Imagine :re ending with Haise/Kaneki making an online video without wearing a mask...

… speaking the truth about his past, about his experience in the peaceful side of human world, in the peaceful and brutal sides of ghoul world, and in the CCG. Imagine him telling everyone about his life before turning into a ghoul–about Hide and what a great friend he was to him–and how he found friends among ghouls, how Aogiri captured and tortured him, how he was trying to fight off Aogiri while trying to live through CCG’s attacks, how he nearly died trying to save his loved ones.

Imagine him ending the video by inviting people to join him. “My name is Ken Kaneki, also known as Haise Sasaki. I am a human. I am a ghoul. And I need anyone who wants to live without the fear of dying or having to kill–human or ghoul–to fight alongside me and my friends of both sides.”

just some stupid though lol :P I ust think this would change everything on both sides because neither Aogiri nor the CCG would ever expect a half-ghoul telling everyone about them and their cruelty and corruption…

wait that was so strange 

he asked him out like he was definitely asking him out wasn’t he??? and then balth was like i mean did balth want it to be aj ust them thing because he didn’t seem like he DIDN’T want it to be a just them thing and like wow? why did??? why did peter 

i’m so unsure of what’s going on with these children i want to understand. balth, peter, HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE AWKWARD

oh my god how can there be so much awkwardness boys???

boys what are you doing???

and how are you making me feel so many things??? what sorcery are you using?

okay but part of me is like ‘I want more threads in my daddy jack verse where jack’s an expectant father’

but then I remember that most of the main potc canon characters are dead/otherwise engaged in otherworldly activities or still hate him by the end of AWE

so jack doesn’t really have any friends to talk to about babies aNYWAY

and even if he did have friends he probably wouldn’t wANT to talk about babies to anyone other than elizabeth and gibbs

@jack sparrow why are you like this why do you make my life so dIFFICULT

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If you need a Spanish/English translator, I'm here☀️

AYY HOLA. cuando necesitamos un traductor, me comunicare con usted para traducción. Dear lord let that mean what I want it to mean! (:

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My crush has long black hair and brown eyes and he's idk a little bit weird? Omg but it's in a cute way if that makes sense. I ust met he recently and he doesn't talk a lot so he doesn't have that many friends but I really like him! There's this one coffee place nearby I think he would really like <33

He sounds cute omg…..Coffee shops are Soft And Cozy Centrals of Romance™ so that sounds like a good choice

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     {  ♚  } — Just great.” Gou thought, as she saw her brother at the same aisle as her. She quickly turned around, hoping her brother wouldn’t recognize her. Although, it wouldn’t help either way — she was the only one with her hair color in this aisle, along with the whole store. She went to grab the bread, that her mother made her go buy and attempted to avoid her brother. Hoping she could leave without being seen.

bukas start na ng orientation week tapos sa wednesday thomasian welcome walk na yehey hahahahhaa masaya daw yon plus may after party pa ata kasi may bands and fireworks daw (zozyal) hahahaha excited nako pumasok para magkasense naman yung everyday ko diba kaso nakakatakot lang bumyahe everyday kasi diba you’ll never know plus kapag natagulan na ulit syempre bahain sa uste so…. Hays kastress pero yey pasukan na woohoooo sa wakas men!!!!!


Andressa Urach revela que fue la prostituta de lujo mejor pagada de Brasil. Estos son sus atributos.

El año pasado estuvo al borde de la muerte por unos productos químicos que le inyectaron en el cuerpo, en 2012 quedó de segunda en el Miss Bum Bum, y ese mismo año dijo que se había acostado con Cristiano Ronaldo. El portugués lo negó, pero ya era tarde porque Andressa ya se había hecho famosa. Ahora dice que fue la prostituta de lujo mejor pagada de Brasil, y que con eso ayuda –en presente– a otras chicas. O sea, entendemos que ya no es la mejor pagada pero que sigue en el negocio. Quién entiende a estas modelos. Total, usted mire sus fotos.