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SNSD’s reaction to seeing their GF asleep on the couch after waiting up for them

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Taeyeon: I feel like Taeng would be very touched that you attempted to greet her as she got home, but would be so tired by the time she did that she wouldn’t get the chance to express her gratitude. She’d gently shake you and lead you to bed without a word, but in the morning you’d wake up to cuddles and a nice breakfast as a thank you.

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Jessica: Sica would glance down at your sleeping form and give an accidental smile, not being able to control the slight blush on her cheeks. She would be very proud to have such a caring girlfriend as she looked lovingly upon your dark circles and puffy cheeks, and would place a gentle kiss on your forehead before wrapping you up in a nice warm blanket.

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Sunny: Soonkyu, being the playful girl she is, would take this opportunity to social media, taking a couple pictures of your sleeping figures. As you awoke to her giggles, you’d find her grinning from ear to ear as she scrolled through the comments section.

Her: “Jagiya, all the SONES love how cute you look in these pictures!”

You: “Soonkyu I swear to God…”

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Tiffany: Now Fany would be the most emotional and flustered upon seeing this. She’d immediately squeal as soon as she saw you curled up in a little ball clutching a pillow looking oh so adorable. Tiffany would be so touched that you’d sacrifice your sleep just to see her when she comes home from a hard day’s work. 

“Oh my God Sooyoung, look at her, don’t I have the sweetest and most adorable girlfriend ever?”

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Hyoyeon: Being a very motherly and loving person, Hyo would both be touched that you cared about her so much, but would worry about how this is affecting your health. She’d wake you up with a gentle shake, and after giving you a loving kiss, would lecture about how bad sleeping on the couch is for your back. 

“Yah jagiya, you’re very sweet, but what did I tell you about doing this, hm?”

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Yuri: I feel like Yuri would be one of the most troubled upon seeing this. While she felt very loved and was happy you wanted to see her so badly, she’d worry about how she might be hurting you. She started to think maybe she should ask her manager for some time off for the both of you to get some sleep and spend some time together.

“Aish, this girl… too many late nights like this isn’t healthy…”

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Sooyoung: She’d be very affectionate upon seeing you all bundled up and waiting for her. As you sat up and began to rub your eyes, Soo would come over and wrap herself in a blanket to join in the cuddle fest, allowing all the dogs to attack her with kisses. 

“Shall I join you in your slumber cutie?”

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Yoona: She’d just want to silently gaze upon what she saw as perfection. Sitting on the floor, she’d prop her elbow up on the couch cushion and think of how lucky she was to have someone as kind and considerate. She wouldn’t dream of waking you up, you looked much too peaceful. Yoona would fall asleep after lightly tracing your facial features with her finger, head propped up by your face. 

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Seohyun: She’d be a lot like Sooyoung, wanting to join you on the couch. After you sacrificed your sleep, she wouldn’t want to make you move to the bed. She’d simply grab a nice pillow and wrap her arms around your waist slowly, trying not to wake you up. She’d fall asleep with a smile on her face as she was perfectly content lying next to you. 




lipstick ✓
high heels ✓
my death ✓


You were able to reach within everybody’s souls with every song you write and every melody you create. And although you have a way with words that makes it seem like every song you write is a story that everyone has personally been through even if they haven’t., the creative combination of notes and elements you create even without the words is enough to make a person emotional and I think that’s why I truly believe that you’re meant to be where you are right now.  But you know what makes people—your members, your colleagues, your fans and even non-fans—regard you with respect shining in their eyes? It’s the blatant truth you say, the unfiltered thoughts that slip past your lips, and even the reality in jokes you spout.. It’s quite endearing and refreshing to see someone like you—an idol. a celebrity—so, so relatable that unknowingly, in a way, you blur the line between you and us, your fans. Honestly, I could go on and on and on that I’d even rap on the spot about how precious you are to me and to everyone else. *clears throat and bobs head to the imaginary beat* Uhuh. Yeah. Okay. Let’s go. This is a rap. I am rapping now.  About Min Yoongi. And his gummy smile. And his—OKAYYYYY I think that was enough. But just know that I’d do it….. lol. 

Never stop showing the same burning passion you have for music (and your dream to become a rock) because that’s how you’ve inspired people in different parts of the world. Never stop letting people believe to keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. Never stop saying the truth as it is. And I hope you continue to share parts of yourself in every music you create. Suga. Agust D. Min Yoongi. Min Yoonji. I love you so much. You deserve the world and nothing lesser than the world. The universe even. Happy Birthday, my grumps! #HappySugaDay


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Taeyeon support LGBT Community ♥  (and being gay too XD) 

edit: Shame on me I forgot her picture with drag queens ( I read that some korean said her to delete this picture and she answer no or something like that) 

Also some of you told me “why don’t you put the story of her girl crush when she had 6 years old and the cactus as a gift” So here my answer: i used to find the source of what i post… the girl crush at years old and the cactus, i never found a trust source. NEVER. Apparently it start by a philippine sone account. so no.