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Ok so i'm looking for this high school AU where peeta and katniss send notes, i think his nickname is dandelion, and they don't know who from and then they meet and are attracted to each other, he catches her falling from a counter and leaves handprints on her top which makes haymitch mad, sorry for the inconvenience if you've already found this one

You’re looking for Stranger Things Have Happened, by @peetabreadgirl


Belated throwback Thursday to that time when I still had longer hair but also to 3 years ago when my chesticles were still free roaming. As you can see not much has changed other than I finally know how to take selfies at a more flattering angle.

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You guys are really awsome! Thanks for your time and dedication to help us fans locate everlark fiction! Any way I'm looking for a fic, I believe it's a one shot. Katniss and Peeta knew each other for a long time. P joins the military and he comes back for Christmas, I think, and there's a scene that P and his family are at a restaurant and so is K with her family. She gets upset that he didn't greet her, she has a boy hair cut and later on she tells him how she always liked him. Ring any bells?

Hi, you’re thinking of Basic Training by @papofglencoe