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“Of course, What makes you ask that Evergreen?” He leaned next to her, smiling softly
“You’re beautiful sweetheart-”

“Ah, I guess I was just curious. Thank you for your honesty, Gildarts.” she said with a smile. “Though I am curious as to why you are back so soon.”


There JC was looking over the materials she’d scavenged, beginning to weave the threads of old leather and plastic together- when she heard Francis come in, wondering what he’d suggest this time as she paused her work there. Putting the current woven swatch against her own skin, trying to assess whether it’d look good on her or not. “Hm…” She was happy to be having this break from her job with the Resistance, but at the same time she often resorted to whatever she could get her hands on to keep herself busy because she wasn’t at all used to it.

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"Oh, gosh, I felt it! I felt a kick!" (( frigg freaking out to her papa guildarts is cute. I like how he's like. "Your my daughter in law cause laxus is son and yes.))

“Really now? Little brats finally decided to say hello then?”
He smiled at her, it had been one of the rare times he was home when someone came a-calling. 
“Can I feel?”

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        “Do you think Junior would notice any of his liquor was missing if I decided to mix myself a drink right now?” Her eyes were focused on the bar contemplatively, her expression otherwise mostly blank.

    “I’ll make you one, too, if you don’t tell him.”

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              “Then stop playing around and take me, John.”

They’d been hanging out together for at least a month. He’d been waiting and waiting, and his desire for her had grown more each day, increased by her hesitancy. What had started as a challenge ( he wanted her, and he wouldn’t stop until he’d get her ) had become a serious affair, which wasn’t based exclusively on sex. He enjoyed her, he enjoyed her purity. At her words, he pressed his lips against hers for a lingering kiss.        You sure?       He asked, his eyes partly open, his face still close to hers.

A Ruined Place (Closed Starter w/ Determinedbun)

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Oscar stood in the shadow of the old capital, the abandoned city where the Ruins lay. After his peculiar reset, Toriel had returned and he was reinvigorated with the intent to continue to protect the monsters of the Underground, though he still had many questions about his past. He knew that he had caused so much harm to innocents, but his memories revealed to him long lost friends and comrades, notably Solaire, one of his closest friends and one who held sympathy for the monsters, choosing not to engage in raids. The other he learned recently was named Lautrec and appeared to be much like Oscar, if not a bit more ambitious.

He had even heard that Solaire was in the Underground. If this was true, then there may be more to his place here in the future than he realised. For this reason, he decided to explore this abandoned place, hoping to find some clue as to his reason for being here. He entered the castle long since left to die, symbols of the Delta Rune strewn through its halls. Truly a sight no other human had ever seen before, save for one. Torn tapestries and dusty rugs showed a decadence long since eroded away.

Unlike the town, he had no recollection of anything that could possibly be in here. Of course he wouldn’t. The war wouldn’t have reached Asgore’s castle, would it? At least, not the one from the surface. Yet, he felt something was still to be found here in the shadows of a fallen kingdom.