Hey so uh i don’t think i ever posted this? It’s old but I’m still really proud of it, these are my kids Clover (left) and Carmen (right) and they have a v big backstory that I’m still working on

waddledeeart  asked:

Dear Dad, Dustin?

[*Dustin is sleeping on the floor. There’s a letter next to him. It was written in orange crayon.]

Daer Dear Poppa! Hello! I miss yuo you! A lot! I’m sorry for leeaving home…I just wa[*]ted to h[* ] e fun…I m[* ]s Mummy! And Gr[*  ]e and Chas…I w[* ]t to come hme home I c[* ]’t now…

[*The page seems to be covered in tear stains and scribbles from mistakes. The bottom seems to be ripped off. There’s a ball of paper in the small child’s hand. If opened, it says ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I miss you’ over and over again…]