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everytime i see ur graphics im just so in awe. i cant even begin to describe how much i love them. there are soo many design elements in play, with the colors, and the movement and contrast, everything fits together soo well and i love the futuristic vibe it has!! everytime its something new, its so fresh im so happy you're sharing ur creations with us! i hope you like ur designs just as much as we all do. keep it up!


i. im. uh. um. i really want to give a proper answer and a proper gratitude but i’m a whole emotional mess and just. wow. knowing someone out there is thinking so.. highly of my stuffs is so. frick holy fuck my heart feels so full and appreciated it means so, so much to me i. why do i feel like i’m giving a speech as if i have won an oscar anYWAY thank you, sunshine, thank you so much for such uplifting and supportive message. i appreciate it with my entire being. seriously, thank you so so so much! i’m wishing you all the best of luck, i hope the universe treats you kindly, wherever you are ♡

Greer Garson, M-G-M star, shown as she left yesterday for Ottawa, Canada, from Los Angeles. Miss Garson will help raise a $600,000,000 victory loan for the Canadian government. Miss Garson expects to be gone for several weeks. Her last picture, ‘Mrs. Miniver,’ was rushed so that Miss Garson could make the jaunt - February 21, 1942.