Kafka had the bearing of the lonely man who is always in relation to something outside himself. It was not exactly a kind of listening; there was also something very affectionate about it. I should like to call it the symptom of a need for relations, which expressed something like this: ‘I on my own am nothing, I am only something when connected with the outer world.’
—  Dora Diamant, Kafka’s last lover

She absolutely astonished us. Hollywood was rather genteel in those days [the 1920s]–ladies didn’t say ‘damn’ or 'hell.’ And here came this gal from New York who smoked and said 'son of a bitch’ and told dirty jokes to the crew–we were flabbergasted. But she worked hard, probably harder than anyone else on the set, and once in a while, when she relaxed, you could see something in her eyes that was like–well, like fright and loneliness mixed together.

Elsa McKenzie

I’m going to embark on a new journey, honestly, I feel uneasy. But because I wanted to let everyone see the matured Park Yuchun after two years, putting everyone in my heart, it becomes my strength to go forward and take this step. Even though we’re apart, I’m still with everyone under the same sky. It’s already been more than 10 years since my debut, right? 1/3 of my life was spent together with everyone. It looks long, but looking back at it, the road travelled was not smooth. There were cherished dreams, and there were also uneasy and painful times. But I was able to put a smile on my face and walk until today… I should be thanking the members who have joined hands and walked together, my most understanding family, the staffs who have been supporting us, and everyone who have been warmly watching over (protecting) me and giving me love.
—  Yoochun’s letter to fans in his “All About YU” fan meeting in Yokohama.

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omgggg you don’t know how happy this made me T___T i’ve been gone for like what, almost a year?? so i thought nobody cares anymore ;A; thank yoooou so much for the sweet message, I will do my best and start posting regularly again!! ♥♥♥