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PLL 7x19 Farewell My Lovely - Thoughts

- Brilliant episode from start to finish.

- Got it right! Mona killed Charlotte. I loved the entire scene with Charlotte and Mona. It was really intense because I actually was not sure if Mona would back out, like Charlotte was provoking. I loved the whole reveal. I will admit though - during the 8 month hiatus between 7A and 7B, I saw some pretty damn intricate theories as to why Charlotte was killed. I think the motive they went for was pretty generic, and absolutely safe. We can’t find a single plot hole with this. “You never did get better, I want to protect the girls from you so I can prove my worthiness, I want to prove I am stronger than you” is so simple, it’s almost bland. But, it does work. And as I’ve always said with this show, I’m no longer looking to be shocked. I’m looking for logic. And there is logic, so I can’t and won’t complain. On balance, I did like this reveal.

- I understand red herrings, I really do. This is a mystery show, and every single one of them needs red herrings to survive. But seriously - this baffles me. What. are. the. odds. that. Melissa’s. suitcase. handle. broke. AND. that’s. the. size/shape. of. the. object. that. crushed. Charlotte’s. skull. The odds of that are 0.01%. There has to be more to Melissa’s story. I liked and I have accepted that Mona killed Charlotte, but Melissa’s story can’t be explained as a coincidence like that. I get red herrings, but this one is just so damn corny. 

- The “he’s coming for you” scene was pathetic. I despise the way that played out. I find it hard to believe that a nightmare was always the original plan. I feel so mislead. I really wanted there to be a “him” coming after Ali. I guess they lead us down that path in 610 because they had just revealed ChArlotte and they didn’t want us to think that the story is over. They wanted us to keep watching for the time jump, and to know that there is another villain. So I can see why they lead us down a false path. I get it. But I hate this feeling anyway. It was a good scene, but what it represented… not too happy. (Side note: laughing that they spelt Varjak wrong… c’mon writers, lift your game.)

- Another anticlimactic moment was that the mystery location on the board game was Aunt Carol’s house. Yawn. 

- I thought Caleb could’ve played it smarter when he sat down with Mona at the 2 Crows Diner. Rather than asking her “who are you going to meet?” he should’ve just said “I’m here. It’s me” and pretend that he is the one she is meeting. And then see where the conversation goes. He could’ve got answers out of her then and there.

- I really really really enjoyed the girls’ fresh new attitude this episode. “Leave it alone, or else our graves will get dug” is the approach they’ve needed for a while. I’m so glad we got a glimpse of that before the show ends.

- Literally zero romance in this episode, which suits my personal preferences. So I loved it in that regard.

- I thought this episode was filled with nice light humour. “To whom?”, Aria talking to Dunhill’s body and taking an answer in terms of the body ‘moving’, Ezra saying he can do anything with his Masters in literature, etc.

- Mary Drake, oh my god. Forget all my theories where I proposed this is Jessica, and Mary is really dead. That can’t happen now. This is truly Mary. I love her so much. Giving her the Lost Woods was a nice gesture. She said it was to pay for lawyers, but then she goes and saves Spencer anyways by confessing to Archer’s murder? I thought that was a bit inconsistent. Unless she thought of confessing after she gave Spencer the Lost Woods? Whatever the case is, I loved her gesture and when she told Spencer that she owes her a lifetime. We actually got to see her repay that and I love it. And I also loved how Spencer felt sympathy towards her and didn’t see it as “good, you owed me”.

- So Ali found out who killed her own mother just like that? They brushed over that really quickly. I guess Ali never showed any emotion to her mother’s killer because at the same time, whilst Ali may hate Mary, Mary did just take the bullet to save Ali (and the others). So maybe that’s why the writers waited for Ali to find out now in 719 rather than 714 when Spencer found out, because now Ali might not be as angry about it.

- AD knows the girls killed Archer. AD knows Mary is covering up. So why is AD ending the game when he/she knows that the incorrect person is being arrested? Is Mary AD? AD isn’t a very good death-avenger so to speak. AD has the videos of the girls burying Archer, why not release them? Why not free Mary? Why is AD accepting this nonsense of Mary taking the blame!?

- So the puzzle pieces ended up meaning nothing? Other than signalling game over, the actual contents of the pieces meant nothing. Anticlimactic at its finest.

- I enjoyed seeing Mona revert to her prior nerdy-self. I thought that was actually sad. I loved her line about warning Hanna not to get involved. She knew it was coming. And I can see why Janel said 719 is her favourite Mona episode to date. She got to play so many sides to Mona in just one episode.

- Tanner’s line about the girls not being criminals was a really good way for the show to end its constant negative relationship between the girls and the Rosewood police. I liked how Tanner didn’t admit to believing that Mary killed Archer. Either it’s because she still thinks the girls did it and that Mary is simply covering for the girls, or, she just doesn’t think Mary had it in her to be a murderer. Either explanation is interesting, and I like that element of never knowing.

- We are NOT getting answers in the finale. The writers spoke to us through Tanner when they made Tanner say that the DA likes simple answers, rather than theories for loose ends which no one can prove. That’s literally us, the PLL fandom. They’re telling us we aren’t getting answers to our loose ends.

- I loved the final scene. It reaaallllly hit me that the show is ending when the lights on the board game went off. And then the music rolled in and that’s when I got a bit teary eyed, especially when the camera panned across the board. I loved that sense of the girls having won and finally being able to move on with their lives.

- I think AD is off to go kill Mona, since she killed Charlotte. But I really liked that final scene with AD driving off into the sunset. It came across like “my work here is done, I know who killed Charlotte”. (How does AD know Mona did it? Microphones or some shit. Somehow AD heard Mona’s story time.)

- I pressed start on the episode, and within what felt like 10 minutes, it was finished. It went so damn quick. I think that means I enjoyed it so much, or that they tried to cram too much into one episode. Can confirm now that I’ve spent longer on this post, than watching the actual episode!

-  I did get Twincer vibes throughout this episode!!! When I do a re-watch I’ll come back and post them. I never take notes whilst I’m watching, it ruins the experience. But I do remember one thing. Mona was sitting in the diner waiting to meet someone, and then lo and behold Spencer rocks up at the diner. Spencer, out of all people? Was that Twincer, going to meet Mona? Why didn’t the writers make Emily show up? Why Spencer? It could’ve been Twincer. And Lucy’s comment “A is a lot closer than you think, you guys” has me thinking that the place-swapping between Twincer and Spencer is happening this frequently. If Haleb mention them being married, Spencer may react like “what, since when?” and Caleb will say “I already told you” — “no you didn’t? When?”

- Normally at the end of these posts I do a reaction to next week’s promo too, but I have a feeling I’ll have more than usual to say for the finale’s promo so I’ll do that in a separate post, this is already long enough!

- Overall, for a non finale episode it’s clearly a 10/10. You cannot compare an episode of this quality to episode 619 for example where the most action we got was Alison falling down the stairs. (I still laugh about that.) So, 7B is a massive step up. A couple things annoyed me this week, but taking them for what they are, and the overall pace and raw emotion, it was PLL at its best. Which is good to say for another week, because 7B has been killing it recently. 


[BTS-Reaction] When You Pass Away Unexpectedly (A/T)

Helloooo~ It’s been awhile since I’ve post anything due to me being busy, BUT! I wanted to post this reaction that I wrote awhile ago but never got to post on here! It is quite a bit long, I was wondering if I should just put it under each individual member but then I thought, fuck it! Lmao, I hope you all enjoy! 

P.S. Congrats to our boys for their BBMA win! Truly inspiring and a big step for K-pop! I’m so proud of them for chasing their dreams and not giving a fuck about what those haters got to say



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She’s gone… She’s really gone…” Jin thought as he laid in his bed. The faint smell of your perfume lingered on his pillow and he couldn’t help but bury his head deep inside the pillow, as if the more he smelled it, you would come back. Jin closed his eyes as he remembered;

“Oppa! Aish~ I bet you don’t even miss me when I’m not here with you because you have Namjoon-oppa to keep you warm! I bet when I’m not here snuggling with you, Namjoon-oppa keeps you good company,” you had pouted.

“Thats right. Namjin is better than Y/N & Jin,” Jin had chuckled while pulling you into his arms and snuggling you closer to his chest. Kissing you lightly on the forehead and whispering love words only for you.

Jin opened his eyes, tears welling up. He missed you so much. He missed the way you mimicked his windshield wiper laugh and the way you cooked for him, even though most of the time they weren’t even edible. He missed the way you took care of him, looking after him. He was the eldest in the group and was used to taking care of the other members, he’d forgotten how it felt to be taken care of. The tears fell down as he closed his eyes, holding in the scream he wanted to let out. “How could you do this to me Y/N? I loved you so much, I thought we had forever….” Jin wondered thoughtlessly.


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The living room was dark, the only light source was from the lamp lit besides the bed. The Daesang trophy sat on the dresser across from Suga who was on the bed,  the trophy sat staring at him, as if taunting him. “We won an award today Y/N…. We got Daesang….” Suga thought staring at the gleaming trophy. The other members were out celebrating with Bang PD-Nim and the other staff while he had opt to come home, saying that he was too tired to party. Everyone knew it was lie, they knew he was hurting, but what could they say? Jimin had offered to come home with him but Suga had told him to go celebrate. He didn’t want anyone to suffer with him.“Why… did you leave me like this?!” Suga thought angrily as he stared at the trophy. “Why…” he thought as he closed his eyes tightly, suppressing the anger. 

~Flash to the past~ 

“Oppa! Let’s go out to eat! We haven’t gone out in so long! Just one dinner and you can come back and work on your song,” you had pleaded going full-on aegyo mode. “Maybe another night, I’m busy Jagi, I really like the way this song is coming together,” Suga had replied not even turning to look at you from his computer screen. “Just one night, I swearrr,” you pleaded. Giving in, Suga turned to look at you, sighing and telling you, “okay fine, just let me save these lyrics and this beat and transfer it to my phone.” You had shot up from your spot on the sofa in the Bangtan Room and started dancing for successfully making him cave in. Suga smiled at your silly dancing, grabbed you by the waist and lightly resting his forehead on yours.Later at the dinner, Suga had ignored you, his eyes only on his phone, his lips wordlessly murmuring lyrics. The whole time, you stared at him, willing him to look up and smile his gummy smile at you and at least start a decent conversation with you. He never did. The only time he looked up was to order and to eat. When you arrived home, you had let him have it, complaining about him working all the time.“You didn’t even talk to me! We just ate- in silence! Because you were too busy writing down lyrics. Dammit Yoongi! You’re making me go crazy, I just wanted a nice evening out with you to catch up and eat and you couldn’t even do that. Am I not important? I understand your music and career is important but could you at least make a little time for me? Is 5 minutes too much to ask for?” you looked at him, holding back tears.

Suga had looked at you with annoyance in his eyes and shot back “Jesus Y/N, you are important, but you know I live for music and I was… I don’t know, I just had to write it down before I forgot it.

Yeah, I guess so, I guess I’m always the last thing on your list of things to-do,” you had said before turning away from him.

~Flashback to the present~

Suga opened his eyes, gasping for air. Yeah, he was a piece of shit. He should’ve showed you he loved you when you were still around. Now you were gone. You were dead. 6 feet under the ground, laying in a coffin that had been nailed shut. He had always pushed you behind, focusing on his music, forgetting about dates and text messages. Forgetting about you while you were at home anxiously waiting for him to come home or at least shoot you a text. “I’m a piece of shit,” Suga thought glumly. Looking at the trophy, Suga thought to himself in the stilled darkness. “All I wanted was a Daesang… All my life, I just wanted to be a successful artist, producer, and rapper. I was so focused on making music and winning that Daesang that I forgot I already had the best trophy with me. That trophy was Y/N. Now I lost her, I can never hear her voice nor listen to her snoring besides me. I got a Daesang. But I lost my one true love…” tears streamed down Suga’s eyes as he realized what a fool he was to lose you.


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Just smile. Smile, you can do that. You can do it,” J-Hope recited in his head as he smiled to the cameras. “C'mon, you do it better than that!!! I’m J freaking Hope!” he screamed internally. As the whole BTS moved on from the cameras, a reporter screamed loudly “J-Hope! J-Hope! How are you feeling?! How is life like after Y/N?” He froze dead in his track. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…. My precious Y/N…” J-Hope held down the urge to attack the stupid reporter. “No comment,” said Suga, as he glared daggers at the reporter making the reporter shrink back. Suga grabbed onto J-Hope’s arms and dragged him to the van, taking them to their photoshoot.

Arriving at the location of the photoshoot, every member had their individual shots for their upcoming album, as the photographer was taking pictures of J-Hope, the photographer suddenly stop, looked at J-Hope and said loudly, “Sir, your expression looks too dull, please, be brighter.” J-Hope smiled, well, grimaced actually. After a couple of shots, the photographer told him that it would do for now. J-Hope walked away from the set, too tired to even look at the photos. Once in the break/waiting room, he plopped himself down in the nearest seat and closed his eyes. “You know, holding it in isn’t going to do you any good, talk to us Hyung.” J-Hope heard Rap Monster say. J-Hope shook his head no. He wasn’t going to talk about it. He didn’t want to. “Leave it, don’t bother him,” Suga said somewhere from the room. J-Hope opened his eyes to see every member looking at him. He made eye contact with each individual one and lastly saw their manager walk into the room. He stood up and walked over to the manager. “Manager, am I done for the day? May I head back to the hotel?” J-Hope asked. The manager stared at J-Hope’s face before finally giving him the okay to leave.

Once alone in the hotel, J-Hope took a long hot shower and sat done on the armchair staring out into the night view of Hong Kong. Ah, Hong Kong, he loved visiting Hong Kong. The way the skyscrapers stood tall, as if they grew from underneath the ground and were reaching towards the skies. Reaching into his pant pocket, he took out his phone and opened up his iPhone. Your photo appeared and his heart did a double take. “I miss you Y/N. I miss you so much, why didn’t you wait for me, at least wait for me to see you one last time…” J-Hope cried. He glanced through all the photos you had once took on his phone, silly ones, laughing, sticking out your tongue. He clicked on a video he had taken of you, turning up the volume.“Look, look, look, I said look!!!” you screamed joyfully. You were dressed up as a horse for Halloween and were dancing to Dope. “I’m J-Horse, J-Dope!” you laughed maniacally as you did  messed up the tricky footwork and tripped over the ridiculously long tail of the horse costume. “Aishhh~ My Jagi is so adorable!” J-Hope heard himself say as you continued to dance pretending to be J-Hope.The tears were coming out too fast now, his vision blurry, the video ended and he started crying, bawling his eyes out.

“I miss you so much Y/N. You were my happiness, with you, I didn’t have to pretend about being happy. With you, I was truly happy. I could be my true self with you, tell you my deepest secrets and you didn’t judge me, you helped me through my depression, even with antis attacking me and sending me hate through the internet, you had always been supporting me, loving me even when I couldn’t love myself. You accepted me the way I was when others couldn’t, and now you’re gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you,” J-Hope lamented as he cried into the night, your photo smiling back at him on his phone screen.


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***The song mentioned is Leona Lewis’s song “Yesterday” please go listened to it if you haven’t heard it, its a beautiful song!

~I just can’t believe you’re gone,

~Still waiting for morning to come,

~Want to see if the sun will rise,

~Here without you by my side,

Leona Lewis crooned in the background as Rap Monster sat in the kitchen eating cold leftovers. All the members were out doing there own things, with the exception of Suga who was sleeping as usual in his room. Rap Monster rarely listened to love songs. He was often listening to the latest rap song by his favorite artists and getting inspired by daily life to write his own beautiful lyrics. But on the occasions that he did happened to come across a meaningful love song, such as this particular song, he listened to it on repeat.

~When we had so much in store,

~Tell me what is it I’m reaching for,

~When we’re through building memories

~I’ll hold yesterday in my heart

Rap Monster slammed his chopsticks to the table, breaking them. He pushed the plate of tasteless food away from him. He didn’t have any more appetite. Not after everything that’s happened. He ran his hands through his hair, finally resting his head in his hands, covering his eyes. He let the music wash over him.

“I’m so tired Y/N… I’m so tired of fronting… Tired of acting like I’m fine.. I’m not fine. I miss you,” the unspoken words rung in his head. He gritted his teeth together as he reminisce about you-


“You know… To be completely honest with you, I don’t even see you as RAP MONSTER or Namjoon… I see you as… you. I don’t know if that makes sense,” you said catching him off guard.

“What?” Rap Monster had chuckled at you. “What do you mean you don’t see me as Rap Monster or Namjoon? My name is Namjoon, silly girl.”

“No.. I mean like, I know we are all given names from our parents, dumbass. But like, you know, when you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re tough and manly, not that you’re not manly now, but like you have this vibe around you. When you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re the leader of BTS, you’re the fierce don’t-mess-with-me-or-i’ll-cypher-you-up guy. When you’re NAMJOON, you’re the you that everyone in your close private life knows. The one your parents know, you’re childhood friends know. When you’re Brain Monster, haha, IQ148. Your members get to know both RAP MONSTER & NAMJOON. But for me… What I mean by being you, I mean that I know you. Well I think I know you. You let your guards down and you’re just being you… silly, full of aegyo, dorky, and kind of a sarcastic asshole at time, but caring and lovable. You’re a different Namjoon. I think that this side of Namjoon isn’t seen by everyone. Sorry, if this doesn’t make that much sense, i’m all over the place,” you had laughed at the end.

Rap Monster had sat there looking at you, processing what you had said. Sure, you didn’t make sense a little, but thats what he loved about you. You said what was on your mind even if it didn’t make any sense. What you said though, was right. He was a different person with you. With you, you made him feel exposed. Naked even. Although you were a little quirky, you made him feel so comfortable and loved that he soon let down his walls for you. You got to see the side of him that nobody else had seen. The one where he could be his true form, without having any worries. He could confide in you. Talk to you about anything, even if it was touchy subjects, he knew you would listen him out. You didn’t see him as Brain Monster with IQ of 148. You didn’t see him as Rap Monster. You saw him as a human being. As a delicate fragile person.

~Flashback to the Present~

~You always used to say I should be thankful for every day

~Heaven knows what the future holds or at least how the story goes

~But I never believed them till now

~I know I’ll see you again I’m sure no it’s not selfish to ask for more

~One more night one more day

~One more smile on your face but they can’t take yesterday

~I thought our days would last forever

~But it wasn’t our destiny

~‘Cause in my mind we had so much time

~But I was so wrong

~Now I can believe that I can still find the strength in the moments we made

~I’m looking back on yesterday

The tears he held inside for so long slowly made their way out. Snaking down his cheeks, dropping onto the wooden table. He laughed. Laughed out the pain. The laughing only lasted for about a couple seconds before he was gasping, clutching his side, shaking with sadness, crying in despair.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” he whispered your name over and over again as he continued to cry softly.


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“Jimin! It’s kick, kick, spin, arms out, left foot, turn and jump!” the choreographer exclaimed as he ran his hand through hair.“I’m sorry,” Jimin replied. He hated when the members couldn’t get the choreography right and when it was him who was the problem, he hated it even more. He despised making mistakes. “It’s getting too late,” the choreographer said looking down at his watch. “Let’s all just call it a night and go home, get a good nights rest and we’ll do this again tomorrow.“ The rest of the BTS members nodded their head in unison and the choreographer left the room, leaving the members alone to gather their things and go.

"Jimin-ah, let’s go,” V said as he came up to Jimin. Jimin shrugged V off.“You guys go first, I’ll come home soon,” said Jimin.“It’s almost 3 in the morning Jimin-hyung. Let’s just go home,” Jungkook persist. “No. Just go, leave me alone,” Jimin said turning his back on them. “Whatever then,” Suga said shooting Jimin a worried glance but since he was so exhausted, he exited the room going home. “You better be home by 4,” Jin said sternly. Jimin nodded curtly as the other members stared at him for his reaction. “I know you’re upset, but don’t overwork yourself, you’ll just end up fried from it and it won’t be good for your health. Y/N wouldn’t want that for you. Just so you know,” Rap Monster said resting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder before heading out. Jimin locked his jaws. He so wanted to hit Rap Monster for mentioning your name. That caught him by surprised. He wasn’t a violent person. But with your passing, it had taken such a toll on him, his mood swings were out of control. Jungkook and V gave you a glance and without a word left.

“Want me to stay and help you?” J-Hope asked. He was also the Choreographer leader and the ever helpful hyung. “No Hyung, you go home and rest, I promise I’ll get it down by tonight and I’ll be back at 4am,” Jimin said hoping to persuade J-Hope. “Well, if you insist…” J-hope said as he gathered his stuff, giving Jimin a quick one arm hug and leaving the room. Finally alone, Jimin turned up the music and started dancing to full capacity. As he danced the new moves, your past comments about his dancing made their way into his mind. 


“Oppa, don’t try so hard! You look good enough as it is!” you had said.FLASH!“Jiminie~ look at that jibootayyyy~” you had playfully teased.


“Omo, look at that little tummy! I like what I see! I like those cinnamon rolls better than those chocolate abs,” you had said smiling making Jimin laugh out loud.

Ugh! Jimin collapsed to the bare empty floor of the practice room, the music cascading over him. He laid on the floor, covering his eyes with his arms. He could feel the sweat rolling off of his body and he could hear his heart thumping loudly, as if it was trying to break out of his rib cage. “I hate this. I hate that you left me, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!!” he screamed. “I hate you Y/N! Do you hear me? I hate you so much! I hope you can hear me wherever you are?!” he continued to scream.Jimin crawled to the music player, turning it off and laid back down on his back. He had so many questions for you, why you left him in this world by himself. He thought he would get to be with his first love, he thought he would get to marry you and you would have his kids. He wanted you to be the mother of his kids. But now you were gone. You left without a word, and he never got to see you. He had been overseas promoting his new album with group when word got to him that you had gone back to the heavenly. Just thinking about it got him angry. “Why God, why?! Why did you have to take her back so soon…” he thought as he laid drenched in his own tears and sweat.


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5 months. 5 months since you had left him without any warning. 5 months since you had died. Wasn’t it suppose to get better? Wasn’t the pain suppose to subside? Each day seemed harder than the last to V.

V took a swig of beer as some stupid love song played from Jungkook’s room. “Kookie-ah! TURN IT DOWN!!!” V yelled angrily. The music continued to play as V took another impatient gulp of the bitter beer.

~Flashback to the past~

“Oppa, do you know that drinking 2 or more alcoholic drinks each day can shorten your life at about 23 years? Please don’t drink! I want you to live with me forever!” you had exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, Y/N, I promise I will only drink on special occasions, other than that, I will try not to do it so much,” V had promised you.

“Pinky promise oppa?” you had said.

“Pinky promise,” V said as his pinky finger entwined with yours.

~Flashback to the present~

“Pinky promise my ass. Pssh. Yeah, live with forever, what a lie,” V thought angrily, downing the beer bottle, throwing it away and reaching for another one. “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” the accusations continued in his clouded mind. As he was about to open the new bottle of fresh liquor, Jungkook snatched it out of his hand, throwing it across the room.

“HYUNG! YOU CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS!” Jungkook screamed at him. “I know you’re hurt, but that doesn’t mean that you have to waste your life away. I understand Y/N is gone, but what?! You drinking is and getting drunk is going to bring her back?!”

“Go away you pest, sheesh, always in my way of things,” V slurred. Yeah, he wasn’t in his right mind. But the thing that was as clear as day in his mind? You. You were. He would try to sleep and you would invade his dreams. He would be drunk out of his mind, and all he could see were you scolding him, laying out drinking facts to him. “I know what I’m doing kid, just leave me be,” V said as he reached down again to grab a new bottle.

“This can’t go on any longer,” the harsh sound of the leader cut through the air like a knife. V looked up to see Rap Monster glaring down at him. V smirked and said “Wah? Wahcha gunn do?” Rap Monster glared at him and was about to say something when J-Hope stepped in. “V-ssi, go take a shower and go to sleep, go sober up. You look like shit.” With a last glance at Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Jungkook, V got up and slowly made his way to the restroom, knocking over things and laughing all the way.


A little sobered up, V walked the lonely cold streets of Seoul, drowning in his thoughts. “Maybe a shot of whiskey would make me feel better,” he thought. He looked up to the moon and swore. “Y/N… I just can’t believe it. I thought you said you wanted to live with me forever, but you were the one to leave me first. How can you say things and not mean them. What are words if you don’t mean them when you say them? Y/N…”

He walked the lonely streets, lost in his thoughts before walking into the park that he had taken you on your first date together. He walked until he saw the bench that you both had sat on, where he first had asked you out, then had proposed to… He sat down on the bench. Looking to his right, was your spot. Memories invaded him as he sat there motionless. You laughing there, you smiling and cracking stupid jokes. You feeding him strawberries, you just holding his hands and resting your head on his shoulder. God he missed you. He missed you so much.

“Y/N…..” V whispered your name as he sat on the cold wired bench letting the tears flow freely.


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Jungkook sat against the walls, looking at the only picture he had left of you. A single polaroid of you sleeping peacefully with his jacket covering you, your hair splaying out in different directions. This polaroid, the only memory he had left. This picture, he took everywhere with him, stuffing it in his wallet, and looking at it whenever he missed you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… If only I had made it in time…” he weeped silently. Some people say that he didn’t know what love was. Being the maknae that he was and his young age, people often assumed that he didn’t know anything. “You don’t know what love is- you don’t know this, you don’t know that-” the comments from strangers.

But god, did he know. He looked at your picture once again hearing your last words ring in his head; “Kookie-oppa… I… I love you so much. And I miss you. Please tell me you love and miss me too,” you had said.

“I love you and miss you so much baby, when I get back from tour, I promise to take you to eat at your favorite restaurant and we can come back and play Overwatch!” Jungkook had said excitedly not knowing you were on your deathbed.

you had chuckled faintly and told him, “I’d love to… Promise me to always be happy okay? And work hard, and love deeply.”

Jungkook had been confused at the time, not knowing why you were saying what you were saying but he had agreed. Then, you told him you loved him one last time and before he knew it, all he could hear were the sounds of muffled cries. “Whats going on?!” he had thought. “Jungkook, my daughter has passed away. She just wanted one last phone call with you and not let you know that it was her time. I’m so sorry son.” your father had told Jungkook chilling him to the bones.

With the news of you dying, Jungkook had frozed. You? Dying? When were you ever sick?! He was your boyfriend and he never once knew of anything, any diseases, illness that you had had. What kind of boyfriend was he?!

Jungkook continued to weep as he remembered your funeral, you had laid peacefully in the coffin, not one trace of worry on your delicate face. He had ran home, cried his heart out and yelled at himself for being a terrible person. His hyungs had tried to comfort him but it just made him feel worse.

I’ve failed you Y/N… I’ve failed you. I loved you, I still love you. I love you, I love you, please just come back,” Jungkook cried as he stared at your photo.

Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Ichimatsu 11 - Rental Family

Ichimatsu: There there, kitty.  

Cat: Meow. 

Ichimatsu: Look it’s a stalk of foxtail. Is that fun? 

Cat: Meow! Meow! Meow! 

Ichimatsu: So that is fun. 

Cat: Meow! Meow meow meow! 

Ichimatsu: Hmm? What have you found? This is… Some kind of… screw? 

Cat: Meow? 

Ichimatsu: Hey, this isn’t food. I’ll feed you later, so hold on for now. 

Cat: Meow! 

Ichimatsu: Still why is something like this…? …Well, whatever. 

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It doesn't hurt (Thor X reader request)

This was requested by @thestainonthefloor about Thor accidentally hurting you during sex. enjoy!
((warning: smut))
You never knew how you, a mere mortal in the avengers tower, could’ve taken the attention of Thor. The first time you met, something instantly clicked, and after a few months after the New York incident, you started going on dates and it grew to a loving relationship.
Thor was never the dominant one in the relationship. But here you are, Thor pushing you up against the wall, pulling down your wrist with his strong hands. Because Thor was very, very powerful, you were the dominant one more times than not, but you thought letting Thor loose once in a while wouldn’t be so bad.
He kissed your neck, biting and tugging and pulling violently. He pushed your legs apart so he could go in between them. “Thor,” you muttered, jerking up your hips. Both of you were completely undressed, and you needed friction. Now.
“Patience, my love,” he said, biting her sweet spot.
He teased your dripping core with his hard member, making you groan in frustration. “Thor,” you whined.
He entered you, painfully slowly. You gasp when he stretched your walls. Then he started moving.
At first it was pure bliss, but then his hands closed around your wrists tightly, and it was extremely painful. You shouted in pain, but Thor didn’t notice, thinking it was satisfaction. “Thor!” you tried to push him away. “Thor!” you said louder. He finally got your point and slowly moved away. “what seems to be wrong, love?” he asked softly, his hand gliding on your torso. “nothing,” you muttered. “I’m just tired.”
But Thor knew you better than that.
After last night, a white pulsing scar circled your right wrist. You tried moving it, and it hurt. You tries pressing your forefinger on it and it stung like hell. You didn’t know why it hurt your right wrist more than your left, but you knew one thing for sure: something was very, very wrong.
You decided to go to none other than Bruce Banner.
“(Y/n)? Thor’s not here,” Bruce said when you got in his work place. You scoffed, “I wasn’t looking for Thor.”
“Really?” Bruce asked.
You would never admit that you were clingy, when in fact, you were very clingy. Bruce went on a mission with you two weeks ago, and you couldn’t stop talking about Thor. Out of all the avengers, Bruce knew you most. That and he was your best friend.
Yeah, Tony teased both your taste in friendahip and love.
“so… What’s wrong?” he asked hesitantly. (Y/n) simply held of her hand in reply. Bruce’s eyes furrowed in confusion. “what happened?” he asked.
“Thor happened,” You huffed. “what the hell… What were you doing with Thor?”
You blushed beet red. “promise not to tell anyone?” You whispered. Bruce raised his eyebrows. “is this why I think it is?” asked Bruce.
Damn his big brain.
“because you fucked him? Seriously?” he asked, amused. “Shut up, Banner!” you hissed, “Tony has cameras.”
Bruce laughed, “come here, (Y/n).”
You followed him, and he placed you hand under the X-ray. Scanning just took a while, but the results were painfully long.
“I have it,” Bruce said, turning on the projector. “Finally,” you sighed. “show me something.”
Bruce turned off the lights, faint blue light rushing to the screen, showing the skeletal hand figure on it. “Shit,” Bruce whispered. You tilted your head in confusion. “looks fine to me.”
“There’s a crack,” Bruce pointed out. Sure enough, there was a small, slightly visible crack on your wrist. You sighed in relief. “just a crack.”
You slapped Bruce’s back, but you were the one who got hurt. Pain shot from your wrist to the rest of your body. “ow,” you complained. Bruce simply shrugged. “you don’t understand, (Y/n). you should use a cast.”
“Should? Meaning I don’t have to?”
“a cast is going to accelerate the healing process.”
“I can’t use a cast, goddammit,” you whispered breathlessly, “Thor is going to find out.”
Bruce eyed you suspiciously. “why does it matter?”
“I don’t wanna ruin what we have.”
“(Y/n)?” Thor said, knocking frantically at your door. “(Y/n), I know you’re in there.”
You stayed quiet inside your room, hoping he would give up.
“(Y/n), I swear if you don’t come out right now may the gods of Asgard-”
You opened the door, mainly because you were sick of all the ruckus, but also because you know what asgardian swears mean.
“Were you going to curse your girlfriend, Thor?”
Thor just stood there, taking in your body. You were wearing a white Ramones muscle shirt tucked into a short floral skirt.
“what?” you questioned letting you right hand hang loose on your side, trying to minimize movement.
“You are not allowed to roam the tower with that… Piece of cloth,” he declared, pushing his way inside.
“what, why?” you asked quizzically, shutting the door. “because men would stare at you, love.” he circled his arms around your torso, slightly gripping your right wrist. You winced in pain, pulling away instantly.
Thor pulled away in shock. His eyes widened. He took your wrist gently, looking at the white scar. He kissed it gently, sending a smooth, pleasant shivers through your body.
“Who did this to you?” he demanded.
“Thor, please.” you breathed inhaling his scent. He smelled… divine.
“Who did this to you?” he repeated, louder this time.
“You did this to me! Alright?” you exclaimed. Thor took a cautious step back. “That was why you have been avoiding me,” he said in realization, and for the first time ever, his voice was shaking. His gaze fell to the ground. “I’m a monster.”
“Thor, you’re not-”
“I should’ve known,” he regarded. “sometimes I forget that you are only a mortal.”
“Really?” you asked frustratingly. “Are you really being racist to me?”
“You’re not strong enough-”
“Not strong enough?” You exclaimed angrily. “Not strong enough? So you think I’m weak? why don’t you think of-”
“You’ll never be strong enough for me!”
Your hard dropped because he shouted. He never shouted. Not at you.
A tear fell from your eye. “I guess-I guess not.”
You walked out of your own bedroom slowly. You could hear Thor shouting your name, but you never looked back.
Of course, you ended up in Bruce’s room while he was working overnight in his lab.
You slept peacefully in Bruce’s unmade bed, that was until someone laid besides you. “How did you get here, Thor?” you sighed, then turned him slowly.
He wrapped his arms around your waist, but he was being very, very gentle. “I’m sorry, love,” he said slowly. You smiled weakly. “it’s okay,” you reassured. “do you want to try again?” Thor suggested hopefully.
“Of course, Thor,” you said, comforting him.

“But not in Bruce’s bedroom.”

If you were a Gillovny fan in 2015 and early 2016…

then you should consider yourself lucky. I mean, the amount of entertainment we’ve managed to get from this very niche fandom is unreal. 

For example, The Cutting Room? I remember waking up in the morning at 4:30am for work and casually checking Twitter. All I saw was mass chaos. I still wasn’t able to find any video at that time, but do you guys remember the chaos over the kisses? How fun was that?! And then the video came out and I remember my second-hand embarrassment for Gillian until she really got into it. David looked like he was loving every second. We thought for sure Gillovny was confirmed right there. We never thought we’d experience such a golden nugget! How exciting was that?! Then David goes on the radio to say how special it was for him to have her there. Total fandom freakout! Not to mention his interview where he said, “I don’t see it happening but I’ve been wrong before” in regards to if he’d ever see him and Gillian dating.

Then we had the excitement of all of the photos they tweeted that summer during filming? It seemed like they were thoroughly enjoying every day together and we were all confident that eventually bits and pieces would spill to us in the form of stories, first-hand accounts and photos. And they did. 

Then NYCC. I mean, everyone remembers where they were when her tweet came out: “Miss you guys. Especially one of you.” I know I lost my shit. I mean, if you really think about that, it seemed so sincere. So private. Again, we thought she was confirming them. And in a lot of people’s minds still, that’s why they believe Gillovny was real - that single tweet. We’re so lucky to have that, you guys. Sure, she could’ve been trolling but to so many of us something about it just rang different than so many of her other tweets.

But the best was still yet to come.

Press week? Like seriously. I lost a full 10lbs of my baby weight that week. I forgot to eat, ffs. There were so many gems. We were a complete mess. Who remembers staying up ALL NIGHT because of her appearance on James Corden? I mean. I remember getting up to nurse my baby and checking my phone to a complete MELTDOWN in the fandom because she had shown her phone and all of those photos of her and David on the bed! That was unbelievable. We all turned into super spies, trying to analyze what the fresh hell was going on in them. Then there was, “be still my heart”, the golden globe photo on the hotel bed with David’s feet in the photo, “wear something nice for me” and “I’ll take it any way I can get it!”, the bed photos, Mr. & Mrs. Petrie 15 years later, “thanks for a fun ride david duchovny. Till next time xxx”. Jimmy Kimmel…nothing compares. Making out on the table, ass grabbing, and not to mention the couch hand-holding and eye-fucking. Then the red carpet. I mean. Pantsuits being “so cute”, “tiny waist”, asking in front of the cameras if he ever got with any of the girls in the hallway. The week was epic. We’re so lucky. 

Then we got the behind the scenes nuggets. How excited David was to see her sex scene, “Cute on the bed there”, “mmmm” while she watches him display his masculine skill, “I’m also looking at your tight pants”. 

What about WWHL? I managed to get that to stream SECONDS before it started. I watched it with earphones in while my husband sat beside me watching TV. I literally LOST MY FUCKING SHIT when Andy asked her if a relationship with David is ever a possibility. LOST IT. Her lack of an answer, I mean, that to me was HUGE. Her rating his kiss an 8. God. I loved that interview as awkward as it was.

Then he shows up at Streetcar. I was putting my kids to bed and my phone started blowing up with messages. When I checked it I had a message from a twitter friend, “stop mothering! David is at Streetcar!” LOL. I’ll never forget how much fun we had all night sitting around waiting for tidbits about his every reaction to her performance. That was so much fun.

Another was after David’s concert when he said, “Nate’s the single guy”, and passed the underwear to his bandmate. Guys. Do you even remember the amount of posts where the only line was, “Nate’s the single guy” sprawled across your dash?! It was a fucking celebration. 

The Mann photoshoot getting leaked? Yeah, sucked for the guy, but holy good fuckers did we have a good day with those photos at first! It was like we’d come across a goldmine, and I guess, in a way we did. That kind of thing doesn’t happen often for us…but guys, that day it did. We were never supposed to see those photos. We were lucky. 

Of course, there was so much more, but I mean, let’s be thankful because we were so lucky to have these amazing moments in our very peculiar fandom. One thing that remains the same each time something “gillovny happens” is the excitement and the crazy when we lose our collective shit. It’s what I enjoy the most about this group of people. And I even though we’re going through the worst-case scenario, I still feel very lucky that I was able to get so much excitement and entertainment from all of those moments, and from all of you.

Sweet features

Request from Anonymous: Can you please make another scenario/imagine of Christian Yu and the girl is a model that he work with for a music video. Sorry for my broken english i hope you understand it and thank you sm before

Christian was waiting for the leading lady to come on set and she was late. One hour late to be exact. He was getting frustrated because this meant he was now lost for time. “When is she going to get here?” he asked the other guys. “Don’t worry, she’ll get here,” someone from the set yelled out. Christian took out his phone and began scrolling through Instagram. He rested his elbows on the chair before seeing a shadow cast over his phone. Christian looked up and saw the leading lady. She looked even better in person. “I’m so sorry for being late! My taxi driver took a wrong turn and we ended on the other side of town,” she frantically apologised. Christian stood up from the chair and reached out to shook her hand, “that’s okay, I’m gla-I mean, we’re glad you’re here. I’m Christian”. She shook his hand before realising his role, “Oh Christian Yu? You’re the director for this music video, right?” Christian smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair. 


“Okay, cut! I think we got it. Break time,” Christian called out. Everyone started to spread across the studio and Christian could see the leading lady trying to get off the steps. No one seemed to realised she needed help. “Can I lend a hand?” Christian reached his hands out to meet hers and guided her down the steps. “Thanks Christian. These heels look good but they are a pain to stand in,” she complained as she sat down in a chair. “You should take it off. We’re done with that scene and the next one is just you lying on the bed”. She smiled at him and kicked off the heels. She leaned back into the chair and let out a loud sigh. “Long day?” Christian asked. “Yeah, before this I had an audition and tomorrow night I’ll be flying out to Malaysia”. “At least you love what you’re doing, right? She simply nodded and closed her eyes. Christian examined her facial features and how beautiful she looked with minimal makeup, that dress and the way her hair flowed pass her shoulders. She looked like the girl next door. Christian have worked with models before and most of them acted liked divas. Demanding this and that. But this girl was different. Then she interrupted his train of thoughts, “I’m starving. How’s the catering here?” she asked. Christian pointed her to the table, “We have some pizzas, noodles and some fried chicken, I think. I wasn’t in charge of catering so don’t blame me for the lack of options”. She laughed at him before getting up and made her way to the table barefoot. Christian followed suit. 

Christian saw her grabbed two slices of pizza and loaded the other half of the plate with noodles. She saw him looking at her choices. “Don’t judge me. I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast,” she told him. Christian took a plate for himself and filled his plate with a bit of everything, “Now I won’t judge you, if you don’t judge me. This is my cheat meal”. She laughed as she handed him a water bottle. Christian and her went back to the chairs and began eating. 

“So what made you choose directing as a career,” she asked. Christian swallowed his food, “I used to be on a completely different career path but I realised it wasn’t for me so I changed it. I’ve always loved editing and shooting but it was more a hobby before. Now I turned that hobby into a career”. “Interesting. I’m like you too. Modelling wasn’t my first career choice. I used to sing,” she told him. Christian let out a quiet gasp, “Singing? I used to sing too!” She smiled at him as she ate the last piece of the pizza. Before Christian could ask her about it, the other guys came up to him and let him know that they were running behind schedule. “Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let me run to the bathroom first,” she apologised again.

“Just relax, okay?” Christian told her as she got ready for the next scene. The scene involved her lying on the bed with rose petals surrounding her. “Can we get more petals please,” Christian called out to the others. He gave her an okay sign before heading back to the director’s chair. 


The music began to echo throughout the set and Christian focused on the screen. He was mesmerised by her image on the screen. The way her eyes flutter, her gentle hand movements and the backdrop of the white bedsheet illuminated all her facial features. “Oi, Christian, we’ve been filming this scene for the past 10 minutes!” someone from the set called out. It was the producer. Christian’s train of thoughts was interrupted again and he ran his hands through his hair to try and hide his embarrassment. “Oh, sorry. I just wanted to um get it right the first time. We should move on to the window scene,” he told them. 

The window scene consisted of her sitting by a fake window sill and looking towards the projection. The projection was a looped clip of people crossing the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. She came to sit down next to his chair while the others changed the set. “I think the producer is mad at you at the moment,” she told him as she giggled softly. “Nah, he’s harmless. He has a date tomorrow morning so I’m guessing that’s why he is impatient with me,” Christian explained. Christian looked at her and her eyes were different. They looked sad even though minutes earlier, she looked so relaxed and happy. “Something wrong?” he asked her. Now he interrupted her train of thoughts. “Oh nothing is wrong. Just that you bought up dating and I just kinda, you know..” her voice trailed off. “Boyfriend problems?” he turned to her. She let out a small huff, “Maybe if I had a boyfriend but no, my career won’t allow me. I just want to grow successfully first before settling down. But sometimes, when I come back to my hotel, I just feel empty”. Christian saw the sadness behind her eyes grow even bigger. He wanted to make her forget being sad so he took out his phone and started recording her on Snapchat. “What are you doing, Christian?” she asked, “This isn’t part of the music video”. Christian changed the camera view and now it was facing the front. “Just wanted to see how this filter looked on us”. Christian and the girl were swiping across the several filters and making faces with it. Christian took a photo of each one. These moments were then interrupted because she had to go back on set. Christian was yet again mesmerised by her features. She was looking out towards the projection and he couldn’t help but to think what was she thinking at the time. 


“Well I think it’s time for bed,” she told Christian, as she walked out of the changing room. It was nearly 2am in the morning when she finished filming her scenes. It would have ended earlier, but Christian kept on forgetting to yell out ‘cut’. He was lost in her presence whenever he saw her on the screen. “Do you want a lift back to your hotel? Don’t want any taxi drivers taking you to the wrong side of the city,” he joked. She smiled, “Um if it’s not too much trouble. I don’t know Seoul very well..” Christian picked up his bags and gestured her to follow him, “No trouble. I insist anyway”. 

During the car ride, Christian and her talked about their previous careers. “You don’t regret changing careers?” she asked him. “No, I’ve never been happier with where I am at the moment”. She smiled as she looked out the window. The streets of Seoul in the early mornings were so peaceful and quiet. She let out a soft sigh when they arrived in front of her hotel. Christian put the car in park and turned off the engine. “So thanks for the ride, Christian,” she told him as she took off her seat belt. Christian wanted time to stop right now. He just wanted to drive all night with her in the passenger seat. Just the two of them. “Yeah, no worries,” he said, quietly. “When you’re done with the music video, I’d like to see it. I’ve seen your previous works and all looked great”. Christian again, brushed her hands through his hair before turning to her. “You’ll be the first person to see the final product, I promise”. 

With that, she got out of the car before waving him goodbye. Christian made sure she entered the hotel doors safely before taking out his phone and going through the photos he took of them earlier. He smiled each time he swiped left. Once he got to the last photo, his heart sank a little. He looked at the hotel doors and were having mixed thoughts. Should he just go in and ask the front desk for her? Or should he message her on Instagram? His hands were already on the door handle but then there was a knock on the window. He looked out and saw the hotel’s doorman. “Excuse me Sir, but you’re not allow to park in this spot. It’s for the shuttle buses”. Christian apologised before turning the car engine on and began to drive back to his home. 

Shit Daily Vlogger


“Good morning love” Joe greeted you with a kiss as he pushed your hair out of your face. 

“Morning.” you smiled blinking your eyes open.

“I’m vlogging today so wake up!” He said giving you another kiss before leaning over to the bedside table and grabbing his camera. 

He turns in his camera and smiled widely for a moment before starting the intro.

“Good morning guys!” He says loudly as he pans the camera over to you. You wrinkled your nose up at the sudden burst of energy that he had presented so early in the morning. 

“Morning guys” you waved. 

“So I thought that I would vlog today even though Y/N and I don’t really have any plans but you guys leave loads of comments about how these are your favorite kinds of vlogs and now that you guys know about Y/N and I, I feel like I can do them more often!” 

“Well if you would’ve told them you had a girlfriend sooner, you could’ve” you raised your eyebrow at Joe before getting out of bed.

“Anyways,” Joe said bringing the camera back to him, “we are going to go get ready for the day and I’ll check back in with you guys once we decided what we’re doing.” he said before shutting off the camera. 

“Are you not vlogging today?” Joe said watching as you stood over the bag you had packed the day earlier looking for your outfit for the day. 

“Nah, I think you’ve got this one. Besides I don’t vlog that much, you would know if you watched my videos” You said looking over your shoulder. 

“Hey I watch your videos!” Joe defended himself as he jumped out of bed. 

“Mhmm sure, just like how you’re not a daily vlogger” You winked, moving past him and into the bathroom. “Are you coming or are you going to make me shower by myself?” 

“I’m not a daily vlogger” you heard Joe mumble under his breath as he followed you into the bathroom.

“Alright guys,” Joe said into his camera, “I have decided to show Y/N just how great of a pancake maker I am this morning” he said panning over the ingredients that were spread over the kitchen worktop. 

“Do you need help mixing everything together” You laughed at his expression he made as he looked down. 

“Umm, maybe” he said bring the camera up to you just in time for him to capture you rolling your eyes at him. 

Joe placed camera on top of his stove as you came to join him in front of the stove. 

“Welcome to Y/N and Joe’s cooking show, today show is all about pancakes” He said looking into the camera. 

“You’re an idiot” you shook your head as you measured out the flour. 

In no time at all the mix was ready to be poured into the hot pan and Joe was fully ready to take over. 

“Alright love I got this!” Joe said rubbing his hands together before he poured the first pancake into the pan. 

“Geez Joe, how big do you want” You laughed as you watched him pour way too much batter into the pan.

“Whoops” he said making as face. 

The rest the morning was spent eating breakfast and clearing up the mess the two of you had made in the process. 

“Alright Y/N, what are our plans for the rest of the day?” Joe asked you and his camera as he flung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him. 

“Um, we are going outside today, maybe to the park or just have a walk around London. Its a nice day for once and I don’t to be cooped up in your flat all day” 

“Yeah we need to take advantage of what London give us.” he said kissing your temple, making your smile. “So lets go!” 

The two of you decided to walk to the park near Joe’s flat and then make your way to the shops the were close by to pick up a few things. You two walked hand in hand down the street, laughing at jokes Joe had made and catching up on all the things that the two of you did have have time for last night before the two of you fell asleep. 

When you two made it into the park, Joe pulled out his camera making sure to get the both of your in shot. 

“So we’ve made it to the park and it is filled with dogs! You know I’ve really learned to love dogs, Y/N I think we should get one.” Joe said looking over at you with a smile. 

“Yeah, and who’s flat is it going to stay at?” You said looking back at him. 

“I guess we’ll just have to move in together then” He said winking to the camera, flinching when you hit his arm. “Ow! Sorry guys, we aren’t moving in together, not yet anyways.” 

“But yes, we can get a dog. I’m perfectly find with that” You said linking your arm through his as the two of you continued your walk through the park. 

It was later in the night when Joe finally remembered to pick back up his camera. The two of you were laid out on the couch having just caught up on the current show you two were watching.

“So guys, it is much much later in the evening and in classic Joe Sugg style, I forgot to vlog.” He said after pulling out his camera. 

You were snuggled up against Joe’s chest, his free hand twirling a piece of your hair around his fingers. You looked up at the camera, a yawn escaping your lips before you nestled your face further into Joe. 

“Awe, someones tired” He said looking down at you. 

“We did a lot today which you did a very good job at forgetting to vlog” You said looking back at the camera. 

“Hey, I try. This is why I’m not a daily vlogger.” 

“Yeah, yeah” you said in a mocking tone. 

You’re eyes closed for a moment so you didn’t see Joe set his camera down on the coffee table but you felt yourself become squished all of a sudden as he leaned over you. 

“What are you doing” You groaned. 

You were just about to get comfortable again when you felt a quick hand move to your side followed be a pinch and a tickle. 

“JOE!” You yelled as you tried to squirm away from him but failing as he continued to tickle your sides. 

“Joe….please STOP!” You managed to get out in between your shrieks of laughter, yet he persisted. 

You continued to squirm away from him, not paying much attention to the fact that you were laid on the couch. As you finally pushed yourself free, you also had pushed yourself off of the couch. On your way down you managed to grab ahold of Joe’s shirt, sending him to the floor with you. Luckily he was more prepared for the fall than you were and he was able to brace himself with his hands to avoid crushing you. As Joe held himself above you, he also attempted to catch the falling camera but failed as, it too, fell to the ground. 

“Aww, are you guys okay?” Joe said picking up the camera and making sure it was still working and recording. 

“Yeah Joe I’m good, thanks” You said from your position on the floor. 

Joe moved from above you and helped you up pulling you into his chest when you were up straight. 

“You alright?” he said kissing your forehead. 

“Yeah, thanks for pushing me off the couch” you said rubbing your elbow which you were pretty sure what was used to knock the camera off the table. 

“Oi you did that yourself!”

“But it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t tickled me.” You said wrapping your arms around his torso while sticking your tongue out at him. 

“Your the one who let your guard down so I believe thats your fault” he said leaning down to lock lips. You pulled away quickly and looked at the camera in his hand.

“Alright guys. I’m going to call it a night here, or at least end the vlog here” he winked to the camera as you shook your head and unwrapped your arms from around him. “Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Theres another vlog right here that you can watch, and you can subscribe right here if you haven’t already. I will see you tomorrow with another vlog but remember….” He paused as he searched for you in the viewfinder from your position in the kitchen.

“You’re a shit daily vlogger!” You shouted.

“That works. Goodnight guys!”

Heathens | Tyler Joseph | P3

A/N: I know this is a little cliffhanger, but I really wanted to put something out for you guys! So there will be a part four eventually (if you guys want it). I adore this piece a lot, and I hope you guys do, too!

Part 1   Part 2

Gif not mine!

Word Count: 3000+

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Tyler’s POV

My eyelids drift shut, enjoying the temporary darkness that tries to soothe this terrible migraine that came with staring at this desktop computer for seven hours straight. I lean back in my chair and rub my temples, hoping that the pain will just go away, and even with the Excedrin I took earlier, it’s still present. However, this eyestrain isn’t the only thing causing the pounding in my brain. It’s the other side of me, what the citizens call Blurryface. He was once nameless since I never thought about giving such a burden a name, and he doesn’t even deserve that one. He’s a cloud over my head, always raining down negativity on the happy thoughts I try to have, or the peer pressuring me into doing things I don’t want to do. In this state, you’re worthless. Let me out, Tyler. He whispers in a cold tone. Take off this mask you’re wearing and show the world who you really are! His sharp words do sting, and a few times after leaving Arkham, I would watch in the bathroom mirror as the darkness would start to creep in; I would start to believe all the venom he spat. He’s the real me. I’m a fraud. All I do is hurt and hate. The brown irises would grow hot with red while my hands and neck turned cold with black. I gripped the edges of the sink tight as Blurry fueled the fire with degrading thoughts, not only could I feel the burn in my eyes, but the wetness of tears as well. My breathing would escalate as his voice grew louder and louder, and the grip on the sink would tighten until I felt the porcelain crack underneath my palms. Then I would hear something else: a tiny sliver of hope, trying to put up any last fight to prevent him from gaining control. Don’t believe him, Tyler. (Y/N) didn’t fall in love with Blurry, she fell in love with you.

That’s all the reminder I needed. The biggest light in my life will always give me hope that I’ll always be better, smarter, and stronger. “No, no, stop! I don’t want you!” My darkened hands flew to my head as I fell to the floor, unable to halt the screaming in my ears. “Get. Out. Of. My. Head!”

Tyler!” She would exclaim as she collapsed on her knees, reaching out for me, but I reared backward evading her grasp and growled. “Stay the fuck away from me!” Only it wasn’t me, that distorted voice spitting those words weren’t me at all. My eyes clamped shut, trying even harder to fight back, and when her soft hand grazed my left cheek, my muscles started to relax, and the voices grew quieter. She pulled me into a tight hug then buried her nose into my neck whispering sweet nothings against my skin. I sniffled and wrapped my shaky arms around her then finally opened my eyes, the only feeling present was the fresh tears sliding down my cheeks. I’m okay. My fingertips were back to normal, and the haunting whispers vanished for the time being. “(Y/N)… I love you. Please don’t forget that.” My small voice would say.

“I love you, too Tyler, forever.” Then I smiled and pressed a little kiss on the delicate skin of her neck.

I don’t know what I would do without her. Leaving with her on that boat toward Gotham was the happiest I’ve felt in ages, and it was the first time I’ve ever felt normal. When we reached Gotham, and my foot met the wooden docks, it was like a breath of fresh air. A new start, my eyes fell on her, with the love of my life. I never realized how good it would feel to be able to stand on the street without people running away in fear, or myself fleeing from the authorities. As soon as we were out of the guard’s view, I gripped her arm, spinning her around to pull her close and placed a long deep kiss on those pink lips. A tiny squealed escaped her like she was surprised by the action, but she complied, and her arms flung around the base of my neck as her fingers crept into my naturally disheveled hair. Everything felt perfect. That memory of us will forever be engraved in my memory as well as the many others we’ve made in the past two years.

There wasn’t any hassle fitting in with society either. Since no one had ever seen the real me hiding behind the red eyes and painted skin, people didn’t take notice. It’s like I was an entirely different person… at the start. Once word spread of my release, there was no hiding from the media, the flashes of cameras, or the microphones being waved in my face. The new me was exposed, and people started to turn away in fear again. It’s like it was back to the way things were, only this time I didn’t cause anyone any harm. But as the year went by, the interest began to fade away, and I was able to go outside our apartment without being bombarded. At a point, I could tell all this press was getting to (Y/N)’s head, too. She couldn’t sleep at night, just lie awake staring at the ceiling. She would stay late at her office just to avoid the swarms of paparazzi just outside. The circles under her eyes only got darker. At the peak, I told her that she didn’t have to stay, but she shut down that idea almost immediately. We’re in this together, Tyler. Whatever burdens that come your way, I’ll help you get through them. I did it once before, and I can do it again. Then she added a warm smile at the end. And now, there’s no burden, except for the one engraved deep into my mind. But when I’m with her, he doesn’t matter she makes me forget that he’s even a part of me.

To this present day, everything is going well. We bought a new apartment a few months ago in a nicer complex in Uptown Gotham; I landed a promotion at the insurance firm I’ve been after for a year now. It’s not my dream job, just a nine to five gig managing accounts and answering phones, but it pays the bills.

A loud thud on my desk followed by a small laugh cause me to shoot forward in my office chair. Glancing over to find the last person I want to see: Shelley. I feel my teeth clench together when she sits on the edge of my desk, her black pencil skirt riding up higher on her thighs than usual. She’s a pretty woman with long black hair that’s always thrown over her left shoulder and light green eyes. Her skin is the color of porcelain, almost light enough to be translucent. Everyone that I’ve spoken to has warned about how she is. Simply, she’s the office flirt, always trying to lure another man into her bed, and going by the rumor, she’s already slept with half of this floor. However, it’s impossible to ignore her, since unfortunately, she is my boss. I’ve noticed her attempts to try and make some moves on me, whether it’s a simple hand touch or sweet words, but I always turn her down with shrug or a flat answer. She knows I’m spoken for, but apparently, she doesn’t give a shit. “Tyler, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She giggles, and twirls a piece of hair around her finger.

“It’s fine,” I breathe then lean forward in my chair, focusing on the spreadsheets in front of me. My brown eyes fall to the tiny digital clock in the bottom right corner of the screen. Only thirty more minutes, then she can be out of my hair. “Did you… need something?” I gesture the manila folder she set down prior, then start typing in numbers, not even giving her the satisfaction of my gaze.

“Oh, um, yes. I have a few files for you to go over, and I was wondering if I could have them before you leave today?” My fingers stop when I turn and look at her with wide eyes. “I would do it, but I’m busy with my work from today’s meeting.”

I let out a sigh, then glance over at my office phone when it starts to ring. “I’m sorry Shelly, I’ve been swamped today, too. Can I get it to you first thing Monday?”

Shelley rolls her eyes before pushing herself off my desk. “Okay, but it better not be late,” She leans down, so she’s eye level with me, but I veer backward a little. “Or there will be consequences.” She shoots me a wink before walking back to her office.

“Never in a million years, boss,” I mutter to myself before turning my attention back to the ringing telephone. Quickly, I snatch up the receiver when I realize who is calling. “Hello lovely,”

“Hey Ty,” I can picture her smiling while balancing the receiver between her cheek and shoulder as she scribbles down notes from her latest patient. Her black glasses rest low on her nose. “Guess what?”

“What’s up?” I ask, leaning back into my chair once more and spinning, so my back is facing the entrance to my cubicle. She scoffs, jokingly.

“You have to guess, silly!”

Humming, I respond with, “Can I have a hint?”

“I think you’ll appreciate it.”

I laugh. “That’s not a hint. I appreciate everything you do for me.”

I can sense her rolling her eyes at my stubbornness paired with a tiny giggle. “Okay, okay. I’ll just tell you. I’ve been assigned to… go back to Arkham.” My brows pull together in confusion. Why would this be good news? I hated every single minute I spent there, and the dull atmosphere just made it worse. “Hello? Are you there?”

Not realizing I haven’t responded in awhile, I gulp, then stutter out a reply. “Uh, y-yeah., sorry. I guess I’m just a little puzzled on why this is a good thing?”

“Well, I got a call from the Captain earlier this week saying that he needed my expertise again. Apparently, one of their previously "cured” patients is causing a fuss around the compound. It turns out the lobotomy they administered is having terrible side effects like it’s causing this patient to have a split personality. Which I think is weird because he never had one to begin with-“ Her sentence is cut short when I intervene with angry words.

"Why would you accept this without asking me first?”

“I-I thought it’d be a nice surprise! You know, since he’s your best friend and all.”

“He was my best friend, (Y/N). Josh is not the same person anymore, I’ve told you that countless times. Hell, when I tried speaking to him a few days after the procedure, he didn’t even know who I was!” I spit, trying to keep my voice from growing louder.

“Why do you not want me going for?”

“Maybe because I don’t want anyone else messing with his head? He’s suffered enough as it is. Why can’t they just leave him alone?” My fist wraps around the arm of the chair and squeezes hard. The plastic starts to crack underneath the pressure. Yes, let her fuel your anger. Just a little more.

“Can we please not fight?” Her voice is soft and small, making the grip loosen. “I leave tomorrow morning.” She sighs heavily. “I’ll see you at home, love you.” The line goes dead before I can say my goodbyes.

Grumbling, I hang up the phone with a little more force than necessary. Is it possible for her to do that even with all the corruption his mind has gone take out? My mind flashes back to that day when I first spoke to him again since our capture. Two guards were at his sides, grasping each of his arms tight so he wouldn’t slip away. The chains attached to his ankles clanked against the concrete floors. The way he looked at me when I called out his name from my position behind the bars of my cell took my breath away. Those once warm brown eyes that held so much kindness for the ones he cared about had faded to nothingness. He was gone, my best friend. I called out his name again when he turned away, the distance between us was growing longer. “No! Josh!” My hands shook the steel door as my voice carried into the hallway. “Inmate, don’t make me turn on that current!” The guard shouted as he rushed over in my direction. They ruined him! Do something! Within a blink of an eye, Blurry came to life. All that fury and frustration let him take over my mind in an instance. Of course, I didn’t care; my own emotions blinded me. “Hit it, boys!” With red eyes set on the door, I vanished in a puff of smoke in an attempt to phase through the metal, but an electric current shot through my entire body, causing me to reappear and drop right in front of the door. As I lied there defeated, my mind escalated to a new evil when the thought of killing every single person in the Asylum put a smile on my face. I never had the time to plan anything, since I was thrown into therapy a few days after.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, Josh,” I whisper then glance at the phone, regretting all the harsh tone I threw at (Y/N). Maybe she can help him? It worked with me, so why not him? It is her job after all.

It’s about five-thirty when I push open the door to our apartment with my coat thrown over one arm, and my briefcase held in the other hand. Instead of being greeted by the sound of the television in the living room, or noise of dinner being made, I’m met with silence and darkness. I hang up the black coat on the rack next to the door the kick off my shoes, too. I set my case down next to everything else. “Babe?” I take a few steps into the foyer, and the wood feels cold underneath my socked feet. “Are you home?”

“There’s takeout in the fridge!” I hear voice ring in the small office toward the bedroom. Ignoring the suggestion, I pad down the small hallway and peer into the dimly lit room to find (Y/N) hovered over some open manilla folders spread across the desk. Little trundles of hair fell out of the bun on top of her head and hung all around her face. She pushes the falling glasses up on her nose bridge before picking up a sheet of paper from the folder on the left and examines the contents with a wrinkled brow. Her entire outfit is still her formal dress for work like she came straight home and booked it to the office. When I push open the door slowly, she glances up from the paper and gives me a short hello.

“Long day?” I ask as I take a seat in the chair in front of the desk.

She shrugs, then picks up the glass of water sitting next to the empty takeout container. “It was okay, busy.” I can sense that she’s a little annoyed from earlier when she doesn’t remove her gaze from the paperwork, and I don’t blame her. Letting out a sigh, I mumble out a little apology.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier,” She sets the drink back down on the cup holder, still refusing to make eye contact. “I just didn’t want anyone to hurt him anymore, a-and it’s crazy for me to think that you ever would.” My brown eyes fall to my twiddling thumbs. “Your job is to help, not hurt. I get it, but I’m still protective of him… even after two years of not seeing him.”

“It’s alright, Ty,” Her voice is gentle, making me look up and find her softly smiling. The loose hairs along her face accentuate her features even more. “I promise I won’t let anything happen to him, okay? And I’ll try my damnedest to find the old him again.” I give her a little smile.

“That’s all I ask, (Y/N).” With a heart full of compassion and joy, I get out of the chair I reside in and lean over the desk. My hand disappears behind her neck, fingers weaving into the base of the remnants of her ballerina bun. Pulling her close, I press my lips against her. At first, she was surprised, like she was expecting just a tiny peck, but the lacking of retreating says otherwise. A small moan tumbles out against my lips when the fingers that are intertwined with the hairs at the base of her neck tighten as I squeeze gently. When I start to pull away, her hand grabs the long black tie toward the top and tugs me back in with a smirk playing of her lips as well as my own. The heat from her breath flows across my bruising lips, but instead of planting another breathless kiss, she whispers, “My, my, aren’t we aggressive this evening?”

I let out a dark chuckle, then lean into her ear. “Oh baby, you haven’t even seen aggressive yet.” I pull away from her as she gasps, the tie slipping out of her fingers. I shoot her a wink as her bottom lip comes in between her teeth. The sight is heavenly, and it’s fun teasing her to see how much she can take. I stuff my hands into my black slacks, and I take a step toward the door. “I’m going to take a shower so that you can finish up here, yeah?” The cheeky grin not once leaving my lips and grows when she tries to fumble out a response. I exit the room and head to the bathroom, and it’s not a few seconds later before she grabs my hand leading us the rest of the way. I fail to contain my laughter when she says in a huff. “Save water, shower together right?”

The squeaking of the mattress and the sound of covers being thrown off make me stir from the best sleep I’ve gotten in ages. My tired eyes blink open and see a silhouette sitting on the edge of the bed getting ready to get up. The clock resting on her bedside table reads 6:02 in the morning in bright green numbers. The sun is only starting to peek over the horizon, casting the entirety of the bedroom in a dark purple hue. Biting my bottom lip, I slide over to her side of the bed, the tan sheets falling off my chest down to my hips. I place a kiss on her bare shoulder, then wrap my around her stomach before she has a chance to walk away. Her small hands rest on top of mine. I hum against her sweet smelling skin; the touch is just a pleasant reminder of the marvelous chemistry we shared not just last night, but every day. With a heavy sigh, she leans back into my embrace. “Mornin,’ baby, how did you sleep?” I whisper against the delicate skin of her neck. 

“So amazing,” Her voice matches the same tone, then she giggles lightly after a few seconds. “Thanks to you, of course.” I let out a chuckle. “I just want to lay in bed with you all day.”

I place a few pecks on her neck leading up to her earlobe. “That’s not a bad idea. Maybe you should," 

"You know I can’t do that, Ty. I have to do this… for you and Josh.” Her stubbornness causes me to sigh and loosen my grip on bare skin. “I’ll be back in a couple of months.” She reassures me with a small smile. Only a couple of months doesn’t seem like forever does it? “Are you going to be okay? I’m only a phone call away if you need someone to talk to.”

“It’ll be hard at first, but I think I can manage." 

She doesn’t seem convinced when she turns around to face me, and my hands fall just above her hips. The rising sun now gives the room a warm morning glow, so I can finally see all her facial features. Her eyes don’t have that usual spark, and her lips form a slight pout when her thumb caresses my stubbled jaw. "A-are you sure Tyler? We haven’t been apart for that long since-”

“I’ll be okay, (Y/N). I’ve handled Blurry on my own for most of my life, so I don’t see why two more months would hurt.” I smile at her concern, then give her a soft kiss. “I love you,”

“I love you, too.”

“Good luck out there, my flower.”

stripper au - seulgi / reader pt.2

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part 2 of 2, the real fun begins *cue evil laughter in the background*

first time i’ve written something like this so i apologize for the lack of length. enjoy! here’s part 1 if you missed it. 

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Vices and Virtues - Chapter Fifteen

I woke up slowly to soft kisses peppering my shoulder. His lips gently grazing my collarbone and moving to my chest, nuzzling the valley between my breasts. He pushed back the covers and moved to straddle me. I finally opened my eyes rubbing them. I looked up to find his beautiful blue ones looking down at me. “Morning” he said with a grin. “Hi” I replied giving him a small smile, “you never give me a chance to look half decent in the morning” I half groaned half laughed covering my face. “That’s because you’re a sleepy head who never wakes up before me” he said laughing. “Can I go and ….”, “no, I quite like you messy” he said smirking. I sighed in defeat. He bent his head down to my ear “In five minutes you won’t care” he whispered in a sexy drawl. I raised an eyebrow about to reply but was silenced by the feel of his hands on my stomach. He slowly started to run them up and under my singlet, lifting it up and over my head. His hands slid down again finding my breasts and palming them gently. He bent his head down, his mouth hovering over my nipple. I was holding my breath waiting, feeling his warmth breath floating across my skin …. he flicked out his tongue tracing lines around the rosy tip before covering it with his mouth. Sucking it and giving it a soft bite before letting go. I felt my pussy clench as he grabbed it between his teeth again, his hand holding my breast as he greedily sucked it into his mouth. Teasing, biting it harder this time, eliciting a soft moan from me. He let it go and moved to the other one, giving it the same treatment, my hands moved into his soft hair gripping it holding him against me. He let it go tugging with his teeth as he did. I let out a sigh of pleasure as I squirmed beneath him, my center starting a slow throb. His lips now trailed a path down the center of my body, over my quivering stomach and down to the top of my panties. He looked up at me, raising an eyebrow and giving me a sexy smirk. I pushed up against him urging him to continue. He shuffled his body down over mine and stopped when he got to my knees, hooking his fingers into the top of my knickers and sliding them down and off, tossing them away with a grin. He moved so he was now kneeling between my legs, his hands running up the inside of my thighs reaching my pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt his thumb caressing my slit, I bit my lip to stop the moan trying to escape me, I was almost embarrassed at how quickly I’d responded to his touch. His fingers moved into my folds spreading me open with one hand, sliding in a finger with the other, I was so wet with wanting him and he knew it, “have you missed me, cause it feels like you have?” he said with a cocky smile. My face flushed red, I couldn’t even reply, I was incoherent as he slid in another one and slowly started to move his fingers. As his hand started to pick up speed I pushed against him, wanting him to go harder, “Oh God” I groaned loudly, arching my back off the bed. My head was spinning as my breathing was coming out in gasps. But he knew just when to pause, I cried out in frustration as he pulled his fingers out of me. He moved down slightly, holding himself up over me with one arm, his other hand grasping his cock. I spread my legs for him and I felt his tip, poised at my center. He swiftly pushed into me burying himself in one move. I cried out and grabbed his arms as he started slow deliberate thrusts, his grunts mingled with my soft moans echoed around the room. As his hips rolled against mine, I tightened my legs around his waist urging him to go faster. I could feel myself start to tremble beneath him, but I couldn’t hold back any longer, my walls clamped around him as I let go, his name on my lips as I shattered into a thousand pieces, my orgasm hitting me like a wave rushing over me. I was still floating when I felt him give a couple of final thrusts as his own release overtook him until he slowed and was finally still inside me. He fell onto me with a satisfied groan burying his face into my neck, his breath tickling my ear. He gently pulled out of me and rolled off onto his back. I turned to lie on my side and look at him. We lay quietly for a while then he turned to look at me, “you’d better get up and get ready baby, you’ve got work to do” he grinned. I nodded, how could I forget.

Later that day I was taking some candid snaps of them having lunch. We had already been to a radio interview that morning so the rest of the day was free. “No more Charlie” groaned Shannon putting his hand up to cover the lens laughingly. I grinned, “well my boss here wants me to take lots of pics” I shrugged smiling at him and motioning my camera toward Jared. He looked up from the menu and scowled, “I’m not your boss” he muttered. “Oh? Well good that means I can play hooky the rest of the day” I said with a whoop. I stood up and started to pack up my stuff. “Wait, where are you going?” said Jared taking off his sunglasses to glare at me. “I saw a couple of shops I want to go back and look through” I said in explanation. “The hotel is not far I’m going to drop off my stuff and go” I said, “have a nice time” said Shannon, “thanks, I’ll see you all later” I said sparing Jared a glance. He gave me a subtle look of annoyance before putting his glasses back on. As I walked back to the hotel my phone signaled a message. It was from Jared.

~ you can’t just take off like that

~ why not? My work was over for the day
I waited for a reply

~ I might have needed you to stick around, you took off and didn’t really clear it with me

~ you are joking right? You’re not my boss you said it yourself, if you needed me to stay you should have said so

~ fine

That was it? Fine. I was pissed! I wasn’t at his beck and call all day! I shook my head rolling my eyes. An hour or so later I was wandering around examine the dusty shelves of an old bookshop. I liked to collect different editions of old books, I was pleased as I had found a couple already. As I rounded the end of an aisle I almost ran into to another customer. I looked up to apologize only to roll my eyes. Jared. “Well fancy seeing you here” I said and walked around him continuing up the aisle. “Are you sure you weren’t following me? I threw over my shoulder. "No! I was looking for a book … for you, you said you collect old editions, I thought I might find some here” he said trailing behind me. I nodded, “oh how thoughtful, I already found some” I said trying not to sound sarcastic, not buying his story for a moment. Though it did prove he had been listening to my ramblings. I walked up to the counter and purchased the books off the little old German man with thanks and walked out. “There’s another one just in the next lane” he said pointing to the end of the street. I finally looked up at him, “I’ve already been to that one” I said. He frowned and nodded, “well do you want to get a coffee? There’s a great little cafe that sells the most divine desserts” he said. “I was really just hoping to wander around … by myself” I said biting my lip. He crossed his arms over his chest and popped out his hip, he was annoyed. “But you can tag along I guess” I said sighing, he smiled and grabbed the bag off me. We started walking again, “don’t you have something to do, you know band stuff?” I asked as we strolled. “Nah, well nothing that needs my attention right now, we’ll rehearse tomorrow, usual pre show shit” he said shrugging, “so I’m yours all day” he laughed. I rolled my eyes at him, but finally I couldn’t suppress my grin, secretly pleased he was there, though I’d never tell him that. We spent the next couple of hours wandering through old antiques and book stores. Towards the late afternoon we bought coffee and made our way back to the hotel. “What are you going to do for dinner?” he said as we stood outside my room while I fumbled in my bag searching for my keycard. “Um, I was just going to order room service and look at my books” I said huffing, finally finding it and slipping it in the lock. “Well thanks for the company” I said as I opened the door and turned to look at him. He raised an eyebrow, “aren’t you going to invite me in?” he said surprised. “Uh, well, no .. I mean …” I wasn’t sure what to say, was he planning on staying every night? “Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow” he said sharply. “Are you pissed?” I said, his head snapped up. “No, I’m not pissed, I just thought we might have dinner, but I guess you got what you wanted this morning” he said, almost petulantly. I gasped angrily, “are you fucking kidding me ..” I stopped as another guest walked past. “Come inside” I muttered “I don’t need the whole hotel knowing what we’re talking about”. I stepped back to let him in and dumped my bags on the coffee table. “I was kidding” he said plopping down on the couch and spreading out his legs. “Nice joke, look I just don’t want …” I didn’t know how to finish without offending him. “Don’t worry, it won’t become a habit” he muttered. I nodded slightly, glad he’d got the hint. “So what do you want to eat?” he said with a grin as he reached over and grabbed the menu off the coffee table. I rolled my eyes, once again defeated.

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A Royal Commission (4)


The cafe is….quaint is probably the word. It surprises him because the place looks like a blue collar sort of joint and yet, Noctis is leaning against the outside like he fits right in.

Prompto glances around, because he’s the Prince.No one is giving Noctis a second look. A couple people’s gazes linger on him though and he shifts uncomfortably, wondering why as he closes the distance to Noctis.

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Look But Don't Touch (Well, maybe a little)

This was requested by @supernovawritesthings !!

Words: 1,502
Rating: general (cussing)
Pairing: egobang
Summary: Dan snaps a pic of Arin in his sleep. Arin goes to get him back, but it doesn’t go as planned
“Dan,” Arin called from the hotel bed. He was staring at his phone screen, half smiling at a picture Dan had posted on the Ninja Sex Party Instagram that morning. “Why did you flip me off in my sleep?”

The picture in question was a picture Dan had taken prior to Arin’s waking up. It was a picture of, you guessed it, Dan. And said Dan was crouched in front of Arin’s side of the bed, which he was still occupying at the time. Dan took a picture of himself flipping Arin off as he slept, and then he posted it to the NSP Insta with the caption “Good morning from Sleepytime Junction!”

Arin heard Dan snort from the tiny kitchen the hotel provided. “Because I was awake and you were asleep,” He answered.

“Oh, Dan~” Arin mused to himself. “I’ll get you back for this.”

“Will you?” Dan asked, bringing Arin a cup of coffee. He took it gladly, blowing on it before taking a sip.

“Just you wait.” Arin smiled to himself. “Just. You. Wait.”


Oh, Arin had a plan alright.

A simple plan, really, but a plan, nonetheless.

Arin planned to go to bed supremely early that night. Dan would be out with Brian late into the night, so he wouldn’t he able to squeeze out another picture of Arin. And, since Dan would be so late in coming back to the hotel, Arin was sure to wake up before him. And he would then snap a pic of Dan, who looked strikingly similar to a cat met with the business end of a bull dozer when he was asleep. All that hair and whatnot.

It was a really non-convoluted plan. Hardly acceptable to be called a plan at all.

But hey, it was a plan.

Arin holed up for bed at about 9:00 p.m. that night, excited for the morning. Why was he so excited exactly? What was an incognito picture of his best friend going to do but earn them a few thousand likes on Instagram?

Well, nothing. But Arin was so ready to get this picture that he was almost giddy.

“Just you wait,” Arin mumbled to himself one more time before falling under.




Arin woke up the next morning to a blinding sun right in his pupils. In his mental state of wanting to get revenge last night, he had forgotten to close the curtains on the windows. So when the sun came up that morning, there was nothing in between its bright rays and Arin’s retinas. He made a surprised sound as he covered his eyes, then he covered his mouth as he remembered what he was going to do today.

Arin rolled out of bed as quietly as he could, landing on one knee. Sadly, he wasn’t proposing to anyone but the floor today, and floors can’t say yes, so he stood up.

Sliding his phone off the beside table, he tiptoed over to Dan’s bed, almost hearing the cartoon piano matching his steps as he went.

Dan, thankfully, was a heavy sleeper. So he didn’t wake up when Arin tripped over his own shoes in the middle of the hotel floor, landing on it with a muffled yell. His mama had told him over and over to put them by the door, and he guessed finally got his karma.

“Fuck,” He whispered to himself as he looked up at Dan. From the floor, Arin couldn’t see him clearly, just his tuft of curly hair sticking up from the pillow. Soft as cotton candy; he had taken a shower the night before.

Arin stood up, only a foot away from Dan now. He opened his phone to the camera and aimed it at Dan’s face like a gun. He almost wanted to say some dumb tagline like, “smile for tha picture” or some other late 80s early 90s movie joke.

But he didn’t. He stopped and tapped his screen to focus on Dan’s face. And when his camera focused, Arin saw just how….cute Dan looked.

The cover was up to his chin like he were a kid, adding to the ambiance. Arin dared to stare at him for a good few minutes. Dan’s face was softened from the youth of sleep, his eyes motionless behind his lids. His mouth was hanging slightly open, lips chapped and taking it gentle breaths.

His hair deserved a category all on its own. Dan’s brown curls splayed out like fingers around his head. His pillow was more hair than Dan.

Arin couldn’t help but smile at him. And suddenly, he didn’t feel like snapping a picture of his friend. Instead, he almost felt like sliding into the bed next to his friend.

And that’s what he did.

He moved slowly around to the available side of the bed and, seemingly molecule by molecule, he eased into it. He didn’t want to cover up as to not risk waking Dan, but he did dare to get as close as he could.

Arin was silent, deliberately trying to match Dan’s breathing as if breathing out of sync would wake him up.

Arin watched. He studied. His eyes traced Dan from the brunt of his forehead to the sharpness of his cheekbones. From the bridge of his nose to the inlet of his nostrils. He ran down Dan’s jawline and stared at the outline of his lips. Every part of him was something original, something so alluringly DAN, that Arin couldn’t look away.

He wanted so much to just touch him. Just use the pad of one of his fingers and slide it down the outline of Danny’s body. Down the sharp angles he had in comparison to Arin’s soft curves that weren’t any less attractive. Arin wanted to yank the blanket off of Dan and wrap his arm around him and hold him, maybe fall asleep himself.

But he didn’t touch Dan. Arin didn’t trace his features with his marker of a finger, because he felt like he was looking at some piece of art. And an echo played in the back of his mind. The message he would read on every sign whenever he went to a museum. Look but do not touch.

So he did not touch. He only looked.

Until Dan woke up and his glossy brown eyes locked right on Arin’s.

“So,” Dan said in a lazy voice. The sound was jagged, gruff. Kinda sexy. “This is my payback?”

Arin was silent.

Dan turned to face Arin better. He grabbed the front of his shirt and gently pulled; a motion for ‘get closer you dumbass’. So he did. Arin scooted closer and dared to touch the art. He slung an arm over Dan’s torso and smiled at his friend. His friend smiled back.

“I like your method of revenge man,” Dan said, getting so close that their noses were actually touching. A laugh made its way out of Arin.

“I like it too.”

“Wonder what would happen if THIS made it onto the Instagram,” Dan mused as he reached up with one of his hands and flicked a few stray hairs out of Arin’s face.

Arin felt a warm seed in the pit of his chest begin to grow, and he left it there. He let it grow. He let it grow by his hand making its own way into Dan’s hair, ruffling it and feeling its softness. He let it grow by allowing his legs to cross over with Dan’s, making their bodies a chain link fence. He let it grow by taking the pad of his finger and tracing the thick lines on his sketch of Dan he had done a few minutes ago. He let it grow like a vine, forgetting why he even got into this bed in the first place. The only thing that mattered was that he was in this bed, with this man, interlocked and contented.

“Don’t know,” Arin said, playing dumb. “Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Maybe…” He let his eyes fall down and look at Dan’s lips. Open. Inviting. “Maybe someone will tell us 'i told you so.”

Arin went to kiss Dan. But that isn’t how it went down. Because one didn’t kiss the other. They both leaned in at the same time and slammed together at the halfway point, a collision of lip and teeth.

“Shit,” Arin said, leaning back. He tasted blood on his lip and saw that Dan had some on his.

“Son of a bitch,” Dan said, laughing. He wiped the blood off his lip with the back of his hand and then used his thumb to get it off Arin’s. “Sorry for stabbing your lips with my teeth.”

“It’s fine.” Arin was suddenly laughing too. Not all kisses are perfect, and they were no exception. If neither of them were fully awake, they sure were now. The sun was up anyway, and they had stuff to do.

“Coffee?” Dan suggested.

There was a pause.


New Photographer

He noticed her as soon as he walked into the room. She was looking down at the camera in her hand, nodding as the man next to her pointed to something on it. Maybe it was the gentle smile on her lips, or the way her hands cradled the camera, Joe wasn’t really sure what drew him towards her. But he wanted to know who she was.

“Joseph!” The man standing to her called out, smiling broadly over at Joe as he walked over. “So lovely that we get to work together once again!”

“Hi, Evert.“ Joe greeted the photographer, reaching out to shake the older man’s hand. “Thanks for doing this again. You gave me some really great shots last time.”

“Oh that was nothing,” Evert waved a hand towards Joe, “The model is what makes them great.”

“Cheers.” Joe blushed lightly, his eyes darting over to the woman standing a bit back from them. “Same team as last time?”

“Mostly.” Evert smirked as he followed Joe’s gaze, “With a slightly new addition. Y/N!”

The woman lifted her head to look over at the two men.

“Come meet our lovely model!”

“Oh, hello.” Y/N smiled at Joe as she came to stand with them, holding out a hand to shake. “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N here is getting into the photographer business, and because her uncle is such a darling friend of mine, I agreed to let her work on the shoot. You don’t mind do you? Oh of course you don’t!” Evert clapped his hands together. “Now, off to make up to make that gorgeous face even more gorgeous. Y/N, we need to adjust the lights. And don’t forget to switch out your lens if you’re going to be doing portrait shots…” He trailed off, walking towards the set up, leaving the two to stand there, a little unsure of what just happened.

“Erm,” Y/N blinked over at Joe. “I should…go prepare.”

“Right.” He nodded, “I guess I should go get my ‘gorgeous face’ made more gorgeous.”

“You don’t need it.” She told him, a light blush on her cheeks.

“Ah, you’re just saying that.” Joe winked before excusing himself to head over to make up.

Throughout the photoshoot, Joe kept getting distracted by Y/N.

Yes, she was beautiful and he definitely found himself attracted to her, but it was the way she worked. As soon as she had a camera in her hands, she became someone else, and it was clear she had a passion for what she did. The way she handled the equipment was with such confidence, and every thing that Evert offered her as advice she took seriously, adjusting what she was doing to try and get that much better of a shot.

For most of the first half of the shoot, Y/N was the one taking the pictures, with Evert jumping in occasionally to correct something. But Joe wasn’t complaining, because everyone was saying their praises, and he got to enjoy that pleased little smile that appeared on Y/N’s lips when they did so.

He had never found himself enjoying a photoshoot so much.

And when they stopped to take a break and switch out the set up, he made his way directly over to Y/N.

“So I have to ask, how long have you been doing this?”

“Taking photos of famous YouTube stars?” She laughed, “You’ll be the first.”

“Well, that’s an honour.” Joe smiled, “But I meant photography.”

“Oh, for years. I just fell in love with it.” He loved the way her eyes lit up as she got into the story of how she got into photography and the stuff she has done to get to where she is now. “And now with this in from Evert, I think there’s a real chance of me making something of it.”

“I think you’ll do great. And if you’re willing, I’d love to see some of your work.” Joe told her, the two of them sat side by side, leaning in close to be heard of the sound of the rest of the team.

“You don’t want to see that.” Y/N blushed, eyes falling to her lap.

“I do. If you can make me look good, I’m sure you can take some pretty amazing pictures.”

“Well, I have some with me on my computer….”

“Don’t be shy, love.” Joe nudged her knee with his, and when she lifted her gaze to his, he offered her a kind smile. “I mean it, I’d love to see some of your stuff.”

“Alright. Fine.” She laughed, “I’ll be right back.”

His eyes followed her as she crossed the room to her bag, grabbing the laptop. She was nervous, which was expected from showing an almost stranger your work, but Joe could also see the excited energy in her eyes.

“This is from a more recent shoot…” She mumbled, settling back in her seat, turning her computer towards him.

“Holy shit.” He said in awe, pulling the computer closer to flip through the pictures. “These are amazing, Y/N.”

“Thank you.”

“I can’t wait to see how mine look if they are half as good as these.”

“I hope they turn out.” At her nervous words, Joe looked up at her again.

“Hey, I’m sure they look great. Don’t worry. And even if they look like shit, I’ll pretend to like them.” He winked at her, smiling as she giggled softly.

“Thank you. And thanks for letting someone who is pretty much an amateur shoot your pictures.” Y/N told him, tucking a piece of hair behind her eyes.

“I’ve never had so much fun on a shoot, so thanks for that.” Joe shrugged.

“Alright, love birds!” Evert clapped, making the two jump apart, blushing at his words. “Time to get back to work. You can flirt after. And yes Joe, Y/N is single.” The older man winked at them before he turned back to the monitor, saying something to the team.

“Oh gods….” Y/N groaned, closing her computer and pushing herself out of her seat. “That was embarrassing.”

“Is he telling the truth?” Joe asked, standing as well. “Are you single?”

“Oh,” She blinked over at him. “Uhm, yeah. I am.”

“So that means if I ask you out for coffee, you’ll say yes?” He smiled hopefully over at her.

“Let’s finish the shoot, and after you see your pictures, ask me again.” Y/N winked at him, heading to grab her camera.

#20 The Fixing Procedure Part 10 (Harry Styles)

Earlier Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

“You know what I love about you?”  Edward lay on my stomach, pressing occasional kisses on it.

“What?” I giggled, his hair tickling me.

“That you care about people in a way nobody does,” He climbed, and placed his head on my chest, and I hugged him.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Look at people here, they don’t care about us patients,” he said.

“They do,” I countered.

“Not like you do,” He looked up.

“Well, it’s not supposed to be like me,” I told him. “We can’t get connected, you know…”

“You’re a goner then,” He smirked

I didn’t want to believe he was standing in front of me. It took me a long time to get myself away from him and, there were hardly any days which went without a mention of his name in my head.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, panting after the long angry make-out session. Our lips were red and swollen, my top a bit was torn and Harry half naked, sitting like an angel on my bed. He looked like a masterpiece sitting on my bed. I still remembered the first day I saw his picture. He is still that beautiful.

He didn’t answer me but, lay down on the bed. I sat still not moving from my position. He tapped the space beside him, wanting me to sit and rest beside him. I did, and he wrapped his hands around me. “I drove all night, can we sleep? It’s quite late,” He whispered, cuddling into my neck.

I nodded and switched off the light. Pulling the blanket over us, Harry snuggled into my body like Edward always did, and I held him. It didn’t take a lot of time for me to sleep. Months were spent with me attached to him, it was like a habit now that, I was getting used to again.

I ran next to him on the field. Harry had started working out now that he ate better. He was getting in shape and was making me run with him, too. “I can’t do this!” I yelled.

“One more round, come come,” He gave me his million dollar smile and pulled my hand with him. “I thought you’d always be with me,” He said, repeating my words.

“Why can’t with you be done from the bench!” I huffed.

“Nope, with me, means every step with me!” He let go of my hand as I ran beside him.

“Your legs are too long! I have to run faster than you to just catch up!” I told him.

“I’ll slow down, here,” He said, slowing down a bit.

“Makes no difference, let’s finish this!” I pushed him and ran forward.

Waking up next to him after so many months was weird but, in a good way. It was like I fit with him. Like, two halves fixed together, again. I lay in bed answering all my emails, not wanting to leave his corner. I slept longer than I usually did. He calmed me down.

“Hey, good morning…” I heard him whisper.  I didn’t say anything. He kissed my shoulder and got off the bed. “Want to go have breakfast?” He asked. “I  saw a cafe on the way here, is it good?”

I nodded. He told me to get ready, opening my cupboard and taking out my clothes. We knew each other that well. I took the clothes and ran to the washroom. I met him near his truck, he looked all washed up and clean. “You’re a long way from home,” I told him.

“Or I am home?” He smirked. I didn’t understand him. He pulled in front of the cafe and ordered pancakes for both of us.

“What are you doing here?” I asked while he was ordering.

“Do you want a shake with it? Coffee? She’ll have a Cold Coffee Milkshake, make it strong and I’ll have a black coffee,” He told the waitress who kept eyeing him and biting her lips. I chose to ignore her, I had bigger battles to fight.

“Are you going to tell me?” I asked again.

“I thought, you weren’t planning on studying psychology after your experience with me? What happened?” He laughed like it was some joke.

I didn’t respond, keeping my face blank. The waitress kept our food on the table and walked away, still biting her glossed cherry lips. I knew she had her number stuck down his plate. I took a bite of my pancakes, relishing them. It had been a long time since I had eaten one. Harry kept looking at me while eating and smiling to himself, after that.

We finished our food quite fast and in silence. I guess, none of wanted to explain or deal with what had happened. “You didn’t answer me? I thought I had removed every intention of you trying to fix people after me,” He smirked.

I couldn’t control it. This was Edward, but it was Harry, too. Knowing Edward, he couldn’t have kept shut for so long, this was a different man. “You must find it funny but, I don’t!” I got up and threw a bill and walked off. Harry stopped me, pulling my hand just outside the cafe.

“It’s not funny,” He said. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to hug him, it was too much for me. “You know, you were the one who bailed me out! I do deserve an apology!” he said, as he matched my pace.

“You remember?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Everything finally found the box!” He said, smiling. “There was a reason I forgot you.”

“Really? Why? Some sadistic joke? You know what, I can’t do this!” I shook my head but, before I could walk away, he held me in his arms.

“I kidnapped you, I hurt you too, and you took it,” he said, “I wanted to fix myself and give a chance for us to fix ourselves, at least that is what my head says,” he kept him head on my shoulder. “Nothing makes sense to me, Eliza.”

“What if I forget you?” Harry asked.

“What?” We were cleaning all his cameras and arranging them according to their dates.

“What if I don’t remember you one day because I lose time. What if one day I wake up and nothing makes sense,” He said.

“That won’t happen,” I kissed his cheek. “You know why? Because I’ll be there right beside you, clearing things out.”

We sat in his truck, wrapped up in blankets, “This is a nice truck,” I said.

“She’s my baby,” He smiled. “Don’t worry, you are too.”

“Sure,” I shook my head.

“It’s a lot to process, Eliza,” He continued. “I don’t think I would have survived if an alternate side didn’t take it for me. I was abused every month by that man, every month and my mother saw nothing,” I rubbed his shoulders. “I have been trying to understand everything. The killing, the gang, everything and it’s just something which, I want to get rid of now, you know.”

I kissed his cheek and sat in his lap. We were parked beside the community park, in a shaded corner. He spent the day telling me about all he found out and tried to solve. It was a lot. Twenty-two years of his life worth shit, which he was coming to terms with now. “Doctors say that I have a choice,” He said. “I can choose to forget the negative and focus on the positive. Start afresh, anew like a second chance that, I have been offered. And, that makes sense to me. The only thing in all of it that made sense to me is you.”


“I dreamt about you. Almost every other night and slowly joined the pieces. You are all that makes sense to me. All that I want to remember. Nothing else, nobody else,” He said, holding my face. I wanted to cry. “Everyone gave up one but, you never did. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for forgetting you but, I have been looking for this missing piece inside me which I still can’t join and with you here, I feel fixed. I feel complete,” Tears poured down his eyes. “I know,  I hurt you. I can’t forget the look on your face when I said that, I didn’t remember you. But, you do say that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was a chance to come to terms with ourselves,” He said.

I kept my head on his chest. I loved him so much. It was my love with him which he remembered.

“Do you think you can give us a chance again? As Harry and Eliza? Because I love you. The Harry in me, the Edward in me, all of me loves you, and I’d give up everything for you,” He said as I cried in his arms.

“You asked Aunty to stop me from seeing you. I was dying Harry, and you did what I was most scared of, you forgot me,” I whimpered.

“I thought, I was doing you a favour. I thought I had ruined you. Letting go of me would give you clarity away from me,” He held me in his arms, crying with me.

“You gave it a very good shot,” I nodded, and he smiled.

“Please don’t leave me again,” I hugged him.

“Never again.”

I sat sketching Edward, as he read his book. He was the perfect work of art that I wanted to capture with my skill.

“This book is shit!” He slammed it shut.

“Why?” I asked, laughing.

“I don’t like sad endings, he didn’t have to die!” he crossed his arms.

“It’s reality,” I shrugged.

“Are you giving me a hint, honey?” He smirked.

“I’m just telling you that, it’s life, and there can be a time when I’m not there, and…” He stopped me by keeping his fingers on my lips.

“Wherever you’ll go, I’ll follow,” He said, kissing them.

“For that, you’ll have to get out of here. To get off here, you’ll have to get fixed, and for that…” He picked me up and lay me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

“I know, I know, and you’ll fix me. And, take me with you, won’t you? You won’t leave me behind,” He said, sucking my neck.

“Not until you want me to,” I confirmed.

“Well then, you’re stuck with me.” He nodded and threw his shirt away like a hero. “Forever.”

“Forever it is,” I laughed and pulled him close.


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Dedicated to ... ( Phan )

Dedicated to …
GENRE : Fluff as always (; Confessing and shit and an oblivious as FUCK Dan Howell.
WARNINGS : None :)
SUMMARY: Phil’s dedicating various of songs to an unknown person on the radio .

(A/N) wrote this out of boredom so?? im sO SORRY if it’s really shitty but the idea of this is so cute omg !!!!

WORD COUNT : 1,823

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bleep0bleep  asked:

marty mcfly???? \(^_^)/

Derek falls towards the ground of the forest, and lands on a soft carpet. There’s voices in the background, and it sounds like people arguing, and then his own face is looking down at him. Except, his hair has grey streaks at the sides of his temples, there’s laughter lines around his eyes and a thin rope around his neck that Derek knows means he’s their version of married. Their private, ‘werewolfy tradition’ as Stiles would say. 

He groans just thinking of whatever it was that had made Stiles flail, and Derek launch over to catch him, leading him to the floor and ending up here, “Stiles?”

“Yeah,” Stiles appears in his vision line, and Derek feels his eyes widen. Stiles looks older, too. His hair is longer, pushed back off his face, and he’s blinking down at Derek through black rimmed glasses, a silver ring on his finger as he rests his hand on older Derek’s shoulder. “Oh,” he scrunches up his nose in an oh so familiar way. “You didn’t mean me.”

“What kind of trouble have you been getting me into this time?” Older Derek murmurs. 

Derek nearly chokes at the teasing lilt to his voice.

“Hey! How d'you know it was me?” Older Stiles retorts, “It could just as easily have been you! You were always driving me nuts, dragging me into life or death situations–”

“I did no such thing,” Older Derek scoffs, “You were the one following me around.”

“Yeah, how else was I supposed to stare at your ass otherwise?”

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Smile For Me

Title: Smile For Me
Pairing: Reader [N]/Ryan Haywood
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,900
Summary: You had a bad day, no, make that a bad week. It’s all a little bit too much for you so you somehow hold it together until the AH office is empty before you break down. As much as you didn’t want anyone to see you like this, you can’t bring yourself to wish Ryan hadn’t forgotten his keys.


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The Path Between: Running Away (Chapter 2)


After a week of laying low we head out of the city to a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house so we can be extracted without whoever the Russian’s were after us.

“Alright Russian we need to head North to get away from all of the cameras.”

“I –I’m American.” He says darkly.

“No shit.” I say sarcastically leaning back in my seat. Before turning to glare at him, “How the hell do you remember when you can’t remember your name?”

He turns to look at me. “I-I-my name is James but people called me Bucky.” He says staring intently in front of him.

Holy shit. It clicked for me why I recognized him. It was Bucky fricken’ Barnes, a long haired caveman Bucky Barnes but him nonetheless. “Captain America’s best friend?” I asked already knowing the answer.

He looked at me weird. “Steve’s best friend.” He said darkly.

As we approached the outside of the city I let my curiosity over how much he remembered get the best of me. “Were you going to tell me that you started to remembered? “ I growled.

He shrugged. “ I wasn’t.” He said honestly.

“At least your honest.” I grumbled out.

“I only remember bits and pieces. I have a lot of time gaps and not much makes sense.”

After a week of being around him I noticed that he had two personalities, well not really two I was pretty sure they were one and the same. Which correlated with him getting  his memories  back and he was dealing with his actions over the years.

He sighed. “Where to?”

I rattled off the directions as I typed it into the GPS. “We’ll have to ditch the car and hike.” I say before turning back to stare out the window.

“That’s fine.”

Two hours of silence later we ditch the car and begin our next two hours of hiking.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” He says as I lead the way to the safe house.

I shrugged. “None of my business. As soon as we are extracted you won’t ever see me again any way.”

He grabbed my arm stopping me from heading to our destination. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

I yank my arm free of his. “It means that they let you become a S.H.I.E.L.D agent they’ll want your info on whatever organization you worked for and you won’t ever see me again.” I rolled my eyes. “Your way too valuable to arrest if that’s what you’re wondering.” I say starting back towards the safe house.

We finished the rest of our trip in silence. I walked around the safe house checking to make sure it was not compromised.

“We’re good.” I say entering the security code in. “This will alert my boss we’re here. It may also alert whoever the hell you were working for.” I warned.

He nods.

As we entered I sighed because I knew there was a fully stocked fridge and clothes. Sometimes working for S.H.I.E.L.D had its benefits. “I’m starved .” I say heading straight to the kitchen. As I pulled out ingredients to make a sandwich I noticed Bucky didn’t move away from the entrance.

“Something wrong?” I asked glancing up at him.

He had a sad look in his eyes. “It feels like…cozy.”

“Like…cozy?” I questioned. “You sure you speak English?”

He smiled at me sadly. “It just reminds me of home.” Then the sad look deepens on his face. “But everyone I know is dead so I guess I’ll never have one of those again.”

I swallowed the involuntary lump in my throat. My heart broke for the man who was out of his element sure he knew all about technology but he had nothing, no one. “Sometimes a fresh start is needed.” I say taking a bite out of my finished sandwich before I start making a second one, for Bucky.

He nods. “Y/N…”

“Hmmm…?” I say as I put more cheese on his sandwich.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t.” I say harshly as I glare at him.

“Why the hell not?” Bucky scowled at me.

I gave him a pointed look. “Because I didn’t do it for just you, you weren’t the only person’s whose life was on the line.” I said nonchalantly as I finished his sandwich.

In a matter of seconds he was behind me spinning me around and pinning my body between his and the counter. “Don’t lie to me.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Don’t try to intimidate me it won’t work.” I said glaring up at him.

“If I wanted to intimidate you Y/N you would not be using the word try.”

I felt my blood run cold. I kept forgetting that this man was every bit as lethal as I was if not more so.

“Back off Barnes,” I say pushing at the wall of his chest and mentally building barriers against the man who stood before me. “I’m going to shower. That sandwich is yours.” I say  pointing to the counter  as I grab mine.

Bucky stepped away from me. “Y/N-“

I took a few steps to make sure I was out of his range. “What?” I asked cautiously.

“Never mind.” He said gruffly.

I nodded before heading upstairs praying that someone would come to take him or me whatever came first.

As I climbed out of the shower and headed into the bed room I saw Bucky laying on the bed.

“Get out Barnes.”

He eyed me. “Not a chance Y/N.” He said smirking at me.

I headed over to the dresser and grabbed the lingerie and clothes I would need. I turned to head back into the bathroom but Bucky was now blocking the way. He quirked his eyebrow at me as if throwing down a challenge.

I glared at him and let my towel drop. If he wanted to play the game fine I’d play too. I pulled on the black bra and matching lacy panties and threw the t-shirt on along with the sweats.

When I looked up Bucky had moved closer to me. “Y/N….”

I folded my arms over my chest. “You’re the one who didn’t want to leave Barnes.” I say .”Not my fault you were being stupid.”

As soon as the word left my mouth something in Bucky changed. He was no longer him. His eyes had gone blank and had a glazed over look.

I waved my hand in front of his face. Shit. This was not good.

Bucky’s POV

Stupid. Stupid. The word kept repeating itself over and over in my mind. I was thrown back into memories I didn’t even realize I was missing and just like that everything came back. I knew who I was. I knew everything I did.

‘Don’t do anything stupid until I get back.’ I said to my scrawny best friend.

‘How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.’ He says giving me a sad smile.

“BUCKY! BUCKY!” A female voice is shouting at me.

I blinked and all of a sudden I was back to the present.

“Jesus. I thought you we-Never mind.” Y/N said turning to walk out of the bedroom.

I reached out my metal arm to grab her. “I remember everything.” I said which caused her to look up at me.

“Oh shit.” She looked terrified.

I laughed dryly. “Yeah…I-Is Steve daead?” I asked

She swallowed. “Honestly I have no idea. They never found his body.”

I nodded. Way to go Buck you had one job and you failed. “How di-“

She stopped struggling and gave me a look of sympathy. “He put a plane in the water and took the Red Skull with him. He sacrificed himself the same way you would’ve. At least that’s what they say.”

I nodded before letting her go to sit on the bed. She seemed to contemplate something.

“He died a hero and a good man.” She said walking over to sit next to me.

“I –“

“No one knew you were alive a fall like that should have killed you.” She said softly before taking my hand in hers. “It’s not your fault Bucky and by blaming yourself you are taking away the good things he did. You are saying that the lives he saved weren’t worth it and you know he would have believed they were.”

I looked down at our fingers there was something comforting knowing that even though she was scared of me that she was willing to save me. I studied her face for a long time noticing how young she really was. But my god was she beautiful and the thoughts that were swirling in my head led down a dangerous path. “How old are you?” I growled out realizing the path was one I was more than willing to go down.

She laughed and squeezed my hand before trying to walk away. I held hers tighter in return. She looked uncomfortable. “Don’t worry grandpa you’re way older than me.” She joke while struggling to get away from me.

There was no way I was letting her go until she answered and maybe even then I wouldn’t. I stared at her blankly wanting a real answer.

“I’m twenty-one.” She said trying to get away from me.

“Good.” I said doing the one thing I had wanted to do since we sat in the cramped hotel room. I framed her face with my hands and pulled her into a kiss.

Okay. I’m a bad buddy and a subpar detective. 

but, with the power of maths, and guess work, i’m at least as far from the start of the month as the end, and not more than like two weeks off either direction.

so happy early/belated/maybe right on time birthday @yyeann

(it’s not the tenth is it. cause i thought it was the tenth but then that turned out to be someone else birthday so i was like it’s not the tenth but i realize now that people can have the same birthday as other people.)

also i can never tag marsh for some reason but dang did she teach me some things about commas when betaing this i mean i knew i was an idiot but i didn’t know i was stupid.


It’s late, and she is, to be honest, a little tipsy.

Pleasantly buzzed, if anyone asked. There’s only one other person on the subway, so she’s not sure if she cares enough to lie. He’s not paying attention anyway; he’s too busy nodding off over his hard guitar case. It’s covered in faded and peeling stickers (the guitar case, not the man), from back when clutter was in. Minimalism’s the thing now, Maka knows. Not that she goes in for it really. Too… minimal.

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Well, here’s a high-def picture of Misha with the book. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate his messy hair and fully healed face!! Thank you again to everyone who submitted messages; he was obviously very touched.

Please, please do not repost. Thank you so much (:

Feel free to stop reading here, but if you’d like the full (somewhat emotional) story, it’s under the cut.

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