Heeey in all seriousness don’t say shit like ” He’s unfunny and wants attention and money ” about PewDiePie.

He’s doing great at what he does.

Every human wants attention ( yes, even you. ) and also PewDiePie donates to charity. He’s done bad stuff in the past but look at him now. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I’ll admit not mine either, but I dont think you should say that about him and see the good stuff he did.

Some people find him unfunny BUT others find him funny, that’s that.

cisco in every episode
1.01: pilot 

I thought if S.T.A.R. Labs could do something nice for the community, maybe people wouldn’t be so angry at Dr. Wells anymore.


AMC’s Humans teaser trailer

This scene shouldn’t take too long to animate, I thought. I should get this done today, I thought. This should be simple to do, I thought.


More work in progress stuff. Got some walk cycles I made herehere and here, and this preview here, all for a project I’ve been working on for several months now.

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deviantArt: SupaCrikeyDave


Thallen- Teaching!AU
(Idea nicked from the ever amazing catvampcrazines)

“Well Mister Allen.” Eddie rummaged through a draw underneath the bench pulling out the bottle of scotch hidden under a stack of old books
“You survived your first day.” He said as he poured two glasses. “I think that’s cause for celebration don’t you?” 

Before I go to bed, some food for thought: Is Fujimaki a bad writer for having Seirin win, or is he a good writer for making us care about Kaijou so much