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Guys, it happened. I not only saw, but received flying kisses that rival Jin’s

So the people that came over today had the cutest 2 yr old ever. Did I mention that she never cried and was super sweet and giggly the whole time? And while she’s teething?! And as they were leaving, she gave me at least 10 flying kisses and my heart was so full and warm and happy in that moment I just can’t. Yes they rival Jin’s they were that sweet and loving and pure. I will never take this statement back, bc if you were on the receiving end you’d say the same. I can’t share any pictures with you, bc i was too busy dying to take any and also she’s not my fam and i don’t post pics of my fam, but here’s one of Jin’s so you might understand how wonderful and happy they were and how wonderful they made me feel.

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Happy Birthday Lance! 

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid!

I feel like this moment doesn’t get enough love and there’s so much that happens in the 2.5 seconds.

First: Kat kissing Adena’s shoulder is the sweetest thing, and it convey’s just how happy she is in that moment with Adena

Second: Adena kissing Kat’s hand. It’s literally the only thing she can reach and in that moment she just has to kiss Kat somewhere (I totally swooned)

Finally (and My Fave): The wiggle. just look at that little wiggle, they’re already so close together yet it’s not enough, thus the wiggle to get closer and it totally melts my heart


Sakura Week Day 7: Freestyle
Happy birthday Sakura!


i had a dream a few nights ago that chris took dan to a concert for a date or somethin and it was rly good…….

liverpepper twins!! i get a lot of messages asking ‘how close do you think the twins actually are’ and IMO!! THEY ARE VERY CLOSE!! AND LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!! so i drew them at age 13 when roxas still had brown hair hehe

SP is doing such a good job. I’m so happy they filled in those gaps to let us know that Sasuke is sorry for his absence; proving to people that yes, once again, he does care for his wife. Also when Naruto said “I’m the one that’s sorry”… man… I hope they continue to fill in those gaps because I am so happy they are doing them justice.


I headcanon Bokuto to be the type of person who is a literal furnace and wears T-shirts all year round, whereas Akaashi has perpetually cold hands.

priya drawing for @trueka !! i love her design so much she seems like such a boss ass bitch and MM THOSE BROWS THO

and for some reason i feel like eyes would be her aesthetic?? i hope you like it!!

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20. Shin Soukoku please?

Sure thing, babe. 

20. “Just admit I’m right.”

“Just admit I’m right.”


“It’s obvious.”

“No way.”

Atsushi stuck his tongue out - admittedly a very immature action, but the situation itself was immature. Akutagawa looked at him with a blank expression, very unamused.

“The-that’s just not-” Atsushi could feel heat in his cheeks already, and he glared at the ground, crossing his arms. “She does not.”

“Like I said, it’s obvious.” Akutagawa responded. “It’s cute.”

Atsushi glared at him. “Kyouka does not have a crush on me.”

“Crush, infatuation,” Akutagawa waved his hand dismissively. “Whatever you want to say, she’s enamored with you.”

“How do you even know that?” Atsushi asked. Akutagawa shrugged from his chair, looking bored. It was mildly insulting for Atsushi that this topic was so mundane to the man - so mundane he wasn’t even changing his expression.

“She told me.” He said, matter-of-factly.

Atsushi threw his hands in the air. “OH. But she didn’t tell me? Real convincing.”

Akutagawa’s eye twitched, “She…. heavily implied it.”

“How so?” Atsushi raised an eyebrow.

Akutagawa’s cheekbones were sharp in the sunlight, all gleaming and elegant. Not for the first time, Atsushi got the urge to connect the freckles that dotted his pale skin. He had been getting urges like that for a good month now. It was annoying.

“She told me that she was worried I was going to hurt you.” He answered. “I don’t know why. We’ve been working together for a good few months now, and I promised not to kill anyone for a while…” He looked out the window, obviously confused.

Silver hair gleamed under the window as Atsushi rolled his head back to rest on the back of his chair. It was confusing to him. Akutagawa wouldn’t hurt him. They were… well, friends wasn’t the right word. Acquaintances? No, more than that. Begrudging allies who sometimes shared some inside jokes and little smiles? More accurate.

Besides, Akutagawa wouldn’t attempt to piss Dazai off by ruining this partnership that had been so carefully culminated, which made Atsushi concerned that Kyouka was reading to much into a situation.

“Maybe she’s just…. worried about me like an older sibling?” Atsushi suggested. For some reason, the idea of Akutagawa thinking Kyouka liked him like that made him uncomfortable. “I mean, I’m not exactly crush material.”

Akutagawa looked into the distance, lost in thought. His eyes gleamed glossy black in the sunlight. “I disagree with that.”

Atsushi felt his cheeks grow warm. “Really?”

“You’re unexpectedly charming,” Akutagawa said. He shot Atsushi an ice cold glare. “Not like I think there’s anything overly charming about you, but I’ve had an easier time getting to know you. Sometimes, I don’t even hate you.”

Atsushi rolled his eyes. “Thanks.” He said, sarcastic. His stomach growled.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just reading into what Kyouka said too much,” Akutagawa shrugged. “It pissed me off for some reason.”

Atsushi wanted to argue that everything seemed to piss Akutagawa off. Instead he stood up and said, “I’m going to go get lunch.”

Akutagawa leapt to his feet. “I’ll go with you.”

“You just ate.”

“I want you to admit that I was right. You’re not getting out of this one.” The black-haired man said, tucking his hands in his pockets. “Besides, you’re broke and I owe you for dinner that one time.”

Atsushi just shrugged, and the two made their way out of the office.

Btw, the whole agency thinks they’re dating. They are. They just don’t know it.

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