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You handled the issue so well. I appreciate that so much! I'm sorry that you've got some weird feelings about drawing Jumin right now. It'll probably fade as you get further from this issue, I understand having weird shamey feelings tied up in making a decision that other people gently correct you about. If it helps, maybe work on kid AU for a bit with some fun sketches of Taemin? Remind yourself of the cool stuff that Jumin is responsible for haha? Anyway please have a good day!

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Yeah hehe it’s no one’s fault tho, it’s my fault because i used a reference i know nothing of ;;; && it might be just the anxiety talking – weird shamey feelings!! you put it into words!! I feel it so much right now :D :D :D I actually appreciate those who were polite about it && took the time to explain it to me ♥ (not so much the lowkey rude ones eek) but yeah it’s not their fault – it’s mine and I deserve these shamey feels and I think I’m going to drown wallow in it for a bit longer :D

I’m at work right now so here is a small apology thing for everyone
((I used my lunch break to change the jumin comic))

anyway thank you for your kind words
i’m going to stop spamming everyone’s feed now hhhh so sorry i’ve been posting too much in a row


Dorky White Parents👨🏻 #hootyhoo

When your country’s at war, but you gotta find your sweetheart.

First things first. (*´▽`*)