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“Our Wi-Fi is down downstairs.”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Our Wi-Fi needs to be rebooted. They said it’s up here.”
“Are you sure you want me? Shouldn’t you be going to Red?”
“Come on.”
“Okay. I need to reboot up here
and downstairs.”

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Alli nodded, "Will, if me or Joe or Zarah can help more let us know. You know we will. You guys are our family too. Okay?" She said, watching him carefully, "Maybe we should go back inside. See how they're doing." She suggested.

Alli reached over to touch Will’s shoulder, “Wi-” she stopped herself “Dad, this can’t be any easier for you, you’ve been here helping and holding everyone up, being strong for us all. How are yo-” Before she could finish the fire alarm went off and she jumped up. She saw a nurse running over, “Doctor something happened in the children’s ward, luckily it seems only a few were hurt, but a girl took most of the damage.” Was it Zarah? No, that thought was silly, It couldn’t be Zarah. Right?
Nico crashed. And he felt it. Pregnant? “Quick hand me the…” No he can’t be pregnant. “I’m doing a quick run over on his stats!” That wasn’t possible. “I need that now!” He woul-would “I’m doing my best!” Die. “Please let me in to see my husband!” Will? “Nurse Richards,” the doctor said firmly, “You seem to have gotten the results wrong he’s not pregnant he…”

Nico tried to stay conscious, but it was coming in waves. One minute he was looking at the doctors with bleary vision, the next he couldn’t see or hear anything. He heard Will’s voice, and he tried to call out to him, but his voice wasn’t working. He wanted to be awake. He wanted Will to hold him and tell him what was going on. He wanted to make sure Carter was okay. He wanted-

Haii guise lok at dis pikture  from wen i was preggnensat withh @wisconsin-shenanigans‘s babieeses! Dey r up 4 adpttion bc wis didn wan 2 help mi taek care of dem DX!11!1 But itz okai i still luv him nd da godfathr @maurypovichshenanigans iz helpin me 4 noaw. But if any of u want to adopt mah children pls pls do dey r vary sweat and feisty. 

There namez r Linda, Lucius, Gladys, Ava, Warren, Harri, Violet, Fred, Trina CX they r ech a circel of he’ll n i luv dem ver y much so teak good care of dem!11!1!1 

send a massage if u went 2 adopt!11!111

xoxo Beelz

























With a frustration present in his body language as he clenched his jaw a bit and handled his phone in a rough manner, Kai sighed,“The wi-fi out here sucks. Must take days to download porn.” He grimaced as he reset his phone to see if that was the problem to why his snapchat wouldn’t load in the coffee shop he was standing in. 

Imagine You're A Part of the Supernatural Cast And

You always try to make the boys laugh during takes and it turns out that most of the bloopers from the gag reel were caused by you.

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