;wild wasteland

a brave new world ;

"What did ya do?”

"Nothin’! It wasn’t nothin’ when it started, Hatchy got a dog stuck in his hatch and I opened it—"

There’s an angry shout from Nemo as he examines the half a dog left on the ground of the control room of the X-8 main control, refraining from lashing out, either at the robots or the deceased pup, out of sheer respect. It’s not long before the Spine greets the scene either, limping along but he doesn’t seem too concerned with the current situation, and Nemo knows that it’s an entirely different emergency. 

"What is it"

"…Those brains are back, boss" he grumbles, eyes fixating on Nemo, who seems justa bout ready to burst at every one of his seams. "…and they brought someone in. There’s someone on the balcony"

"…but they don’t know we’re still here— th’ brains, I mean"

"No, I got everyone out as fast as I could— Ophie and Lovelace are safe"

"Ne-mo, we should not leave this room. Who knows what the tem-por-al shift might have done to the rest of the cra-ter""

"No, you lot are stayin’ put. ‘M gonna go see what’s goin’ on"

"Neems, bee careful, okay?" Rabbit adds, but Nemo’s already left the facility, and bolting towards the elevator to the Think Tank.