Day 7

It’s been one week since the ordinance was posted. In that time I have had to strip a Sunspear of the job and reassign another. Leadership off the battlefield is still a cryptic dance I am stumbling to learn. There is a sawy and way of the world that I trouble to grasp. If t he ways of arcane and the ebb and flow of battle can be learned then I will learn this as well in time.

So far on the front of using guards I have not heard of even one attack, perhaps this Hunter is as much a coward as their mask would indicate. Is it possible that merely increasing numbers is enough to cause him to hide? That seems overly optimistic but I would still prefer it. I don’t want to hear more blood was spilled because we were to slow.

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I remember staying on a hostel in New York once that was coed; the room was coed, which was a disaster. I was like, the only girl, the rest were all rugby players from Australia…[crowd cheers], nooooo, not ‘woo’, like it was, ‘wh-oaaaah’, it was bad…and the toilet didn’t work…
—  Tatiana Maslany on her travel adventures.

creek-nymph  asked:

Do you know if scaleless ball pythons are any more difficult to care for than a regular ball python? They're so gorgeous but they look so fragile for some reason lol. Do they still shed??

They absolutely still shed. We do not know how a scaleless ball python operates, unfortunately, because Brian at BHB cut off all contact about the project with those who bought scaleless heads from him. No one knows. The female he hatched disappeared and the male looked awful. The two major people working on it now, Brock Wagner and Winston, have vowed to be as open as possible about the animals. That’s why we’re getting so many pictures now!

Other snakes that are scaleless, such as corns and Texas Rats, lead perfectly normal lives. I’m not sure about how the venomous scaleless that have been found operate, since I have personally not seen any posts from the owners of scaleless venomous.

I really hope the scaleless ball pythons are healthy. This project is something that can kick off reptile keeping again, since the ‘08 crash really REALLY hurt the hobby as a whole (though it bounced back pretty hard, people who cry about the market don’t know what they’re talking about tbh). 

There are those who don’t want the scaleless to become popular because a lot of the variety in reptile keeping falls to the wayside when popular ball python morphs come out. There are some shows which are wall to wall ball pythons, which sucks! 

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see. They’re going to update us every step of the way!

If you’d like to see the full text, where WInston talks about how the babies hatched, you can read it here.

“So that’s wh—” the tall blonde couldn’t finish her sentence as they were in a conversation with the other and felt heavy kicks inside her stomach, her face turning from all smiley to serious in no time. “ - holly fuck!” she screamed as the pain was only getting stronger, squeezing her eyes, rubbing into it and trying to catch her breathe. “S-sorry,” she apologized as she still had her eyes closed, feeling another heavy pain. “F-fuck!” she cursed really loud as she held her stomach, now feeling that her water broke, gasping for air now.


“I can’t believe you’re actually real that I almost forgot how much I missed being like this, next to you as you space off and ignore me” 

“Wh—what? Sorry baby, as crazy as this is to you it’s even crazier to me” 

“Did you miss home?” 

“Of course I did. I missed being under a roof that isn’t made out of weeds and mud, with AC and next to the best girl I could ever ask for” 

“None of those guys appealed to you, huh” 

“Don’t get me started on those guys. Some of them…nevermind, you’ll get jealous”

i cried about how much i hate wh*tes n how i cant betray my family by dating or marrying or defending wh*tes because i dont hate myself that much to be like that!!!
i got so upset lmao like i dont care if u think im being rude by the shit i say to wh*te people i fucking hte them

like fuck u and ur daddy and ur grand daddy theyre all r*cist get away from me u never done shit for my people n i dont care if ur friends w wh*tes i have no respect for them!!!! 

anyway i got food after that so !!!

anonymous asked:

Lots of people hate BHB because of their husbandry, but like WHS keeps their snakes in small bins too ?? so I'm confused. Why are their enclosures okay while BHB's aren't?

No one said that that is okay? At least no one that popped up on my feed.
Although you’re gonna be really hard pressed to find any breeder that doesn’t do the same.
I swear me and @i-m-snek are the only people I know that don’t conform to the industry.