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Draw more Wendy!! She is so cute in your artstyle

Does this doodle count? It’s another one of those “I wanted to redraw this since it’s been stuck in the drafts for months but screw that” ones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’d draw that cinnamon roll more often if only I actually knew how to do that :p I can never figure out how to draw Wendy’s hair ughhh

Okay, long story short, @greerian wrote me the loveliest ficlet- read it here

Merry christmas everyone!

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yo i'd just been thinking that i wish there was some really posi dark souls blog i could follow 'n then i saw your art on my dash and like... your blog & your chosen undead/etc headcanons are everything i ever wanted thank you so much this has been a testimonial

this is…. the kindest message ever…. thank you kind soul