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Dragonborn Paladin. I’m a big believer that not all paladins should be squeeky clean and operate out of holy temples. Some are chosen in the wild and wastelands by old gods seeking their champions. 

cynicaldeino  asked:

I honestly hope Obsidian makes the next Fallout. I feel like New Vegas was just as much of a love letter to the original Fallouts as it was a kick ass sequel. 3 was a good game, and I've heard mixed reviews about 4, but I think Obsidian would make a MUCH better game. I guess we'll have to wait until after Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

I really like the game mechanics that NV brought to the table. The companion wheel, crafting/ modding weapons and ammo, gambling, “Wild Wastelander” perk. I loved the impact these had on the game.
I think the storyline was almost to big for the game. The final decision in the game determines an atomic fuck load of power shift for almost the entire West Coast and a good portion of the Midwest. I have a theory that this was a power play Obsidian used to claim that part of the Fallout universe. If that’s the case I’m super excited to see how they play off the whole Hoover Dam decision. Regardless, I would love to see any Fallout content published by either company. I feel like that might be a long time from now though.

here’s a bunch of songs for u

You’re The One For Me- Great Good Fine Ok

Strange Enough- Verite

Wasteland- Verite

Hurricane- Halsey

Hold Me Down- Halsey

When I’m Away- The Colourist

Long Way Down- Robert DeLong

Searching For Silence- Urban Cone

Wild Ones- Bahari

I Can’t Stop Drinking About You- Bebe Rexha

Hypnotic- Zella Day (ok so this song I memorized it a long time ago cause I love it a lot and it’s been  while so I thought I forgot most of it but I didn’t and oh god this is a good song)

Memorials- Laurel

Motley Crew- Thomston

alright I think that’s all i’m going to do for now, but maybe shoot me a message if you ever want another?

Warped Tour 2016 Setlists

If you have a setlist, message me so I can add it. This is just who I’ve been able to find so far.

Against The Current
-Running With The Wild Things
-Young & Relentless

-Come and Go
-Simple Type
-Human Machines
-Playing In Traffic
-Damaged Kids
-Coffee Talk

Cane Hill
-True Love
-Sunday School
-You’re So Wonderful
-(The New) Jesus
-Time Bimb

Chelsea Grin
-Skin Deep
-Playng With Fire
-Broken Bonds
-Cheyne Stokes
-My Damnation

Crown The Empire
-The Fallout
-Makeshift Chemistry

-People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play
-A Hundred Crowns
-Cloud 9

Falling In Reverse
-Roling Stone
-I’m Not A Vampire
-Bad Girls Club
-The Drug In Me Is You
-Situations (Cover)
-Just Like You

Four Year Strong
-We All Float Down Here
-What The Hell Is A Gigawatt
-Go Down In History
-Find My Way Back
-Who Cares?
-It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
-Wasting Time

I See Stars
-Mobbin’ Out
-Ten Thousand Feet
-Filth Friends Unite
-Running With Scissors
-New Demons
-Murder Mitten

Ice Nine Kills
-Me, Myself, nnd Hyde
-The Nature Of The Beast
-Let’s Bury The Hatchet…In Your Head
-Bloodbath & Beyond
-Communion Of The Cursed
-Hell In Hallways
-The Coffin Is Moving

In Hearts Wake

-Pokemon Theme Song
-Young And Dumb
-The Realest
-Mad At Myself
-Blue Wall

Knuckle Puck
-But Why Would You Care?
-Bedford Falls
-No Good

Less Than Jake(?)
-The Ghost Of You And Me
-Gainesville Rock City
-Good Enough
-The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
-Great American Sharpshooter
-Goodbye Mr. Personality
-Look What Happened
-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Masked Intruder
-The Most Beautiful Girl
-25 To Life
-Unrequited love
-I Fought The Law
-How Do I Get To You
-If Only
-Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt
-Hey Girl
-Why Don’t You Love Me In Real Life
-Crime Spree
-Wish You Were Mine
-Stick‘em Up

Mayday Parade
-Keep In Mind, Transmogrification 
-Is A New Technology
-Oh Well, Oh Well
-Black Cat
-Lets Be Honest
-When You See My Friends 
-Jamie All Over

Motionless In White
-Devil’s Night
-Immaculate Misconception
-Break The Cycle

New Found Glory
-All Downhill From Here
-Hit Or Miss
-Ready & Willing
-Failure’s Not Flattering
-Vicious Love
-My Friends Over You

Oceans Ate Alaska
-Vultures & Sharks
-High Horse
-To Catch A Flame

Real Big Fish
-Another F.U. Song
-Sell Out
-Take On Me

Real Friends
-Lat Nights In My Car
-I Don’t Love You Anymore
-Skin Deep
-Stay In One Place
-Cold Quicker
-Loose Ends

Set It Off
-Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
-Forever Stuck In Our Youth
-Bleak December
-Something New
-Ancient History
-The Haunting
-Why Worry

Sleeping With Sirens
-We Like It Loud
-Kick Me
-Do It Now, Remember It Later
-Better Off Dead
-Go Go Go
-If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
-If You Can’t Hang

State Champs
-Shape Up
-Perfect Score
-Simple Existence
-All You Are Is History
-Losing Myself

The Maine
-English Girls
-Girls Do What They Want
-Diet Soda Society
-Am I Pretty?
-Like We Did
-Everything I Ask For
-Growing Up

The Story So Far
-Heavy Gloom
-Empty Space
-All Wrong
-The Glass

The Word Alive
-Made This Way
-Face To Face
-Life Cycles

Tonight Alive
-To Be Free
-Lonely Girl
-I Defy
-Power Of One
-The Edge
-How It Feel

Too Close To Touch
-Pretty Little Thing
-The Air In Me
-Hell To Pay
-Sinking So Long
-Nerve Ending

-Toxic Pretender
-Year Of The Rat
-Piss Up A Rope
-Pretty Grim
-We Ate The Horse You Rode On
-Holy Hell

-The Mixture
-Feels Good

-Natural Blue

We The Kings
-Say You Like Me
-Love Again
-I Feel Alive
-Just Keep Breathing
-Skyway Avenue
-Check Yes Juliet

-Mark Of The Blade
-Elitist Ones
-Our Endless War
-The Saw Is The Law
-This Is Exile

With Confidence
-London Lights
-We’ll Be Okay

-With You Around
-Lights And Sounds
-Fave Becomes Four
-Way Away
-Only One
-Ocean Avenue

Young Guns
-I Want Out 
-Brother In Arms
-Rising Up
-Winter Kiss

Badlands’ is kind of like my only universe. I think it’s representative of a state of mind. For me, there’s a booming metropolis inside of ‘Badlands’ - that’s where my cognitive activity happens and that’s where I’ve been living, if you will, for the past few months. Then ultimately I made the decision to leave and venture out into the wild, isolated wasteland that surrounds the 'Badlands’. It’s just wide open desert. So it is my universe; it’s just my universe as interpreted by me.

a brave new world ;

“What did ya do?”

“Nothin’! It wasn’t nothin’ when it started, Hatchy got a dog stuck in his hatch and I opened it–”

There’s an angry shout from Nemo as he examines the half a dog left on the ground of the control room of the X-8 main control, refraining from lashing out, either at the robots or the deceased pup, out of sheer respect. It’s not long before the Spine greets the scene either, limping along but he doesn’t seem too concerned with the current situation, and Nemo knows that it’s an entirely different emergency. 

“What is it”

“…Those brains are back, boss” he grumbles, eyes fixating on Nemo, who seems justa bout ready to burst at every one of his seams. “…and they brought someone in. There’s someone on the balcony”

“…but they don’t know we’re still here– th’ brains, I mean”

“No, I got everyone out as fast as I could– Ophie and Lovelace are safe”

“Ne-mo, we should not leave this room. Who knows what the tem-por-al shift might have done to the rest of the cra-ter”“

"No, you lot are stayin’ put. ’M gonna go see what’s goin’ on”

“Neems, bee careful, okay?” Rabbit adds, but Nemo’s already left the facility, and bolting towards the elevator to the Think Tank. 


(Fallout 3 Dance!) Wasteland Adventures!


Let’s Fall In Love - Tank Girl