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Don’t ever piss Carla off uwu You dead if you do uwu Like Raito uwu/

stopbullytowardsraito part 2

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I'm still unsure if I've dreamt this up but I'm searching for a fic where Darcy is manipulated by Ian Boothby into sleeping with Steve Rogers, then she gets kidnapped and escapes later on. Sharon Carter appears in the fic and helps her out and Steve and Bucky are part of the rescue team I think. Bucky mentioned that he used to train hop. She also finds out she's pregnant and has developed some reflexes and invulnerability from the fetus. Yeah, so if anybody can prove this story is exists.

 For anyone who reads my tags, you know by now I tend to give weird descriptions/statements when it comes to men. Hanging out with one of my little brothers last night, I discovered that this is apparently, to a degree, a family trait. While trying to recommend a movie to me, he and I had this convo:

 My brother: So I was watching a movie the other day, and it had the skeezy-looking dude whose butt you love in it.

Me: Who??? That could be a lot of dudes.

My brother: He’s blonde. You want to suck his moustache or something… From that sad Victorian murder show you love.


My Brother: You know, not Matthew Lewis, the other one. He got naked on a horse and your sugar daddy laughed at him.


does anyone know where i can watch miraculous ladybug for free on the internet? this new ml information we’re getting bc of comic con makes me want to rewatch season one! thanks!!

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I was wondering, where does your url come from? Like what's the meaning of it?

It comes from an old episode of Game Theory! I’m not sure which episode in particular, but back when Matt used to do credits at the end of each episode there was one where he referred to himself as ‘The six and a half dollar man’ and, as a perpetually broke individual, it resonated with me.

http://prctip.tumblr.com/post/155690602526/some-of-my-favorite-credits-from-game-theory but to be more specific here’s a link to the post I got the name from!

“These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”

When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I’m feeling sad……I simply remember these thrift store things and then I don’t feel so bad.(Channeling my inner Julie Andrews…My favorite art and stuff from today’s shopping adventure!)(7.20.17)