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favorite thing about eachother?

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Cecil loves his husband. 

Imagine Draco and Harry sitting on the couch wrapped up in blankets, but not in the mood for fooling around, and watching Disney films. Draco is babbling on and on about the misinterpretation of wizards and Harry listens, amused, as Draco lays his head against the other boy’s chest and animatedly talks with his hands. Harry has to hide his grin as Draco attempts to figure out why the wizard from The Sword In The Stone likes muggle inventions so much and Draco ends up muttering through the “Wizard’s duel” about how thats not how a REAL wizard’s duel is fought.

Fedal Cup 2017

I have never shipped them so hard before this.  

Some of the highlights:

  • both of them in suits, acting like fools in love as always
  • both of them cheering on the team
  • Rog touching Rafa’s leg
  • the two beautiful selfies to die for
  • Rafa saying that he’s lucky enough to have Rog next to him on the court
  • them looking like twinzies and walking in sync
  • the talks before and during the match
  • Rog saying that he’s there to help him with the net
  • the high and low fives
  • yours or mine moment (and then the low five and laugh about it)
  • Rog making Rafa smile after he makes a mistake that he’s kinda (always) annoyed about
  • the hugs!!!
  • Roger’s tweet that said that he could get used to playing on the same side of the net with Rafa
  • Rafa-the-alpha on the court and Rog is the one outside it, when it comes to the interviews
  • Rog giggling like a kid at Rafa during the press-conference
  • Rog calling Rafa “baby” (killed me)

  • Rafa supporting Rog and cheering twice as much for him to beat Kyrgios after he lost to Isner
  • Rafa, the first one to jump up when Federer wins a ball (the man loves to jump)
  • Rafa giving Rog advice during the last game (he said something like “if you’re feeling it, do it” and it was probably about playing more aggressive)
  • Rafa not caring if he’s too loud and screaming couple of “come on” in the last 15 minutes
  • when he won the last ball, Rog wasn’t even looking at his wife (who i adore dearly though), he just locked eyes with Rafa and then they ran to each other
  • Rafa jumping into Federer’s arms
  • Rog happily embracing him like it was suppose to happen
  • seeing them celebrating, sharing the trophy and drinking champagne from it
  • bonus: the looks that they gave each other
  • special thanks to Nike for the cool outfits that complemented the boys
  • also special thanks to Rafa’s butt (what a great view)
  • on a serious note: this is an incredible moment in the history of tennis, i am so happy i got to witness it all