Belated throwback Thursday to that time when I still had longer hair but also to 3 years ago when my chesticles were still free roaming. As you can see not much has changed other than I finally know how to take selfies at a more flattering angle.

Nico is the best human being ever

So i just wanted to take a moment to talk about Nico di Angelo because he is an amazing character and it’s so under appreciated.

Like, life is so difficult for him bc he was born at a time when everything was just so different and he misses Bianca and just wants to be with her but he can’t cause she fucking died (thanks to uncle rick) and he has gone through to much alone and feels like no one wants him close bc he is the son of hades and he thinks that they are afraid of him. I just really love the way that he developed throughout the books, like he has a boyfriend now (a really hot one tbh) and is making friends and it’s just a lot more comfortable with himself I feel like a proud mom right now and this is getting out of hand.
yeah i just wanted to say this bc it’s been in my head for a while now and i felt like sharing with you guys. xx