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Love your lil mint sona, I just had to draw them! (Tried to finish this yesterday, so I could sent it to you to try and help when you were getting all those rough anons… but better late than never!)

I hope you like it aaaa (edit: I FORGOT EYEBROWS WHOOPS fixed it. Also added a closup wink wonk)

Lost and Found

Contains end game spoilers and Ryder family secrets. 

When Jaal first sees Sara after her visit to the Hyperion her eyes are glistening with fresh tears. He doesn’t notice the faint smile tugging at the corner of her lips, he only sees what he assumes is pain hiding just underneath the surface as thin lines of salty tears run across her cheeks.

His arms wrap around Sara. There is a light squeeze which surrounds her as he voices his concerns. Is she alright? Did something happen? What can he do to help his Darling one?

Pure joyous laughter fills the air. It is confusing at first. Odd. Crying meant pain. Laughter meant joy. The two didn’t necessarily mess and yet, the small human he had come to love, expressed both simultaneously. Curious blue eyes focused on the bright endearing smile pulling at her lips- the tears slowly drying on her soft skin.

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OUAT’s Baelfire/Neal Cassidy Costume Meta

This was originally included as a reblog response to this question posed by screwballninja about the men of OUAT and character building/storytelling through costuming.

A lot could be said about Baelfire/Neal’s wardrobe through the years. 

Young Bae’s basic primitive sherte + cape peasant wardrobe visibly improves from ‘horrid poverty’ once Rumple starts coming up in the world following the Dark Curse.

Before/shortly after Dark Curse:


We’ve gained a neckerchief and more elaborate lacings on the shirt–plus, enough fabric for bonus collar.

Dowagers everywhere envied Bae’s post-Dark Curse collection of primitive fur stoles.

When he falls through the portal, we get him as Dickensian street imp, before he gets his pajamas and robe from the Darlings, wearing which he is stolen by the Shadow and taken to Neverland–definitely signalling that he has fallen into an enduring nightmare for those long years as he is held captive and never ages.

Following his stint on Hook’s ship (and Hook’s selling him to Pan), we see our first interesting alteration.

Look at this: I’m a pirate! (Except I’m in my pajamas underneath) 

Baelfire has begun layering his identity.

When he (now “Neal”) meets Emma, he’s in a hoodie/slouchy clothes, scraping by stealing cars, etc. This is clearly a man who probably doesn’t own a belt. (Yes, his jacket is red–does anyone ever talk about this wrt Emma’s fave jackets? Or wrt the red robe above, and the red pirate coat that followed it? This red is the only non-neutral/earth color the man ever wears.)

When we first see him in S2 E1, he’s in that sharp 3-piece suit (which should have clued us in if nothing else, that he might be Rumple’s son, right?), which serves to illustrate that either he is doing much better for himself, or has moved on to more elaborate (and higher pay-out) cons. 

Also, storywise, a suit can be a fairly ‘generic’ uniform; lots of people wear suits, and no one was supposed to feel *certain* after that scene as to who he was (remember how viewers scoured screencaps of his apartment for clues?)

When Emma hunts him down, we’re back to a hoodie, though it’s a less shabby one than their first meeting (zipper!), and his hair and face are better groomed. It’s still A Look, but now it seems to be a put-together one, the jacket over the hoodie is actually structured rather than slouchy. We’re being told Neal’s still kept his cred–but he’s moved on up.

Definitely wearing a belt.

This is the outfit that more or less becomes standard Neal, vaguely NYC, sometimes with a scarf, nothing too trendy–no puffer jackets for example. Urban, but w/o a harsh edge.

He falls through the portal to the EF and meets Mulan and Co, still in a version those duds–a way of saying ‘he’s not from here’.

But by the time he gets to Rumple’s castle and he’s using Blood Magic, he’s stripped the coat away and is just in his very nondescript shirt–looking less and less like ‘he’s not from here’.

Returned to Neverland, still, keeping it back to basics: this shirt. Only the buttons really signal it’s from the World Without Magic. 

What is that, linen? Certainly what a spinner/weaver’s son would choose. (* see also Neal’s usually interesting scarves for more thoughts on how Rumple’s spinner craft influenced his son’s taste and eye for fashion)

And then, later, we get this:

Which I can’t explain. Not at all, other than that maybe Pan’s Curse (Storybrooke ending, Emma & Henry forgetting) that sent Neal back home understood who he was? The father of the Savior’s child? The reason for Curse #1? Was paying homage to his grandfather who cast it? Or understood that you don’t suit up the Dark One’s son in some old rags and expect to get away with it? 

But still neutral/earth tones. 

In short: you cannot imagine Charming wearing this color palette.

It’s far too chill.

Thing is, when Neal gets close to fairytales/to his own past, he’s in that neutral (read: peasant, earthy, regular Joe, non-royalty) color, in a shirt that doesn’t give much away. 

For example, here he is holding Henry’s book. Here he is confessing to Tamara who he actually is. There are almost no fashion/embellishment clues from his shirt to locate it in time or place. It’s a color he would have worn as a child, and the cut (despite its being a stretchy fabric) is as basic as can be.

Notice that this is a shirt that was UNDERNEATH, or hidden by something else (here, his coat)–shoot, there’s yet another shirt under this one! He’s literally had to peel off layers to get to it. This is getting close to his core. 

He’s Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin’s son. 

The rest of his clothing is something he puts on to cover his identity up. (He almost always is dressed in some version of layers, several coats, scarves, extra hoodies.)

A minimum of three layers are needed right before your dad dies while killing your abuser grandpa

I don’t think it’s random that at his most vulnerable–when he’s closest to Emma, when he is the most himself, not the self he tried to create/pass for–he is shown stripped down to nothing but his white undershirt:

Interestingly, when Emma ‘hallucinates’ Neal in S5, he’s back in the bug, in his slouchy car thief clothes. (This time with *new/different* hat–which I’m going to assume was necessary b/c of actor changing his hair)

This could indicate a lot of things.

1.) Neal’s spirit is happiest/was happiest in these clothes
2.) Emma was happiest when Neal was in these clothes and doesn’t recall how long they went between washing…
3.) Emma doesn’t buy into the way Neal’s wardrobe had altered in the intervening years b/c she never believed/wanted to deal with the idea Neal had truly changed.

Vision experiences are hard to read, folks. I don’t know if Emma really encountered Neal’s spirit, if it was instead a sort of visitation or hallucinogenic dream that was only in her head? What I’m saying is, I don’t know if what Neal’s wearing/where he’s appearing to Emma here has more to do with Emma receiving the transmission from “A Good Place” that Neal is in, or more with Neal’s spirit and what translates to him as happiness.

I think this one’s a ymmv, to the power of 10.

But overall, between Baelfire and Neal, this character has to have had (certainly of the men) the most costume alterations, and I applaud the costuming department–who told a great story through them–and only one of them allowed to be ‘fairytale pretty’, at that.

edenian-princess  asked:

Ouuu, I have a request! How would the RFA + V + Saeran react if they had an MC who couldn't stop laughing over something? (When I find something funny, no matter how benign it is, I usually can't stop laughing for the life of me)! Please!

Ohhh I love thiss!! I’ve always been one to laugh until tears! 

I hope this is something you wanted!^^


  • you’re scrolling through your phone while you wait for the oven to go off
  • you come across one of those vine compilations and quickly play it 
  • you’re 5 vines in and omg youcantbreathe
  • itiswednesdaymydudes
  • zen hears your dying seal noises laughter from across the house and promptly investigates 
  • he finds you sitting on the floor crying
  • at this point your laughter is silent and for a second he is terrified 
  • but as soon he realizes that you are laughing, he pulls his phone out and takes a dozen pictures before you even notice his presence 
  • you’re just too cute for this guy
  • he’ll ask you what you are laughing at but the thought of it just makes you laugh even harder
  • eventually you’ll show him the vines
  • he’ll laugh a bit but you’ll be rolling over crying again 
  • it’s honestly not even that funny
  • but it’s okay because he loves your laugh more than anything 
  • “Your voice is music to me, princess.” 
  • you’d be laughing too hard to hear him


  • yoosung has been working on this quest in LOLOL for  h o u r s
  • “MC, the boss for this quest is said to drop legendary armor!”
  • you’re watching him bark out orders into the voice chat to his team 
  • he’s so excited it’s adorable 
  • he had already made an agreement with his guild that he would be the one who collects the loot
  • he probably screams when he defeats the boss
  • he begins to walk towards his earnings 
  • you don’t even play this game and the anticipation is killing you
  • the loot is just in reach when a fellow guild member sprints in front of yoosung and grabs everything 
  • the player leaves the game and the voice chat before anyone can react
  • Yoosung is frozen still
  • there is a long pause in the room and in the voice chat
  • he makes a pained groan and slams his head onto the desk
  • a laugh that you tried your hardest to suppress lets itself free and you quickly put a hand over your mouth to muffle it
  • “H-hey! MC, it’s not funny!” 
  • you laugh even harder
  • Yoosung is slightly offended
  • you try to explain that it was just the timing of everything and how quick it happened and that you aren’t laugh at him
  • you’re laughing too hard it just kinda comes out as a jumbled mess of “I’m sorry!” and “It was funny!”
  • baby tries pouting at you, but once he sees your huge smile he cannot bring himself to 
  • you manage to calm down enough to pepper the poor boy with kisses
  • He admits that it was a little funny


  • you approach her with a shit-eating grin on your face
  • you’re already holding in laughter when she sees you
  • “J-Jaehee?” you voice is shaking as you try to remain calm
  • “What is it, MC?” she stops, looking up from her work
  • “D-does J-Jumin-” you start laughing before you can even finish the joke
  • your legs give out and you’re lying face first on the carpet laughing
  • she is so confused
  • “Does Jumin what?” She pries. 
  • you manage to lift your head up and tell her
  • “D-Does J-Jumin Han is gay?”
  • She raises an eyebrow and smirks but doesn’t really understand 
  • she appreciates your humor


  • cat videos ftw
  • While jumin is at meetings you stay home and watch compilations 
  • the ones where they try to jump onto something and  f a l l 
  • you’recryingtheyaresofunny
  • the meeting lasts shorter than expected so jumin comes home
  • he can hear your laughter as soon as he walks through the door, and follows the sound of it to the bedroom
  • you are rolling around the bed laughing
  • even the meeting was short, it was stressful and it didn’t go the way he had hoped.
  • hearing your laugh made everything feel better 
  • he stands in the door frame listening to it with his eyes closed until you notice him
  • and once you do, you show him the videos of the unfortunate cats
  • he thinks it’s a little cruel to laugh at them but there really is no harm
  • “As long as you are happy, MC.”


  • honestly, he would probably be the reason for your constant laughter
  • he’s also probably the same way
  • anything he says makes you laugh and he loves it
  • probably goes out of his way to make you laugh
  • will randomly (on purpose) fall over just because of how funny you think it is
  • can and will make dumb faces at you from across a room to make you laugh when you need to be serious 
  • can literally just make eye contact with you for a couple seconds and you will smile
  • he feels so good about himself whenever you break into a grin
  • he also laughs at his own jokes 
  • which makes you laugh
  • which makes him laugh
  • it’s a vicious cycle 
  • at this point, he’s pretty sure that he wouldn’t even make jokes if you weren’t around to laugh at them
  • what did he do to deserve you


  • he thinks you are the cutest
  • he doesn’t make many jokes but once you start laughing he does his best to keep you going for as long as he can
  • things that make him simply smirk make you roar with laughter and he thinks it is amazing
  • he probably thinks that your happiness is art
  • he cannot see but he is so glad he can hear
  • feels like he can see every color and shade through your laugh (he’s such an art hoe smh)
  • loves when he surprises you with kisses and/or hugs and you do that cute little surprised giggle


  • he doesn’t really get it
  • It’s not even that funny
  • Looks really confused at first
  • He does understand that you are happy though
  • Your laugh makes him smile
  • He really likes it
  • Like
  • Really
  • he thinks he may actually go insane without it
  • He’d never admit it
  • He loves when he makes you laugh. it’s never in purpose
  • He gets a little(very) jealous when anyone else makes you laugh
  • will kiss your neck just to hear your happy squeak/giggle 
  • He is happy whenever you are
  • He hopes you always stay that way

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Being a new age explorer in the year 3076 was thrilling. New species, elements, and planets to discover and name everywhere you went. You were expecting to find something strange on this new planet from your flyby of the terrain earlier, but you were never expecting to find... this. (Based on short story I'm working on for school, I'm excited to see your take on it!)

HI! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this (to all of them lol) but here is my take! COOL PROMPT BTW, you must have gotten an A or will be getting an A!

You’re not a sponsored pilot, which tends to limit just where you can go. Seems like Coca-Cola is scheduling a flight plan on every other new world, blocking out the little guy (ie you) from doing your job. Sure, their pilots are trained, like you, but they’re not great. They’re shiny sure, but you’ve seen a Wonder Bread pilot crash and burn on the side of a freakin’ moon so you’re not impressed.

Though, to be fair, not much impresses you these days. Excites you, sure, you don’t think there’s anything that will dull the excitement of finding something new, something different, something wonderful. But these new, different and wonderful things tend to be awful similar and you’re just…not impressed.

Sometimes, alone in your ship, staring into the endless night, you dream about the first discovery, the first flight, the first and wish you could feel it all again. Back then, there’d been no regulations for flight plans or first contacts, just you and your ship (and an oxygen tank) taking on the universe.  You crave that freedom like nicotine, like heroin, like love.

That craving is why you’re in the process of breaking the law.

“It’s not really breaking the law,” you say out loud. The words are drowned out by the roar of entering the atmosphere. Your scans tell you that this planet has 1.8X the gravity of Earth, which means you have to pay careful attention to entry so you don’t go crashing into the surface. “I’m not setting foot on the planet.”

You know that is a technicality and, moreover, not the worst part of what you’re doing. The worst part is that this is an unregistered planet, undiscovered, that doesn’t show up on any star map you have in your systems with a breathable atmosphere and you are not reporting it


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Their Reaction To Someone Close To Them Being Pregnant
  • Italy: He would so excited, this little Italian would practically explode! Italy would shower the expecting couple with so many gifts, they probably wouldn't have to buy anything. And he would do this even before the baby shower
  • Germany: Doitsu would give them the couple's best regards and send them a nice card with a gift card or gift certificate along with it. If Germany was close to the mother, he would take care of her when the father isn't around.
  • Japan: Japan would be unfazed by the news, because couples usually want children. But being the nice friend or relative he is, he would send them a nice little cute gift, like a good luck charm or a dream catcher for the baby.
  • America: PARRRRTAAAAAYY!!! WOOO! America would totally throw them this huge party and invite everyone he knew to it! Who cares if the couple doesn't know who that random guy is, these people are about to have a fREAKING AWESOME KID YO!!
  • England: Mr. Bushy Brows would be really happy for the couple! He would knit a little blanket for the baby when he/she was born. England would want to protect the baby with all costs, so he might even perform some black magic to keep demons away from the young child.
  • France: He would say "Ah, the magic of love~" when he first hears of the news. Then, France would go to a baby store and find the most beautiful baby things ((no matter what gender they were for cause he doesn't care about gender roles)) and buy them.
  • Russia: My baby would be so confused because he wouldn't understand that you are supposed to give the couple a gift or two at the baby shower. When he does hear the news, he would be slightly flustered, but happy at the same time! Russia would also go and consult Ukraine about the entire situation.
  • China: China would squeal in delight once he finds out that whomever is expecting. He would go on and on about how cute the baby would be and that the baby would grow up to be the nicest and sweetest kid in the world. He would go out and buy the cutest little things he can find for the parents and the baby.
  • Canada: This quiet Canadian would smile and say,"Congratulations!". Then he would find baby accessories with maple leaves and moose on it. Canada would give them maybe $500 dollars because he feels very happy for the couple and they need all they can get.
  • Prussia: "THAT'S AWESOOOOOOOOME!!!" would be Prussia's first reaction. He would go on and on how the child would be so awesome, but not as awesome as him of course. Somehow, Prussia would also find a shirt that says awesome with an arrow pointing up. He would even go as far as giving them an unbelievable amount of money because "An awesome baby needs an awesome amount of money from the awesome me~"
  • Romano: At first, Roma might even seem to care. Cause to him "babies happen". But really on the inside he was really happy for the couple and slightly wished that he could have a kid of his own. Oh tsunderes. Since he could "care less" he "wouldn't buy a gift and have Spain give it to the couple" cause he doesn't care.
  • Spain: Spain would be totally chill about it. He would also have a ton of fun shopping too, and he would force Romano to come along. Spain would literally spend 3 hours deciding what color he liked better and the robe that he was getting for, not his, but someone else's child.
  • Austria: Austria would say something snarky like "I knew it would happen sometime soon". And a week before the baby shower he would say "Oh yeah so and so are having a baby shower next week" and go out to Babies 'R' Us and buy the most expensive item there without even knowing it.
  • Hungary: She would literally be bouncing off the walls when she hears the news. Hungary may even pass out of excitement. Hungary would pamper the mother so the father can have a break from time to time, and she would buy cute little stuffed animals for the baby when she has free time.
  • Switzerland: Switzy would seem like he doesn't care that much at first ((just like Romano)), but slowly he begins to realize that having a baby is a big step in life. So instead of buying baby things at a story, cause you know spending money is a sin to him, he would try and make blankets and stuffed bunnies to the best of his ability. And when the father is away, he would protect the mother at all costs.
  • Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein would be very sweet and kind about it. She would always ask if the couple needs any help with anything, and would offer do run and get groceries and all of those little things that she can do to help. For a gift, Liechtenstein would give them a stuffed owl for the baby, which she hopes he/she will love forever.
  • Ukraine: She would be very happy for the couple, and may even start tearing up about it. Since she doesn't have a lot of money, Ukraine would make a scarf for the little baby just like she did for Russia. But when she goes to give the gift to the couple, she forgot that she couldn't see them because her boss told her not to and would run away crying and very upset.
  • Belarus: Belarus would literally not care at all. Even though it's the beginning of a new life, she would simply disregard it because she has better things to focus on in life. But after being pestered by Ukraine for a while, she gives in and decides to give the couple a coat for the baby, because you don't want him/her catching a cold and getting sick.

Word Count: 2238

Rated: PG

AN: would’ve been better but its late and I’m super tired.

The night was cold and the full moon made my heart pound against my chest. It wasn’t safe to be out this late on a full moon, anyone knew that, but unlike most smart people I always liked to test my luck. Sadly I often had bad luck.

The small village wasn’t safe at night, a rouge wolf had been lurking in our woods and the alpha of the pack wasn’t very happy about it. The wolf was a threat to us and we didn’t have any way to track him. The wolf must have been trained well for being a rouge seeings he hid and masked his scent to where there was no leads on where to track him down.

I looked around when I heard a whimper come from the woods. The familiar sound of whining echoed off the tress that surrounded the village. The village wasn’t too small but it wasn’t large. IT was just enough to hold our regular sized pack. There were no outsiders, but humans did live in our village including me. My mother was a turned werewolf by my father under certain circumstances, and my father was half. I got the recessive gene of being human. It wasn’t all that bad I had protection where I lived, and even though I was human I got along with all the werewolves.

I stopped halfway down the path to my house when a rustling came from the bushes. Curiosity killed the cat. I thought to myself as I made an attempt to walk towards the woods.  I knew I shouldn’t but I just felt some sort of pull towards whatever was out there.

Slowly my feet carried me over to the edge of the woods. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time but I knew that I needed to find out what was hiding. Why was I such an adventurer, why did I have to test my limits?

I walked through the small brush into the dark woods, which was slightly illuminated by the light of the moon above. I was intimidated by how the full moon hung in a taunting manner.

Another whine came from a wolf nearby casing me to walk a bit faster. My adrenaline was pumping and I was becoming more and more eager to find out what it was. Who it was. Was it the rouge?

I fell into a small clearing in the woods seeing a grey wolf not far from me. He looked familiar so I knew he was apart of the pack. His snout was sniffing and nudging at his left front leg that looked to be injured.

“Carter?” I asked quietly walking towards the gray wolf I had grown up with.

The ears of the wolf perked up and I noticed how alert he looked. Swiftly changing into his human form Carter jumped to his feet.

“No Y/N run!” He yelled holding his manhood to keep from scaring me. His left arm was bleeding badly and I knew he would need medical attention.

“Carter.” I said trying to take another step forward, but I paused when I noticed the movement of another person behind him.

Before I had the chance to warn my childhood friend that grew up to be one of our best patrollers the man behind him thrusted a knife into his side earning a loud yell to rise from Carters throat. My eyes widened with fear as I stared into the red eyes of the attacker. The glowed under the light of the moon, but he was no vampire they knew better than to trespass on a full moon. This was a wolf, a very legendary wolf. One that haunted my nightmares when I was younger.

My feet began to carry me back to the exit of the woods before my brain even processed what was happening.

The legend of the dark wolf. The tale says that he was a happy boy that grew up in a pack town in early England. Yet the boy was greedy and would do anything for more land and more power. He was young when he began taking over other English packs, also becoming the alpha of his own. He ruled over all packs demanding them to bow down and call him their king. It wasn’t until he began taking over Ireland when he killed the alpha of a very powerful pack, that alphas mate was a witch one among the most powerful of her kind- a pureblood. The moment she felt the connection leave between her and her mate she casted a spell among the boy making it so that no one loved him, and when it came time that he met his mate she would hate him as well. For years he searched for her going mad so mad that his eyes changed a red color and any pack that stood in his way he killed. Even the children, he adored them but he couldn't bare their sight because he couldn’t have one.

My breath came out in short pants as I pushed myself to keep running forward. I felt like my lungs were on fire and at any moment they would stop taking in the oxygen I so dearly needed.

The sound of feet behind me scared me because I knew it was him, he was following me. I was going to die. At least that’s what I thought. If he didn’t kill me, I would die from my lungs stopping.

A growl sounded from behind me before I was tackled to the ground. I let out a cry struggling to get away from the monster on top of me. His hands went under me flipping me around so I faced him. His red eyes glimmered in the dark evilly. Sucking in a deep breath I tried pulling away from him. He grinned sinisterly leaning his head down only making me want to become apart of the ground and disappear.

“Hello princess.” He spoke inhaling my scent like a dog. The irony there.

“Please let me go.” I whined wiggling around in his grasp.

“No can do my love. I have been searching for you for a millennium.” He smirked.

My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. No, this isn’t happening this is all just a bad dream like the ones I had when I was a child.

“Y-you killed Carter.”

“That mutt deserved it thinking he could get rid of me. I knew you were here. I could smell you a mile away, and now I have you.” He was speaking like a mad man. I was scared he was going to lock me up and hide me from the rest of the world.

I let out small noises as I tried to get away from him. The more I moved the more of his body weight he laid on me. I groaned wanting him to let go of me but nothing was working. The monster was not giving up.

I felt his hot tongue lick a stripe up my neck and nuzzle his cold nose into the skin behind my jawbone just under my ear. A shiver made its way down my spine in a sickening manner. Why me? At least I wasn’t dead.

His lips pressed against my neck in different areas. I whimpered in discomfort, but I don't  think he knew that because he began pressing open mouthed kissed on the other side of my neck until his soft lips met mine in a forced kiss.

I tired screaming through it in order to get him to stop but the man was determined. Slightly pressing harder with each second of my resistance. I could feel his hands greedily roam my body until they squeezed my sides tickling me in the process. A loud laugh left my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I didn’t expect that. But it was nice.

My mind was in a haze spinning either due to the fact I had fallen to hard or the heavenly mix of his cologne and the woods together.

Slowly I raised my hands and tangled them in his what felt like curly hair. For a moment I forgot where I was and who I was kissing until he pulled away with a smirk. I tried to catch my breath while holding the sides of his shirt it was as if he were going to disappear from me. My state of mind was scattered and I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.

As soon as I opened my eyes I was met by the bright glow of his own. “Goodnight my queen.” He spoke softly. His lips met mine once more before his head dipped down to the base of my neck and bit down hard enough to make me let out a soundless whimper. When the rouge wolf pulled away I could feel myself slip into an oblivion.

I could feel myself awakening. I was laying on something soft and warm. The fabric that covered me felt like silk, and the air around me was cold. I pulled the blankets closer to my body trying to keep warm. Sleep. I just wanted to sleep. My body ached for some odd reason but I didn’t care. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

I quickly remembered what had happened the night before and internally groaned. I felt like sleeping until I wouldn’t wake up. I am such an idiot. What did I do?

I sat up quickly only to be pulled back down by a strong arm.

“For fucks sake you move too damn much.” A raspy voice complained.

“Were am I?” I asked trying to sit up but he only pulled me to his chest.

His hard face was more relaxed in his half sleeping state. His chestnut curls covered his face and draped over his high cheekbones. His canine teeth were poking into his pink bottom lip, the lips that kissed me the night before. A scar stretched from the left corner of his jaw up to under his eye, across the bridge of is nose under his other eye, and it curled up under his temple.

Reaching my hand up I began slowly tracing the imperfection on his face. Before I could get under his first eye a hand harshly gripped my wrist.

“What are you doing?” He growled opening his eyes. They were green.

“I-I-I was just- you have beautiful eyes.” I babbled on.

“You my love are beautiful.” He rasped bringing me closer to his chest. His accent made my heart flutter and I had to remind myself he killed Carter. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Did you think I would forgive you so easily? You killed my friend.” I let out a small cry.

“Well I hoped you would understand.”

“So the legend is true, you’re a heartless monster.” I snapped pulling out of his grasp.

“Hardly my love.”

I stared at his green eyes wondering why they weren’t still red. Does he wear contacts? I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at the monster before me. He didn’t seem so monstrous he looked soft and warm.

“Where am I?” I changed the subject wanting to go home to the comforts of my bed where my brother would come and wake me up with an asshole way he would plan out.

“My mansion in England love.” He replied. “I need to announce to my pack that we now have a luna after so many years.” He smiled closing his eyes. His teeth were prefect and white, his pink tongue was pressed against them in a playful manner.

How could this playful boy be the fears of my dreams?

“England?” I croaked realizing I was a whole continent away. “What about my family? I have friends and school. I have a job.”

“I’m your family.” He growled the smile instantly melting off of his beautiful face. “You are my queen, and you will rule next to me. You will bear my children and you will take care of them. Goddammit you will love me like you’ve never been in love before.” The vein in his neck was sticking out and I was beginning to think he was going to tackle me like the other night.

He sat in bed before getting out and pacing around nude. He was nude. Heaven help what my eyes have seen and can not unsee. I squealed covering them hiding my head under the black silk blankets. I cannot believe this man he was demanding I love him and then walking around nude.

“How did I even get here?”

“You were out about three days.” He replied nonchalantly.


How is that even possible?

“Please let me go.” I begged uncovering my head so I could look at him.

With one swift movement he was hovering above me staring deeply into my eyes. I could see the gears turning in his head but his face was stone cold. I knew he was a monster I knew he was unable to feel the emotion of others. He would never let me go.

“You’re not leaving, you will love me even if I have to make you.”

“It wouldn’t be so hard if you were nice.” I snapped trying to push him away from me.

“I get what I want, love.” He replied running his nose against my cheek. “Including you.”

seconds-and-centuries  asked:

Hi! I'm sure you get this a lot, but I've just seen your ACNL map on my dashboard and I was wondering how you made it. c: I'd love to do something like that to help me plan my town but I wouldn't even know where to begin! I looked through your "anne plays new leaf" tag but couldn't seem to find anything on how to make a map like that, I'm sorry for bothering you if there's a guide or something on your blog already that I just couldn't find;; Thanks very much!

oh wow, i wasn’t expecting that to get more than maybe a handful of likes lol.

hello, though! i hope you won’t mind me publishing this on the offchance anyone else is curious–it’s really quite simple, actually, but i’ll give a few tips. there are probably better ways to do this, but this is how i go about it.


firstly, you just need MSpaint, and some patience.

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you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece, i/iii
gen, pynch I 3800 words I pg13 I soulmate au


Watching Richard Gansey from afar was made worse by his constant shadow, Ronan Lynch.

It wasn’t that Adam listened to the comments from other Aglionby boys about “the brain and the brawn” or took any of their gold-plated opinions into account.
It was the fearless, almost insubordinate, nature of Ronan’s rolled up sleeves.

Two handprints encircled his wrists, a deep violet, darker than any mark Adam had ever seen. Gansey sported a matching color on both palms, as if he’d dipped them completely in paint.

They were untouchable. They were never alone.

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Sunday Morning

Based on this by @pammspamm ! Their art brings me so much happiness when I see it on my dash, it legit dragged me out of my unproductive writer’s block! I just discovered the blog today, though I’d seen their art before, and if you haven’t, I highly recommend checking them out! I’m pretty sure I sent an ask to them already telling them just how amazing their art was, but I figured, why not write a whole fic about it, lol. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I wrote about a thousand in appreciation for that drawing, but it still won’t compare- I hope I don’t offend the artist with this trash lmao xD

I’m going to stop rambling now~

Thanks, @chunbunny  and @katryusha for being my betas <3

Days like these were rare.

Alfred had a lot on his plate. Pursuing further education and doing odd jobs to keep them financially stable was only some of it. He was more mature than he let on and spent most of his time working or studying during the week. 

They didn’t have time to be together as a couple. When Arthur would wake up, his boyfriend would already be out the door. Maybe if he set an alarm, he’d have time for a quick peck on the lips or a rushed breakfast, but most of the time he’d have to settle for a phone call or a loving text. 

When they’d first met, it was puppy love. The emerald-eyed realist didn’t expect them to last long. It was like a starched fairy tale for dreamers with their head stuck in the clouds. Not for someone like him.

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congrats on 1k!!! i hope i'm not too late for the prompt thing D: Prompt: To Raven, he said, "I knew I couldn't be the only one." And let's just say a little lonely boy decides he doesn't want others like him to be alone either (okay, and -he pretends not to think- maybe he'll get more friends, too). so charles may get his recruiting started a taaaaaad early. (maybe bb!charles & bb!raven trying to surreptitiously smuggle a bunch of unwanted bb!mutants into the mansion? or an xmfc!au?)


 said: Ah, so the post is here: ginchycomics(.)tumblr(.)com/post/38313802973/when-called-they-each-came-for-different-reasons — my 1st thought when I saw it was ‘wow Tony is so much better at recruiting than Erik & Charles are’, and now all I can do is wonder how the road trip in XMFC would go if they did have Tony with them?:’) Much more successful, much more stressful, both at once?? Would that be an AU you’d enjoy writing? Because if not, feel free to just delete and forget all about it))

Combining prompts because everyone said that they’d be okay with it however many weeks months ago when I asked. XD  I’m sorry for such a long wait! As a reminder, I am not accepting any more prompts right now. Thanks for understanding! Other prompts I’ve already answered for this ‘event’ can be found here.


“I don’t know,” Charles says uncertainly, which, granted, is a feeling he experiences often whenever Tony decides to invite himself over for the day (which is a lot of the time, so really Charles should be used to it by now). “I mean, it would be cool to meet others with powers, of course, but really, what are the odds?”

“What are the odds? What are the odds?” Tony looks at Charles like he’s crazy, which is really unfair because if any of the three of them sitting underneath the slide in the sand at the park are crazy, it’s Tony. “What are the odds of you and Raven being the only two mutants in existence and also just so happening to meet each other? There has to be more of you. I bet we’re surrounded by mutants.”

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I just want to say this about the whole incident with Namjoon in Australia because I am seeing a lot of posts about it. I saw a particularly popular post that went into the nuances of the Korean language and the different words used for “dark” and “black” and whatnot.

That’s really fascinating and informative, but I have to say that is not the point, and it ignores the reason so many fans are upset with him.

That particular “joke” was in very poor taste. Better yet, it was a really shitty joke. It’s a shitty joke in Korean, and it’s a shitty joke in English. It literally doesn’t matter which language he used to say it because it’s the same comment in both languages. I cannot stress enough that it does not matter which language you choose to use when you make fun of someone’s skin color. 

I see people commenting that they have probably joked about one another’s skin color amongst themselves. While that’s fine and dandy during their own personal time, Namjoon is a public figure who travels to different countries to perform in front of people who are not of Korean descent, who often have skin a lot darker than his. He is going to places that are much more diverse than Korea. He is going to places where people are told they are ugly because they have darker skin. He is Bangtan’s leader, and if they are going to continue to travel to other countries and do interviews and be successful, then he needs to watch what he says and recognize when he screws up. That goes for anyone in the industry, not just him.

If we as non-Koreans are supposed to understand that skin color/tone jokes are “okay” in Korean culture and language, why can’t we expect someone as intelligent and well-traveled as Namjoon to understand why that is not okay in other cultures?

If this was any other idol group I would simply shake my head and assume they’ll stay ignorant. But I like Namjoon, I like him so much that I want him to know that he pissed a lot of people off, I want him to know why people are pissed, and I want him to apologize. I just want him to be aware of what he says so people who are not neck deep in this fandom like I am won’t have negative things to say about him or this group. I just want him to do better.

(Open Rp)

“Samantha Marie, don’t argue with me! Just take it!” Damion shouted. “I don’t have to! I’ll be fine without it!” Samantha shouted back at him. The two had been arguing for the past few minutes because Samantha refused to take her medicine. If this kept going, Damion was thinking about forcing her to take it. “If you don’t take it you’ll be throwing up blood again like all the other times you didn’t take it and you’ll still have to take it to get it to stop!” Samantha crossed her arms and her eye color had been a dark blue from the moment the arguing started. “I don’t care! I’m going to drink that crap!" 

Damion’s eyes went black and he took a deep breath. If Amber found out that Samantha didn’t take her medicine then she would kill him. What was he supposed to do? He didn’t want to have to force her to take it. "Samantha, just take the damn medicine and be done with this, okay?!” He was trying to be nice but it was hard for him since was demon. “I said, no!!” She replied back. “And nothing will get me to take it." 

  • A S H T O N: You and Ashton were friends long before he asked you out. You knew he was outgoing and funny and loud, so it was a surprise to you when your date came along and he could barely hold a conversation. When the night came to an end, you two were standing on your door step when you decided to ask him about his strange behavior. "I know you, Ash, you're not quiet like this. Is something wrong? Did I say something?" You ask him. He's quick to shake his head, offering you a reassuring smile before explaining. "I dunno, it's just-" He pauses to collect his thoughts, scuffing the toe of his shoe on the ground. "It was easy to just be friends with you and laugh and be dumb but now.. you know how I feel about you and it makes me feel… nervous, I guess. I'm sorry." You can't help but stare in bewilderment; you made him nervous? You thought it would be the other way around, everyone loved Ashton. You can't help but wrap your arms around the taller boy's shoulders before pulling away and giving his dimpled cheek a quick pinch. "Well stop being nervous, because I like you a whole bunch and I kinda wish you'd kiss me already." Ashton chuckles in surprise, "oh my god." before giving your lips a sweet peck and waving you goodnight.
  • C A L U M: You were in that stage of dating where you kissed at the end of dates, but not randomly when you felt like it or whenever Calum was admiring your lips when you spoke. So when Calum took you on a lunch picnic, you weren't sure what to expect. You two were laying side by side, watching the clouds make shapes in the sky when his head lolled to face yours. "Can I kiss you?" He asks, watching for your reaction. You turn to face him in surprise, noses barely brushing when you do. You can't help but smile when you see his own shy, toothy grin, and you quickly agree with a nod of your head. Calum tilts his chin to meet your lips in a short but sweet kiss. "Can I kiss you again?" He asks, feeling as if the breath had been knocked out of his chest. You can't help but giggle. "You don't have to ask me, Calum." You tell him. You watch as his cheeks redden. "oh." You laugh airily agin and take it into your own hands to kiss him again.
  • L U K E: Kissing Luke was great. Kissing Luke on his bed was even better. You couldn't help but imagine how great it would be to kiss him without the separating layer of clothing between you two, just to feel as close as possible. He had already taken your shirt off, his fingers already traveling down the length of your back to feel undiscovered skin. So, you were kind of confused when he pulled away from you when you tried to pull his own shirt over his head. "I'm sorry, is this too far?" You ask, backtracking your actions and already searching the floor for your own top. "No, no no," Luke grabs your wrists, pulling you back over to him. His cheeks are flaming red, and his fingers twist at the hem of his black shirt. "It's just- I'm a teenage guy, right? So I'm growing weirdly and I hate it and I look uneven and-" You interrupt his rambling with a gentle kiss to his lips. "Why would I judge you for something you can't control? Something natural?" You ask. His head drops, and you rake your fingers through his blonde locks soothingly. "It's fine if you don't want to, I understand. I get self conscious sometimes too." Luke traces up your arm before speaking. "I want to." He pulls his shirt over his head and you marvel at the smooth planes of his broad chest and the tiny swell of his tummy. "Everyone is a work of art. Their shapes and colors and flaws-" You pause to kiss a freckle on his neck. "Just make them unique. You, Luke Hemmings, are my favorite work of art."
  • M I C H A E L: You stared down at your boyfriend as his blanket slipped past his neck, revealing his freshly shaven jaw and smooth skin of his throat. You really craved kissing the place his head met his neck, a crook of his body you couldn't get enough of. But his attention was on the television in front of you both, and kissing him there would require bending your neck in an odd way so you made a mental note to save it for when you're both tucked into bed later that night. "You're so pretty," You decided on saying instead, brushing his hair off of his forehead and watching his blue/green eyes flick up to you. A pretty pink flushed his cheeks as he tugs the blanket back up to cover his face. "No 'm not," He protests. "Michael," You whine, taking the blanket from his hands. "Look at me. Please, baby?" He reluctantly rolls over, an embarrassed smile on his face. You trace his red lips with the tip of your finger, admiring the fullness of his lower lip. You then can't help but boop his little nose before leaning down and kissing his forehead. "I think you're adorable," You tell him with a content sigh. But you're quick to correct yourself when you see his pout. "But, in the most punk rock way ever."

anonymous asked:

What do you make of this whole Luhan colorist comment shituation? I'm Kris biased, I love that boy, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed in how he seemed to make the situation worst, somehow?

It’s a little early in the day for the napalm but I’ll bite the bait. Anyone who is unwilling to be objective about anything in life, don’t bother reading this. Also the fact that we collectively seem to give more of a shit about what some kpop idol has to say about a semi-social quasi-racial issue makes me weep tears of blood but whatever, I guess not all of us have priorities when it comes to deciding who is relevant and who is not. 

Luhan is a young boy in China and has little exposure to the western world beyond whatever mediums of art, expression and entertainment he chooses to peruse. He is probably not aware of the heated debates that surround race and politics, and he is probably not aware of the practices of untouchability and apartheid beyond a small reference one of his textbooks in middle school. He is like many other kids in the many parts of Asia that are seeing the fruit of globalization and new technology but not necessarily the information exchange that accompanies the same.

Few years later, this same kid with the same amount of education and slightly more exposure gets famous, but Asia-famous. He still has limited reach when it comes to interacting with people from the west or even knowing much about them beyond Hollywood movies or rap music. He’s not out there engaging in lengthy discussions about Sierra Leone and he’s not out there talking about the perverseness of equating skin color with self worth. He’s grown up not knowing that skin color is an issue for many people, and he is taught to talk about it lightly because everyone around him does the same. It isn’t necessarily used in a bad context but it’s something that is less desirable than clear, pale skin. Maybe he’s seen other people who have darker skin get teased maybe he hasn’t- the whole point here is that he seems to be inherently insensitive to that perspective . To him, this is not about him shitting on skin color or a race or bunch of races, it’s about the fact that his skin is, in his opinion, better than Tao. I don’t hear him talking smack about how he’s fair unlike Tamilians or Nigerians so this whole racism/colorism argument loses some ground there. He’s simply being an insensitive dipshit who thinks fair skin is important, like many other millions of people in Asia. But of course, it’s a shitty opinion and a shitty thing to say and it’s too bad that we live in a world where not everyone is as aware as you’d like them to be yeah. In no way am I defending what he said and his right to say it.

As a POC myself I don’t take offense at what he said because I know he’s some dumb kid with no idea of the weight of his words, who is famous as an entertainer and not as some political leader. Does that mean I condone what he said?? Hell no, drag him for all I care but I’m not gonna sit by and put some mandate on him either. (also, I’ve grown up in a gross environment where people see fair skin as a must-have to qualify as good-looking; all that is now changing but slowly. These systems that perpetuate these thoughts and opinions are far deeper than IMO semi-literate popstars. Be glad that his influence doesn’t extend to his thoughts and opinions but only as far as his new haircut or that dance move he pulled off on stage the other day. If he is being taken seriously as a role model, then yeah that definitely does suck but then again people have all kinds of fucked up role models so any counter-argument to this gets too reliant on the individual level (the counter to that counter argument being that there are many impressionable people out there looking for role models in all the wrong places, or relying too much on their “idols” and their opinions). I am rarely arsed to take the opinion of any artist or entertainer on any matter seriously because that’s not what they’re good at and yes I know this sounds harsh. 

People hating on EXO, calling them out on the fact that they don’t actually air their opinions, and then bashing them right now don’t get one thing- these kids aren’t being reared to be eloquent debaters, they’re being reared to look pretty and earn money. You want real opinion and real debate, you’re in the wrong place buddy. Stop expecting unexposed asian kids masquerading as celebrities/corporate puppets to know anything. They are products of the very same system they are being sold to; however, we as international fans have the right and the privilege of being exposed enough to decide for ourselves what we choose to accept and what we choose to reject. 

We are doomed if we are to start setting store by what someone who has less exposure than us has to say about such things. It is unfortunate that he is famous enough for people to buy the shit he says but that’s how it is- you can’t control people and feed what to say into their heads no matter how hard you try (going back to the role model argument on an individual level). You can try to be his agent, his manager, his company and do that, that’s fine. But you as a consumer cannot dictate what he’s going to say next. All you can hope for is for that change to happen eventually, wherein people in Asia can stop prizing fair skin and accept darker tones. There are many explanations for why various asian cultures do so- some explanations involve colonization, some involve ancient local opinions on the importance of fair skin. 

As far as Kris goes, from what I saw he was trying to defuse the situation. Take note of the fact that this is not some event, no, this is some sponsored commercial obligation wherein they have to sit and talk cock to justify the paycheck they’re getting for endorsing these cosmetics. That isn’t the forum for them to showcase their social justice blogger tendencies. Their job is to say entertaining shit, sell the product and go back to their practice room to prepare for the next moneymaking album. From the body language, whatever I could read said that he was uncomfortable, and if he was laughing, it was not because he found it funny but because he was trying to laugh it off. He did what he could, and that’s about it. I’d hazard a guess and say that he’s not been up to the leader role and he’s gotten rusty- the OT12 promotions with Suho in charge have faded his sense of responsibility but if they put him as leader for exo this year when they promote in China he will have to bring back his game from under the bottom of the ocean.

All in all, I think it this whole thing is another example in fat fat book of ‘ways in which Asia and America are different’ but I don’t expect anything from any idol. It’s nice when someone like Jonghyun steps up for a minority, but that’s an exception and not the norm. Looking for better role models is what I would suggest. 

Selfie Situation

Title: Selfie Situation

Pairing: Joel/Ray (Roosterteeth)

Rating: T

Summary: Ray would say that if you really really wanted to pinpoint the blame on someone, it would have to be Joel, for even starting the whole selfie exchange.

aka "At least you didn’t actually show any skin?“

Word Count: 1.8k  (this was meant to be a short one, man, what the hell)

Notes: I was supposed to be doing my uni applications, but my hand slipped? (oops.) Inspired by this wonderfully hilarious tweet by Meg Turney (link is NSFW because of the background), and adapted into the context of Joelay, because why not.

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Perfect Nightmare (Chapter 2)

TITLE: Perfect Nightmare


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Drama, dark, romance

FIC SUMMARY: Iona moves to London and falls in love with a handsome man called Loki. But she soon finds out he’s not everything he seems to be.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for now, but future chapters will become dark. 



Iona screamed out as she couldn’t see a thing. To Loki’s surprise, and delight, she turned around and grabbed onto him. Her arms tightly around his waist as she buried her face into his chest.

‘It’s alright, darling. Just a power failure or something.’ He smirked as he put his arms around the terrified girl.

'I’m scared. I hate the dark. I hate small spaces as it is.’ Loki could hear the distress and nervousness in her voice. He almost started to feel bad for causing the lift to stop with his magic. But then, the feeling of her soft bare skin under his hands made him think again.

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