Shy || Jughead Jones

Request by @myteenwolf-world: Hi Rose :) I love your stories so much and I was wondering if you could write something where the reader is really shy and barely speaks to anyone? Jug is the only one she talks to and the rest of the group are surprised to see them having a conversation and being close. They question Jug about it and they find out he has a crush on her. Thank you in advance <3

A/N: I feel like this was kind of shaky since I haven’t written prompts in a while but I’m getting back in the swing of things! Hope you enjoy. <3

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Being the new kid was never easy. Being the shy new kid was never easy. You were the perfect target for bullying from people like Reggie and Chuck who always catcalled you in the hallways and knocked your binders out of your arms. But you never said a word. You didn’t want to cause any trouble.

A few people noticed you. The “Sad Breakfast Club” saw you in the hallways. Sitting alone at lunch. Reading alone. Keeping to yourself. Day after day, almost every member of the group (with the exception being Jughead) attempted to talk to you. They tried to coerce you into at least sitting with them at lunchtime. Each time you quickly shook your head, eyes returning to your book.

Weeks passed and the group was still no closer to getting you to even speak a word.

“I just don’t understand!” Veronica exclaimed as she slammed her lunch tray down on the table. “We’ve tried everything. Does she just not like us?”

Betty shook her head.

“I don’t think that’s what it is, V,” the blonde said. “She’s just really shy. Sometimes you can try everything only to have nothing work.”

Veronica groaned.

“She has a point,” Archie said as he took a bite of his apple. “Maybe we should just stop.”

As the group talked amongst themselves, Jughead watched you from a distance. Unlike the others, he had taken a personal interest in you. The raven-haired teen loved mysteries and you were one he wanted to crack.

Why did you move here? Why did you move here so late in the school year? Why were you so shy?

“I can try,” Jughead interrupted, silencing the entire group. “To talk to her, I mean.”

Archie sighed.

“Jug, I don’t know…” he began. “You tend to be… really upfront. What if you scare her away?”

Jughead snorted.

“Wow, thanks, Arch,” he remarked sarcastically. “Like you guys haven’t terrified her enough.”

With that, he was off and making his way over to your table.

“This isn’t going to end well.” Betty said.

Veronica sighed as she opened her bag of chips.

“Guess we’ll find out.”

You heard someone making their way over to you before you saw them. You gripped your book tighter, forcing your eyesight to stay on the small words. You wondered who it would be this time. Would it be the jock or one of the two cheerleaders? It wasn’t that you didn’t like them either, it was just that you were literally terrified to talk to them. They seemed so cool and you didn’t understand why they wanted to talk to someone like you.

“Hey,” an unfamiliar voice said, breaking you out of your thoughts.

You looked up from your book, your eyes meeting blue-green ones. Your heart skipped a beat once you saw who it was. Jughead Jones. The boy in your English class who you had a massive crush on. But of course, you could never find the courage to talk to him. If you couldn’t even talk to Veronica Lodge or Betty Cooper, arguably the nicest girls in the school, how were you supposed to talk to the boy you liked?

“Can I sit here?” Jughead asked.

You returned your gaze to your book, not answering. Jughead took a seat anyway.

“What’s your name?” the beanie-clad teen pressed.

Again, you didn’t answer.

“Well,” he sighed. “My name’s Jughead. I’m in your—”

“English class,” you said softly before you froze.

Jughead seemed equally surprised that you spoke.

“Yeah, I, um,” you began again, clearing your throat. “I know who you are.”

“Is she… talking to him?” Veronica asked incredulously.

Archie nodded.

“Looks like she is. Who would’ve guessed?” the ginger asked.

“But why?” Betty asked.

Archie frowned at her question.

“Why is she talking to Jughead?” he tried to clarify.

Betty shook her head.

“No, why is Jughead talking to her? When has he ever showed an interest in the new kids? He never showed an interest in Veronica.”

Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Thanks, Betty.” she joked.

“You know what I mean.” the Cooper girl said.

The three students returned their gazes to you and Jughead who were now talking and smiling amongst each other. At the moment, the bell rang signaling the end of the period. The gang saw you pack your stuff up as you and Jughead said your goodbyes. Jughead walked back over to the group with a smug smile on his face as you walked into the school.

“How?” Veronica asked once Jughead was close enough to hear her.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he asked as he picked up his book bag, swinging the strap over his shoulder.

Veronica smirked.

“I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the fact you have a crush on her? And, oh, I don’t know, maybe she likes you too and you guys are going out to Pop’s after school to get a milkshake together?” she joked, improvising everything as she went along.

Betty and Archie laughed but Veronica didn’t miss the way she saw Jughead tense up for a fraction of a second.

“Very funny, Veronica.” he deadpanned.

Veronica’s eyes widened.

“Oh my God,” she murmured. “You like her!”

Jughead turned beet-red as Betty and Archie turned to stare at him with wide eyes.

“And she likes you! And you asked her out!” Veronica continued.

“God, Veronica, scream it to the world, would you?!” Jughead hissed as the four of them walked into the school.

Veronica went silent but couldn’t stop her beaming smile or the way she was practically vibrating with excitement.

“Aw, Juggie, this is so cute!” Betty squealed.

“Not bad, Jug.” Archie said as he clapped the writer on the back.

Jughead’s red face didn’t go away.

“Yeah, okay, whatever,” he mumbled. “I’ll see you guys later.”

With that he was gone, escaping to his next class.

“Our Juggie’s growing up.” Veronica said, wiping a fake tear from her eye.

“You’re so lucky he wasn’t around to hear that.”


A/N: Hope you liked it! Please send me feedback! Thank you!


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BTS reaction to you popping up on a dress one day ( you don't normally do dresses). Thank you if you decide to make this :D

BTS reaction to you wearing a dress!


You would show up unexpectedly to him wearing the new clothes you bought, and since jinie wasn’t prepared he would blabber things to you because he think you look absolutely beautiful and he cant even.

“Ah jagiya you look so pretty!!” 
“MY HEART!” *grabs chest dramatically* “Please tell me you will marry me to make the pain go away!”


I think Yoongi would have this “dying internally” crisis when he saw you wearing a dress, because he really would want to tell you all he thinks about the new look; how beautiful you look, how good it fits you, you are glowing, etc. But try to be cool and not overreact (even tho he feels like bursting), because he wouldn’t want you to think he didn’t like your style before wearing dress.

“Ah agi… thats new dress is really nice, you look great baby” *kisses your forehead*


“Woow, hey there…” *smirkhope mode: activated:* “Hey little mama let me get your number”

*you rolled your eyes* “We are dating Hoseok…” 

“Just let me have this y/n…”

Hobi would totally love your dress and the way it looked on you.

Rap Monster

Flustered heart-eyes Joon, would be so smitten by you once you showed him the dress, trying to make himself presentable baffled by your glow.

“Hey Jagi…” *fixes hair* “Y-Yo-” *coughs* “You looks very pretty” “


Cutie Chims wouldn’t be able to control himself once you showed up dressed like that. He knew you were beautiful, but boy how ravishing you looked right now. No words needed for him to show you his opinion of the dress.

“Jimin, What do you think?” *you twirl giggly*

*Jimin giggles* “hehehehasdkjashkjdhaksjdhkjasdhas”


Same as Jimin, no control over his body or words. Big fluff shy mess..

“NO! You look to bright” “It’s blinding me” *jolly giggles*


Maknae.jpg  had stopped working..

A/N: Thanks for requesting Noonie! ~<3

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Helpless - Part 2

Part 1

“Hey, Y/N/N.” Dean smoothed your hair back, running his hand over your cool, pale skin. He did his best to ignore the ventilator keeping you alive. He couldn’t stand to look at it, knowing he was the reason you were lying there. “They said our son is healthy. He’s a fighter…like…” Dean’s voice broke and he grabbed your hand, taking a second to gather his thoughts. “He’s a fighter like his mom.” 

Dean had gotten you to the hospital just in time. The force of the lamp had caused bleeding and swelling in your brain which caused the seizure. The doctors weren’t sure if you would ever wake up, but Dean couldn’t lose you without losing his son too, and he knew you’d want your son to have a fighting chance. “God, Y/N, I never meant for this to happen.” Dean sniffled. “I never wanted you to get caught in the crossfire. Especially not with our son.” 

Dean stood up, pacing the room and running his hands through his hair. “I promised you both I’d protect you. I had one fucking job and I screwed it up.” He made his way back to your bedside, sitting in the chair and resting his hand on top of your pregnant belly, feeling your son kick. “Hi, little guy.” He smiled a little, knowing your son was ok. “Did you feel that? Our little man is trying to tell you to wake up.” Dean grabbed your hand and rested it over where your son had just kicked, laying his head on your stomach. “We need you. I need you.” Dean sobbed against your body. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” You whispered, sitting next to Dean and your own body, running your hands through Dean’s hair. He couldn’t feel you. He never would again. 

Part 3

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Daddy Negan {Part 2}

Word count: 3.1k (OF DIRTY DIRTY FUN!)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: I think Negan will speak for himself in this fic. <3
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: Negan loves teasing you to the point of no return, but tonight he’ll be rewarding his princess. 
{Part One}

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BTS Reaction to when you're at their concert they see you in the crowd and do aegyo or whatever and you answer them with aegyo back ?.Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~

BTS when they see you on the crowd at a concert for the first time!


I think Jin would have two reactions when he saw you for the first time ever at a concert-

1- Silly goofy Jin who’s trying to do aegyo your way and trips because he is so shy (lol)

2- But It’s Jin  … he would fast recover in a blink and would go back to his cool stage persona in no time


He would see you on the crowd and start sending finger hearts your direction trying to be cute lil motherf.
You would answer by flipping a finger to him; provoking a cute lil smile~.

Idk, is it just me who would do this?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Jhope strikes me as a pretty intense guy on stage, so when he exchanged gazes with you he’d go “oh you came to see me?, watch this…” smug kind of attitude. 
He’d give his 110% to impress you

And boi he would deliver

Rap Monster

smoothmon here to slay your life!

Rapmon would keep his cool while performing and wouldn’t get distracted, but he’d send a cheeky wink your way if he catched your eye staring at him.


He very not smooth at all would get closer to where you were on the crowd, singing directly your way.
Probably, same as Namjoon, would wink and or smile cutely depends on the intenseness of the song  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Showing you all his skills 


You and me both know this boy…knows no chill...
V would see you and he turn on the smexy on and keep it on for the rest of the evening, stealing glances your way making sure you are watching him.
bodyroll game slick


Intense dab mode: ON 

lol jk

I think Jungkook is not likely to change when he saw you in the crowd.
He would get a little closer to you to say hi, and even maybe a little shy because its the first time you came to see him perform.

A/N: Thanks for requesting Nonnie :3

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Okay,so I’ve seen the post saying Nat’d be great James Bond, but my browser collapsed before I could reblog it and I can’t seem to find it now… nevertheless, here we go. Natalie as 007 and Katie as Bond Girl <3

Gifs not mine

EDIT: Sorry, characters are vice versa.
Credit to @thnerys

Ride With Me (Part 4)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing. 

*Things get tense when (Y/N) meets three members of the Red Skull*

So, considering that two of these characters have yet to made an appearance in the MCU. I am taking slight artistic licence as to what I think they looked like for this AU. Shout out to @assembletheimagines​ for helping me try and pick a face for Hela thanks boo x (I know that Cate Blanchett is going to portray her in Thor 3 but I kinda leaned towards the comic version of her for this AU)  

Part 3


Originally posted by perfectlymeganfox

Originally posted by orotundmutt

“Come on you piece of shit work” you growled dangerously. You sat perched at the bar, a new lukewarm cup of tea sat beside to you barely touched as you glared viciously at the laptop screen. You had been risking your life in that motel room for long enough and it was high time to find a place of your own. Or someone to share it with at least.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine this morning” you resisted the urge to glare at the three arrivals.

“Careful Sam, she’d been yelling at that thing all morning” Wanda teased as she stood behind the bar drying pint glasses.

“Roommate search? Looking for a new place?” Natasha asked peering over your shoulder reading the website open on the laptop.

“Living out of my suitcase is getting a little old” you mumble into your mug, you winced after swallowing. The cool temperature didn’t sit well with you.  

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REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN!!! (15/05/2017)- (29/05/2017) :D

Hello Immortal Family members <3

I’m opening up requests again (finally)! I just want to make a pinned post pertaining to the types of requests that can be submitted, as well as update you on the whole situation regarding my blog and the way it’s going to be run! So basically, I’m leaving my inbox open to requests for TWO WEEKS (15/05/2017- 29/05/2017). In this time, I will be taking requests for Headcanons, Scenarios, Match-ups and GIF Reactions!

Some new things that are happening/ on offer:

I am taking Writing Commissions now as a way to manage my time better on this blog. So basically, if you want to request a one-shot or a series of one-shots that are over 1500 words in length then I will be charging a payment of AU$3 (payable via Ko-Fi link/button). If the word-count is higher than 2500 words then I will charge AU$6 (payable via Ko-Fi link/button). I take both SFW and NSFW requests- but if you want a commissioned piece of work, the process is to send me a PM and kinda answer a few questions I have about your request so that I can make sure I’m writing exactly what you want to be reading! I hope that makes sense! So yeah, let me know if you are interested in commissioning a piece of written work off of me- it would really be a great help, and wonderful support too!

I am also taking requests for personalised Love Letters from Ignis, Noctis, Prompto and Gladio. For these, because they will take some time, effort, and I’ll need to go buy some fancy stationery for this, as well as post them out to you guys- I’ll be charging AU$9 per letter (payable via Ko-Fi link/button).

Lastly, I’m accepting random donations too via Ko-Fi (you can find the links/buttons at the end of each of my original posts)! Donating is not mandatory, and I don’t want to force anyone to pay to read my work- I’m still going to be writing for a long time to come- it’s just that if I can earn at least $50 a month from this blog, I can quit my dodgy tutoring gig and have more time to write on the weekends (that is my mum’s condition for me devoting time to my passion/hobby anyways :O)! So any donations will be much appreciated- it just means I can get more content out to you guys at a faster rate! <3

Now, so that I am able to know who has paid for their commissions/letters, it would be much appreciated if you could note down your tumblr username when you make a payment! Just so I can keep track of it! If you have any issues/questions, feel free to send me a PM or directly email me on onthewaytoimmortal@gmail.com. :D

Headcanons/Scenarios/Drabbles (< 1500 words = no cost): For these requests, I don’t need a whole lot of specialised information. Just what you’ve been doing normally should be absolutely fine! <3 So just send in the idea/thing you want to read and I’ll write it and post it up! :) Completely as per usual (I am soooo excited to receive new requests!!! <3 Ya’ll have NO idea how long I wanted to open shop up again!)

Match-Ups (no cost): First time opening up requests for match-ups! So, I know I didn’t study psychology for four years for nothing- let me use this knowledge for some fun! Send me some match-up requests with a brief description of your personality, your preferred orientation, and some of your likes and dislikes and I’ll work my magic to see who your one true love from FFXV is! <3

GIF Reaction Requests: I have discovered the power of GIFs and it is fantastical! Send me a short request about “reactions to” or something along the lines of that, and I’ll use my super sleuth skills to find some GIFs that match the request based on my headcanons <3

I think that’s pretty much it for now. OH YES, one more thing! I’m also RPing now, but given that RPing takes a little time, just contact me about setting up a time-slot or something so we can arrange to actively RP together. I can RP any character you want tbh- but I am pretty well versed with Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto xD

Okay- all done now! I look forward to receiving your requests loves <3 Thank you so much for joining me on this beautiful writing/blogging adventure and I can’t wait to get more content out to you guys!

P.S: during the 2 weeks that my inbox will be open for requests, I will be working on filling the last 5 requests sitting in my inbox, as well as working on finishing some personal writing projects so that after the two weeks, I can focus solely on completing all your requests as quickly as I can while maintaining a high standard of writing quality! :D Let me know what you guys think about this! I really hope I don’t sound pushy on the whole ‘payment’ front of things- I just want to re-iterate that I will still be writing on this blog for FREE as well xD I might just be a little slower if I can’t quite the tutoring gig, that’s all! <3

MUCH LOVE, IMMORTAL FAM! <3 *hugs you all tight*

- themissimmortal (Moosh) <3


If a character is missing on here, send me a request! I add characters as I write for them.


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There is another part I laughed at. It was when everybody was coming up to Barry like "Let's get you back in the chair". With their hands up and walking towards him slowly. It was funny and a little creepy. LOL! Another small thing I loved was after Barry "introduced" himself to Cecile, he was all smiles and Iris was rubbing his back. So cute! 😳

Amnesiac!Barry was the best part of the episode! I don’t blame poor “Bart” for being freaked out. I mean Julian admitted they were doing experiments on him. I would want to high tail it out of there too. 

I loved that scene too. You can tell Grant and Candice were having a lot of fun with it. Pretty sure a lot of Iris’s laughs were Candice laughing at Grant. 

Goes to show the chemistry they have together in their scenes <3

Gif credit to @fyeahgrantgust