;~; so cute


No, they don’t. But if Marinette and Adrien are really busy (?), They will do it. ( It’s very very rare. Because save the world is not their mission any more lol )

little klance thing i’m hung up on today:

“listen, Keith. we can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho. planning is important.”

and he was super impressed and proud when lance presented his plan!

but not only that, Keith took it to heart:

“i don’t understand your plan but i’m gonna make my own one”

“are you seeing this, lance?”

“lance, i did it, i made a plan!” 

“isn’t that amazing, lance?”

“i’m so proud of myself rn, i listen to advice”

“i’m gonna go up this ladder and sneak towards my target, be proud of me, lance!”


EXO handwritten stickers:

suho heaven // baekhyun love, love, love // xiumin twenty four // chanyeol heaven // chen cloud 9 // kai XOXO // d.o. for life // sehun falling for you

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A set of Strategy Stages will be released tomorrow (November 24th); why, you ask ??  Because the Werewolf set will be released right beside the Lawyer event !!  Tribal Werewolves though ??  I like it, it’s a nice combination and a nice-looking set of designs.

So which design is your favorite ??  Is it a good theme, do you guys like it ??  What are your expectations over this set and the Lawyer set’s possible attacks ??  Could this be an AntiAir set, that would be appreciated.png