anyway why is “black, no sugar” considered a snobby coffee preference thesedays. like i’ve been in a few conversations about tastes and have gotten actual eye rolls just from telling the truth!!! it tastes best that way! to me! the one drinking it!! i dont give a shit that you put anything in it i have more pressing things to worry about!!!!! like literally anything else!!!

🌕Meet Your Local Witch Challenge!🌊

ESSENTIALLY, THE RULES ARE: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!  

I was tagged by the wonderful @naomi121406, if you don’t follow her, check her blog out! Wonderful mermaid related posts, really cool readings, very sweet. 

Now on to the questions: 

Name- Danielle ✌🏻

Nicknames: Dani, Polar Bear, Jake (inside joke with friends)

Zodiac Sign: Libra, I have to do research on sun and moon and all that fun stuff 

Height: 5′10″

Orientation: Asexual 

Nationality: Canadian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch 

Favourite Fruit: Raspberries, because I relate to them. You always think they’re sweet, but they can be bitter a f. 

Favourite Season: Fall/Winter

Favourite Book: 1984 by George Orwell (WHICH WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A PREMONITION) 

Favourite Flower: Orchid 

Favourite Scent: Vanilla, gingerbread, fresh water (streams or lakes) and the centre of a healthy forest

Favourite Colour: Dark, royalty purple

Favourite Animal: Dolphins or sharks. Majestic a f. Cuddly. Have you seen the cookie cutter shark?? Look up the cookie cutter shark. That little bean needs more love, such a cinnamon roll.  

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Is all of the above an option??

Average Sleep Hours: 8 to 10 if I want to function like a human being 


Favourite Fictional Character: Oh shit. Do I have one? It takes a lot for me to love a character. Maybe Jay Gatsby?? Oh shit but there’s Hamlet. Hmmm

Number of Blankets you Sleep With: Umm… five??? I like being cosy. I’m a human muffin okay, best when warm. 

Dream Trip: Paris, then journeying across the French countryside by train 

Blog Created: Oh gosh… 2015? Idk. Don’t go to the beginning of my posts. It’s all so cringe worthy. 

Number of Followers: 532, with no porn blogs thank God. 

Alrighty, time to tag some followers. Idk if I have twenty OFFICIAL witch followers, so I’ll tag ten. If you like a lot of my witchy reblogs, there’s a good chance I’ll tag you anyways. 











Anyways, I’ll just be chilling here. Feel free to send things to my ask box! Xoxo ❤

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And don’t worry dream anon! I’m going to get down to answering your interpretation request tomorrow! 

So I noticed this credit as I was re-watching Moana and I found it hilarious.

And I looked it up and apparently Carlos has been credited for years.

I would like to thank Carlos for keeping the animators awake so they can create the breathtaking films that I most always marvel at and enjoy.


Humans are space orcs

I’ve been reading a lot of these “humans are space orcs” posts and that got me thinking…

Imagine that you’re the only human in youre crew. Youre crew is getting attacked by pirates and they start shooting darts with a deadly substance in it. None of youre crewmembers is getting hit, but one dart hits you. The whole crew is freaking out and screaming “Oh no, our human is dying!”

But you don’t feel like you’re about to die. You feel energetic and hyperactive. You manage to blurt out “ohmygodifeelawesomewhatwasinthosedarts?!?” And one crewmember just stares at you like you lost youre mind and says “that… that was caffeine”

And then you spend the next hour running in cyrcles and screaming “WEEEEEEEEE” while your crewmembers slowly start to whish that these darts had killed you.