[ETA Nisha note: tumblr is funking something up and making it seem like I submitted this to my own blog (??? lol) but this was actually from an anon who used the moniker Angry Bonnie Stan.]

“at least Bonnie has someone that loves her! Thats all that matters!” “yeah Bonnies always gotten treated badly but at least she didnt get impregnated or put in a coffin this season!” They desexualized and dehumanized bonnie for 5 seasons while the other girls had “epic” love storys and full-fleshed arcs. Bonnie was nothing more than a sacrificial plot device, thrown into the story when they needed to slide over plot holes and a supportive bff then put back into the shadows.We had to scream over mountains for years for them to even see her as a normal person and even then they dropped the fucking ball. So yes, the build up of BE does matter when this might be all she gets. When Elena and Caroline were the it girls for years and had multiple love triangles and Bonnie didnt even get told she was attractive until the seventh fucking season. When Caro and Elena get several episode arcs about their grief and Bonnies father was murdered in front of her and she didnt even get talk about it. When the head show runner literally said she didnt even see Bonnie as a valuable character until season 6. They could’ve written BE to be just as good as any other pairing in one season but they knew that they had better a chance of surviving successfully w/o ND if they marketed to BD shippers so thats what they did. They built up all this anticipation around BD to keep us watching and then threw together a few flashbacks and labeled BE as “Passionate” and expected that to be enough because its more than they’d ever given her in the past.. And thats not “better treatment” or putting forth an effort. Its shitty writing. Its disrespectful. Its the same shit shes always gotten. And Bonnie deserves better than that.

   All we ever wanted was for her to get the same things the other girls have always gotten and the truth is they still don’t see her as Elena or Carolines equal. So ppl can really gtfo trying to tell us that “not that bad” should be good enough when up until recently your white faves always got much better. Now that Elena and Caroline are also getting the short end of the stick they expect us to stop wanting better for bonnie. To have a woc character that u see urself n get treated like shit for years and know now that they CANT do her justice at this point, all the ranting and emotional turmoil was for nothing because times almost run out is more than upsetting. It hurts. Our anger is valid.Our pain is valid. So can people stop acting like its just about shipping bc its a lot deeper than that.  

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how do you feel about damon/bonnie/elena (idk if they have a ship name) like all being together? I know it's really unlikely, and tvd can't even write a decent love triangle so i doubt they'd know wht to do with a poly relationship but for some reason I think the three of them together could work? Bonlena and DE are both problematic in different ways but I can see it balancing out.

Check out the Dabonlena tag, both on tumblr and on my blog :) Oh, and I have a gif for that!!

They’d never do it on the show of course, partly because of what you said, partly because the CW likes to pretend polyamory isn’t a thing, partly because the show is too invested in this idea that DE is only interesting because it’s a complete trainwreck and Damon and Elena fight to love each other in spite of said trainwreckishness rather than growing and developing as people together, and partly because the show will never prioritize an equal Bonnie/Elena dynamic. 

But I like it as a concept in fanon. I agree, I think putting the focus on Bonnie would balance out a lot of the issues in both Bonnie/Elena and DE. Definitely check the tag tho, it’s not exactly a common shipper preference but there’s a number of us who have had fun talking about it over the past few years!



So I’ve quickly compiled a list of BDS safe and cruelty free vegan makeup brands (for anyone worried, that means they’re halal) with the help of these posts and this post. It’s by no means extensive, but if you buy from these brands you should rest with an easy conscience! 

$1-15 USD (Drugstore)

  • Ardell
  • Coloured Raine
  • Colourpop
  • ELF
  • Essence Cosmetics
  • GOSH Cosmetics
  • Hard Candy
  • Jordana
  • Milani
  • Physicians Formula
  • Real Techniques
  • Wet’n’ Wild

$15-? USD (High End) 

  • 100% Pure
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Bare Minerals
  • BH Cosmetics
  • Bite Beauty
  • Cargo Cosmetics
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Cover FX
  • Eyeko
  • Ilia Beauty
  • Illamasqua
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Jordana
  • Josie Maran
  • Melt Cosmetics
  • Milani
  • NARS
  • OCC
  • Sugarpill
  • Tarte
  • The Balm
  • Too Faced

Let me know if I missed any!



Je suis pas une princesse mais j'en ai aussi :3
(Je pense que je ferais d'autres strip à propos de poil, ou de vision de la femme…)