ALL DONE! \(^o^)/ “Serious Steven” is by far the best episode! The new info about the Gems’ past was great! Namely the Strawberry Battlefield! Something sweet emerging from bitter struggles. ‘Tis beautiful. :,) I would guess after their temple run, the Gems would sit down for a strawberry-themed picnic. Steven has strawberry jam sandwiches, Amethyst is munching on a giant strawberry, Pearl is drinking strawberry tea (That exists, right?), and Garnet is sporting a strawberry crown because she’s the Queen. :3

Snippets of things during Woobin's fanmeet

Cr: The Wonderful Sophie <3

Jongsuk recorded a support VCR for Woobin, roughly saying that he knows Woobin prepared a lot, asking him to have fun sing and dancing at the fanmeet, and reminds him to drink milk tea and eat egg tarts. Lol.

They messaged each other yesterday, Jongsuk said he had loads of fun at the Taiwan fanmeet last year and cheered Woobin on, saying that it will definitely go well~

Woobin said he would not have done so well in ‘School 2013’ without Jongsuk being there; they have known one another since the modeling days and became close friends through the drama. Jongsuk is like a precious jewel to him, and he looks forward to working together again on a project when they have both improved in acting.

He also said that he immediately texted Jongsuk when he found out he got sick [with swine flu], but now he knows that Jongsuk has completely recovered already. :)

P.S. Woobin was also asked about Jongsuk at the press conference, where he expressed that he was sad that Jongsuk couldn’t be in Australia and also that he called him once he found out he was sick.