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Musee des Blindés Part 21

1 to 4) AMX-30 “Pluton” Launch Vehicle. French nuclear-armed short-range ballistic missile system launched from a transporter erector launcher platform mounted on an AMX-30 tank chassis. It was designed to provide the tactical part of French nuclear deterrence during the Cold War. The Pluton came in replacement of the U.S.-built “Honest John” missile. It had an operating range between 17 and 120 km, with a error probability of 150 m. The warhead had a yield of 25 kilotons.

5 to 7) AMX Leclerc. French made main battle tank system for French and UAE armed forces. Compared to other main battle tanks of Western origin, the Leclerc took to some rather alternative design directions. It’s one of the lightest modern main battle tanks in service at 54,500 kilograms and is fitted with an autoloader. The autoloader is more commonplace in Soviet tank designs which allows a smaller overall profile while reducing the required crew. As such, only three crew are required to run the Leclerc

8 to 10) Merkava Mk I. Israeli MBT. The tank began development in 1973 and entered official service in 1978. Four main variants of the tank have been deployed. It was first used extensively in the 1982 Lebanon War. The Merkava features several novel features and prioritized crew protection above all else. The engine is positioned in the front unlike almost every other MBT in the world and gives a extra protection to the crew. The rear of the tank has clamshell folding doors that allows a maximum of six infantry to be carried in the tank.

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Because this week’s episode fucked it up so badly with the entire Camlann Iris Gem event, I took the liberty of recording it from my save.  First up, the party seeing the contents of the Iris Gem, courtesy of Mayvin (yes, I actually put everyone back into their classic costumes except for the dolls, lol):

Yes, the anime flashback scene skipped it, but both Sorey and Mikleo are survivors of the Camlann massacre, and that they didn’t think Sorey was going to live for more than a few months because he was born so prematurely and yet look at him, all grown up and getting ready to save the world.  And Muse’s farewell to baby Mikleo makes me cry every time.  The manga version is even sadder as one of the last panels we see of that sequence is Muse hugging baby (now Seraph) Mikleo for the last time as she tells him goodbye with her circlet wrapped around his blankets.  And before anyone tries to tell me that baby can’t be Mikleo, he still looks like Muse in the anime, Michael still has purple eyes, and the circlet Michael takes off of Muse’s forehead is the exact same one we see Mikleo wearing when he’s underwater at the Galahad Ruins way back when in Season 1.

And then, of course, Sorey’s answer:

No, Mayvin normally doesn’t show up at level 112 with over 45k HP, that’s just what happens when you have the game cranked up to Chaos.

As for when this happens in the game … well, for one thing, there’s no good corresponding moment in the anime.  As for what’s happened in the game, this is after Glaivend Basin, after Sorey loses (and regains) his resonance, after he’s gone through the 4 trial shrines for the mystic artes in each armatus, after facing off against Heldalf and Symonne a second time, and Zaveid basically reminding them all that Maotelus has been MIA ever since the Age of Chaos began, and hinting to Sorey, Mikleo, and Rose that Maotelus has been using the continent as a vessel, and this is Lailah’s way of getting the truth of what happened in the past to Sorey and Mikleo so Sorey can come to his answer as the current Shepherd.

It’s worth noting that this is where game-Sorey realizes what needs to be done, and the full implications of it, and what the risks would be, and note how even though Mikleo has undoubtedly come to the same conclusion, he’s still right there supporting Sorey and while he’s not the first to speak, he is the last (and most important) and when the chips came down, it’s Mikleo that Sorey armatizes with and it’s Mikleo that Sorey was going to “use” for the “bullet” for Mayvin.

I mean. I guess I can believe that Killian - respect-Emmas-agency, believes-he-deserves-to-be-punished - Jones would consider leaving because she had, to his mind, broken up with him - for a few hours. 

Didn’t like that that bit of manufactured angst had to happen at all. But I think that A&E are trying to pop in a couple of little bumps so that they can have Killian and Emma speak about how they feel about themselves and each other and get everything out on the table and behind them. Just so the audience understands where they stand with each other, with respect to their biggest weaknesses, and how far both have come.

I figure that they thought: what is the worst thing that Killian would think he could have done that would break him at this stage of the game? His biggest issue is self-loathing and thinking he doesn’t deserve a HE, so what’s one final hurdle to allowing himself his HE, his marriage to Emma? The writers clearly thought finding out he murdered her grandpa would be the thing that would test Killian’s self worth most.

And conversely what is the thing that would break her at this last point? Her biggest issue is abandonment, so I guess they thought: what would be the final hurdle for her allowing herself to enjoy her HE, her marriage to Killian? Believing for a while that he had left her would definitely test that.

They’ve already let the audience know that Killian chose to remain in Storybrooke - not run away - and deal with the consequences of his past misdeeds. Now they need to let the audience know that Emma believes in Killian to not abandon her.

I may not have thought this was all necessary. Yeah. I really didn’t. But I do look forward to Killian adventuring with Nemo, Jasmine and Ariel. And I look forward to Emma believing in him and both of them deciding they deserve their HE.

She is on her knees, begging him to let her go.
He’s clenching so tightly on her heart, refusing to let the love of his life get away.

psa. I don’t get when people get offended when your muse doesn’t like theirs. like? my muse is an asshole, he isn’t nice, he doesn’t make friends easily, you’re muse isn’t special to him, no offence, your muse isn’t an exception, especially if he doesn’t know them. I also don’t get why people apologise for their muses being assholes, (probably because people get so offended by it) don’t apologise for your muse being a dick, I’m never going to apologise for digger, if I started, I’d be apologising with pretty much every tag, yo! muse doesn’t equal mun, how many times do with have to go over this? if you don’t want muses to be an asshole to yours…I’m probably not the blog for you.

What if Emma does become really worried when Killian doesn’t come home and he doesn’t call and maybe she has tried calling him but he’s not answering so she gets Liam’s ring and uses a locator spell but it leads her to where the Nautilus was docked and she knows that’s where Killian’s remaining family would be so she knows it’s not that unbelievable that he would go there and maybe Snow mentions Killian had a bag with him when she saw him and that he was kind of acting weird so even though emma doesn’t want to believe he actually left her all the signs are pointing to it and that’s why she is so upset and all “I need to move on” because she is hurting and thinking that the one person who she truly believed would never abandon her has done just that. And she wants to believe in him and trust him but she’s been wrong before and it really does seem like he left so the lost girl part of her takes over for a while. I believe she will eventually realize that something is indeed wrong, but before that she’s going to be hurting quite a bit and I’m not ready for that