 

{Send me what good vibes you can spare today? Please and thank you.}

People suck

I mean, I’m certainly not in the habit of slapping people but I swear if I hear one more person refer to adoption as something that is “the easy way” or “at least you don’t have to deal with pregnancy” I will slap them in the mouth. 

There is no easy way. Pregnancy is hard (I think. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been able to stay pregnant long enough to find out.) and adoption is hard and step parenting is hard and infertility is hard and IVF is hard and IT’S ALL FREAKING HARD. 

There is not one way to become a parent that is easier or better. They are different. They are all hard and have their own joys and sorrows and pitfalls and worries. 

And most importantly no one gets to pick but you. 

If someone says to you “IVF is unnatural you should consider adoption” you stomp on their big toe and spit in their eye. 

If someone says to you “an adopted or step child will never be your REAL child” you throat punch them and tell them that the pain they’re feeling in their throat right now isn’t real. 

If someone says to you “at least you could get pregnant without trying” you body slam them with your giant human incubating belly and fart in their mouth. 

If someone says to you “why would you even want kids, the world is overpopulated anyway” just, you know, throw luke warm lunch meats at them because they literally deserve to feel like the human embodiment of hot garbage. 

People are awful, by and large. Make your own choices and throw deli slices at the haters. I don’t know. I stopped drinking coffee this week and I made the mistake of looking through the adoption tag before 9 a.m. 

8 Pairs

With all of the “get to know you” questions out there, thought I’d do a quick one for some of my newer mutuals, those I see a lot on my dash, and also invite those who just want to jump in! Elaborate all you want on your answers! This is meant to be quick and easy!

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“I hate staying up that late…” Levi had spent most of the night working on her school project. Even ending up falling asleep at her desk for a few minutes before finally deciding to move to her bed and stop working for the night.

She yawns as she makes her way to the Lucky Cat Cafe, stretching before she heads in. Her eyes catching sight of the messy black hair behind the counter, giving a slight annoyed glare and crossing her arms over her chest, “Hello, I`d like a strawberry mocha.”

  • 8 AM:so exhausted....
  • 1 PM:good to know i have approx. 3 hour boost on caffeine *falls over just in time for lunch*

I’m in a weird mood bc my brain feels like it’s moving 5x the normal speed, like I’m lying here in bed and my body is sleepy and sluggish but my brain is like on OVERDRIVE, not in a bad way necessarily but everything is moving REALLYFAST and I kinda wouldn’t mind having it calm down a bit

Shhhh I ran out of coffee mugs and am using a martini glass again. Don’t tell Instagram.

Also don’t forget to have water with your coffee to avoid dehydration.

Also the coffee is now two days ripe and it brought out all new mouth flavors. #liquidnoms

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