Let’s get something straight.
1. I DO NOT do commission work for exposure
2. I DO NOT do commission work for people for followers as payment, my work should always speak for itself and people can CHOOSE to follow me if they enjoy it.
3. If I make free work, it’s my personal work or presents I decide to make for friends or people I’m a fan of because I WANT TO AND THAT’S IT.

If you aren’t willing to pay for work people are doing for YOU, I don’t want your business. It says a lot about you as a person. I understand wanting a “deal” but there’s a difference between fair prices and outright cheating someone out of their LIVING.

Sorry I’m so mad everyone. :( I didn’t think I was being THAT rude in my message.

EDIT: kinomatika brought up a good point. Minimum wage in most states averages between 7-8 dollars for ONE HOUR of work (most of the time before tax) and this project he was describing in his original message (not pictured) was at least 12+ hours for me. Assuming it took me exactly 12 hours, I would be working for EIGHTY THREE CENTS. ($0.83) PER HOUR. JFC 

EDIT: starexorcist also made a good point “Would you tell a chef to cook for you for free because oh they do it outside of work?”