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He’s hilarious.  Watch Keanu answer questions about JW:C2.

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How do Romano, England, Spain and America react to their sweet s/o trying to boss them around and failing miserably to the point where s/o is embarrassed?

idk that sounds soo cute

Romano: He’d try to act very angry and annoyed himself, but he would end up cracking up and would walk up to them, say: “Being bossy doesn’t really work out, but it makes you cute-” And probably kiss them.

England: Soooo at first he’d take it seriously and would be like: “WTF is going on here?” But once they failed, he’d force himself not to laugh as he doesn’t want them to feel bad. He’d then say something like: ”If you want me to do something, you could’ve just asked, love.”

Spain: He wouldn’t even try not to laugh. He’d find it adorable. “Why so harsh, darling? You know that Spain is the boss, but he’d always fulfill your wishes!!”

America: Oh Boy. He’d try sooo hard to keep it together, but he’d probably fail just as badly as his s/o. He’d think it’s very cute and would start laughing (which c’mon, isn’t that unusual) He’d then walk up to them, spin them around and kiss them, telling them that there was no need to boss him around - he’d fulfill their wishes either way.

(btw I have no clue if the way I write Romano’s part fits his personality. I’m very insecure quite a few characters, but he gives me the hardest time, I guess… xD)


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Who’s that girl in the middle? She is soo cute; I’m in love with her design ����


She’s a human ver of my catgirl OC, Chou!


kyungsoo and david lee on the set for ‘be positive’