I got your letter
And I read what it said
And I blushed with recognition
At every word you said
And you are my best friend
And I have always known you

I dreamed of your house
And I looked around
And I saw the real rain, real power rolling down
And you, you are my best friend
And I, I have always known you


“My girlfriend’s post office box when she went to Grinnell College in Iowa was box number 02-75. I used to write her there before we had met. She used to write me back." 

- as quoted in "A Constant Reminder That People Burn And So Does Time”

★ An Unfortunate Fort★

It was approaching midnight—the lights were dim, and most of the students had found a quiet place to settle down for the night. Eita had situated himself in the middle of the hall, which was perhaps not the wisest choice considering the recent murder. To be cautious had not occurred to the bodyguard. With a sleepy smile, he lay sprawled among a small fort of body pillows he had constructed—Calypso, Gugulanna, Natsuko, Katsuki, Ayaka, Sir Michael … he had assembled quite a collection, and he was all the better for it! This was as close to a personal bed as he was going to get.

Closing his eyes, Eita lounged on the dakimakuras without shame. The pictures of his classmates—many of whom were rather lacking in clothes—seemed to stare back at him, begging the same question as many passers-by: why?

A lonely birthplace

This image was taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), and shows a starburst galaxy named MCG+07-33-027. This galaxy lies some 300 million light-years away from us, and is currently experiencing an extraordinarily high rate of star formation — a starburst. Normal galaxies produce only a couple of new stars per year, but starburst galaxies can produce a hundred times more than that! As MCG+07-33-027 is seen face-on, the galaxy’s spiral arms and the bright star-forming regions within them are clearly visible and easy for astronomers to study.

In order to form newborn stars, the parent galaxy has to hold a large reservoir of gas, which is slowly depleted to spawn stars over time. For galaxies in a state of starburst, this intense period of star formation has to be triggered somehow — often this happens due to a collision with another galaxy. MCG+07-33-027, however, is special; while many galaxies are located within a large cluster of galaxies, MCG+07-33-027 is a field galaxy, which means it is rather isolated. Thus, the triggering of the starburst was most likely not due to a collision with a neighbouring or passing galaxy and astronomers are still speculating about the cause.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA and N. Grogin (STScI)


2016-02-11 富士急 山中湖 富士山 by 中岑 范姜
Via Flickr: