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it pisses me off so much when people are harmlessly headcanoning characters as aro/ace/aroace and then some rude person comes along and goes "why should not having a relationship make them ace? why do you have to headcanon everyone as ace, theyre normal" like. dude. leave me tf alone. i just want to see myself in my favorite characters, and since we barely get any canon representation ill just pretend. ((1/2))

((2/2)) is that really too much to ask. like does it REALLY bother you that much that someone is imagining their favorite characters as being similar to them because they feel broken and alone and are trying to make themselves feel better. really… im sorry for dumping this on you guys i just had this happen to me recently and i needed to vent. >:T hope your situation with your mom gets better soon kai :(

12000 people here can relate. & that’s what this blog is here for :)

thank you!


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Sometimes I get so frustrated, and think that wouldn't it be so much easier to be a cis girl. Like, honestly, when I think about telling my (most likely understanding parents) I get pretty much physically sick from nerves. And thinking how my extended fam probs won't believe me, it just. Why can't I have been a cis girl? Then I feel doubt for almost wanting that, that I'm not really a boy but I want to be? Idk. Self doubt.

Oh wow I have felt (and still sometimes feel) like that and I understand how awful it can feel.
I hope you can feel better soon- and please remember these doubts and fears are so normal, and doesn’t change the fact you’re a guy - Matthew 💙

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How do you interact with the deity you worship/believe in? I've been trying to figure it out but I'm stumped. Hope you feel better soon <3

That’s the thing - I *don’t* worship anymore, because things like this were hard for me and I couldn’t figure them out either. I can answer personal questions about my own experience, but I don’t feel I can give actual advice on the topic, because my experience was so minimal and ultimately non-effective. This is why questions about deities / worship are in my [Questions I Will Not Answer] list.

I suggest you look through my tags for [#deities], [#deity communication], and [#devoteship] - I do have some posts on my blog that may help. If you have any questions about what you read, please direct it to the OP if they’re available.

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Please don't overwork yourself!! Take as much time as you need to heal!! I'm sure we all hope you feel better. Get well soon!! ❤❤❤

I say this TOOOO MUCH ahahahahhaa but shit if it wasn’t for your guys’ kindness I would have been inactive a long time ago like…I love you all more than you love me I just know it haha and thank you all for always being so patient with me and considering my regular life PLUS the dumb stupid mistakes I make that hinder your content haha 

I don’t deserve you all T_T 

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Once upon a time, there was a blogger named Mandy. She loved Colin O'Donoghue (and his chest hair) with all of her heart. When a new youtube series called Drunk Interviews hit it big, they needed someone to interview the cast of OUAT. She was chosen. After much freaking out, she met with Colin at a local pub. Four drinks in, things got interesting. (I hope you feel better soon!!)

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That was awesome! Hahahaha!!!

Ah thanking you ever so kindly milady.

Although I think it would end up with stuff like this

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Oh no, that must hurt like hell!! D: please don't worry about writing, just take care of your hand, okay? I hope it feels better soon :'c

Thank you so much…it does hurt haha it’s getting a bt better I think! I wont lie I mean I have burned myself a couple times but it’s mostly  a result of like the olive oil and heat in pan being too high when I add ingredients and theres a splash out of the pan or whatever, it’s been like on my forearm maybe… grabbing the metal fucking handle of a damn skillet thats been undwr intense heat for 20 minutes really takes the damn cake ahahahahah 

just a reminder that while cooking is fun, you need to be safe and careful! Always be aware of what you’re doing whether it’s while cutting with a knife or what have you! 

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I feel like I can't love again bcos he's not him, I'll never love anyone the way I loved him, how do I stop loving someone :(

don’t force yourself to love him if you can’t, you can’t force feelings. be patient with yourself, you need to remember that it takes time to unlearn things about someone and to unlove them, I’m so sorry you had to experience it. you’ll never love anyone the same way yes, and you’re going to love the next person a different way for sure, but maybe the next person will give you the same kind of love back

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hi prim! some time ago i told you about my 7 wonderful mice. unfortunately one of them has passed. it was a really sad moment. i was gone for 5 days and i think she was waiting for me to say goodbye bc she died the night i came home. so now i still have 6 mice but my room feels kinda empty without this one little soul. hope she's having a great time wherever she is right now! it's not meant to be a sad message tho. just felt like sharing bc she was a wonderful lil creature that changed my life!

oh my goodness, im so sorry for your loss! there is nothing worse than losing one of your best pals. it will be painful, angel. i hope you feel better soon!! rest in peace, smol child. you will be missed!! :,(

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i love your headcanons. I'm sick rn could you please do your magic?

in honor of both of us being sick here are some….. sick headcanons

  • [sees galra ship] [slams lion into other lion] “punch buggy no punch backs”
  • concept: allura getting used to her powers
    • for the first few weeks she leaves sparkles everywhere like a cat that sheds glitter
    • sometimes when she gets mad she accidentally shorts out the power in the castle
    • permanent static cling. her hair’s just. up there. somewhere
  • keith doesn’t have a driver’s permit
  • do you think shiro’s arm could be rigged up to play music. because pidge thinks about that a lot. hunk. hunk would it be weird if i asked him to let me plug my phone into his–
  • if coran says the mice “have something of mine,” it’s his underwear
    • they like to leave them in random places to fuck with him
    • now the paladins think that coran just has a habit of stripping around the castle which is… yeah
  • some voltron trio names (courtesy of lance)
    • keith, hunk, pidge: Traffic Light Trio
    • hunk, pidge, coran: Nerd³
    • lance, keith, hunk: Primary Paladins
    • shiro, hunk, keith: FGFP (Fingerless Gloves and Fanny Packs)
    • pidge, keith, allura: a bad idea what the hell shiro–
  • lance: “hunk i’m gonna say something and i need you to not judge me for it” hunk: “uh…” lance: “out loud” hunk: “oh that i can do, go for it”

“The Southern Charm™ isn’t working!”
“… Aren’t you two married?”
“Yeah, buT STILL–!”

Yo Ray, I made you a thing

[Martha Jefferson’s lovely design belongs to @raythrill. Please take a minute to watch his beautiful animatic about her, if you haven’t already.]

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the depression's hit me with several non-functioning days at the worst part of the sem, any advice?

hi, hello. i know, from experience, that those days are the worst. it’s difficult when you need to do things, but you just can’t function. sometimes you even begin to hate yourself. don’t. during these times, practice self-care.

these are some things i would recommend when you feel the blues™:

  • change your sheets
  • get enough sleep
  • take a hot (or cold) shower
  • do a complete skin care routine
  • make your bed
  • clean up your desk
  • throw away the trash x get your laundry done
  • walk
  • run
  • run some more
  • better yet, take a hike
  • visit museums, look at art
  • buy flowers and put them in your room
  • be silent, clear your mind of any thought
  • unplug from social media
  • draw a self-portrait
  • laugh at memes
  • if you don’t play an instrument, listen to live music
  • sing/lip sync along to any music you want
  • free-write
  • make a list of beautiful things you’ve seen
  • make a list of all the places you’ll go to
  • compliment yourself
  • dress up really nicely
  • watch the sunset
  • go to the sea (you’re 60% water)
  • hold a hand
  • be silly
  • dance until you shatter yourself*

ETA: Get shit done, no matter now little you get done. Self-care is fighting back, one little step at a time.

This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;