This young dove was brought into us after being found on the ground with no nest visible. Its feet had curled up on themselves and it could not stand up.
Emma, our vet, examined it and found the young bird to have a calcium deficiency. Luckily, this is easily treatable and, after being put on a course of supplements, the birds feet were bandaged in the correct position to help keep the toes and feet aligned.
The little boots have proved quite popular!

you are amazing. spend less time around those who can’t see your worth.

It’s #transawarenessweek so here’s a special #transformationTuesday. My guardian angel pictured on the left is the little girl I once was, before I even knew I wasn’t a girl at all. She didn’t know what a difficult yet beautiful life we had in front of us. She lifted me up on her trembling little shoulders and never gave up, so I could become the man I am today. I wouldn’t be me without her, and she’s always in my heart. #transwk


One thing I’ve always pondered is what these characters would look like as humans. (considering I already draw them more humanoid looking) And Clementine is one that has been on my mind recently and thanks to freebie art month, I was finally able to do this.

I see her as a type of girl who likes to dress sporty but also comfortably while hanging around a skate park and listening to music and skating. Clem is a bit lazy tho so her hair is always a big mess. 

I threw the inkling Clem in there as bonus. And to make a point that these characters would have way different hair in real life than their squid hair, haha! Oh god I love her human hair…*sniff*

Will I do more human version? I would love to. Once I get good ideas. Whinter is who I wanna do for sure…