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To draw silhouettes:

Step 1. create random lines/circles 

Step 2. Use brush + eraser. Keep stirring it for 1 min

Step 3. Done (Duang) ! You successfully created a bug-dude.

Step 4. Try some more.

I think this is how concept design works…K just kidding.

(That 4th one is so hilarious though. I haven’t figured out how to draw imposing and muscular monsters…(

anonymous asked:

so how did you feel translating the lyrics? rofl

I died inside. Oh, and “I hope the people who shit themselves reading the translation feel the slightest bit grateful for my leniency b/c the translation is definitely better than the Korean lyrics. I actually tried to make ((sense)) out of the lyrics while translating so less brain cells die, trying to figure out all this crap. You’re welcome.”