Hindi ka ba okay? Ngiti ka lang, para di mahalata.

Tama wag mong ipahalatang nasasaktan ka. Wag mong ipakitang mahina ka, wag mong ipakitang affected ka. Minsan hindi din masama ung itago mo ung totoo mong nararamdaman. Bakit? Para hindi ka nila lalong saktan. Kasi kapag nakikita nilang mahina ka, na malungkot ka, lalo ka nilang sasaktan kasi di ka matatag, lalo ka nilang sasaktan hanggang sa madurog ang puso mo. Ipakita mong malakas ka, ipakita mong hindi na nasasaktan. Para sayo din yan. 
realistic character - writing tips

So I am currently writing the third book of my series, and I’ve been having an ongoing writingblock. And it bugs me.. a lot. I thought that because of my non-stop researching and reading about writing in the meantime, that I wanted to share some of my own tips when it comes to the subject. I am not a professional, nor have I yet published anything. But I like sharing ideas, so here goes..

1. Give your characters legit reasons for their actions/titles. For a character to appear as real as possible, it is important to remember how complex a personality is. A person is not one expression, which means that nobody is pure evil or good. If you’re thinking of creating an antagonist, remember that real life bad actions are based on thoughts of something good. That’s right, people who are considered bad, did what they did because they thought it would be rewarding for another cause. Therefore, give your antagonist a reason for why they are doing what they do. This reason being something they look upon at as good. It is very rare that a person does something horrible for no reason, because the reason itself can be because they find a good feeling for themselves doing their actions. Remember to be specific when it comes to what makes them the antagonist, because this is what seperates them and the protagonist. And by specific, I mean that they do not have to be complete opposites. Because, again, real people are not pure bad or good.

2. Ask your characters questions. When creating a character, think firstly on their personality. Ask them questions, put them in situations which makes you wonder of what their solution would be. If you have a lot of characters, try writing down alternative solutions or options about one single situation, and sort your characters into what describes them the most. This will make you get to know your characters even better. Now, there are a lot of helpful resources for getting to know your character, and I will put some of the links down below in this post. 

3. Base their appearance on their personality and surroundings. This is an obvious one. When giving your character their appearance, you may want to base it on their personality. And there is so much of it to put in their eyes! Eyes can be extremely revealing about a person. Give them fire, or make them dreamy and distant. A person’s appearance is, of course, heavily influenced by their surroundings and situations. If they live in the wild, they may strive for food and are starving. A starving person is a distant soul, still so intense in their reactions to noises and smells. And when a person is physically weakened by things like this, their mind is as well. A lot of people won’t realize it, but body and mind are not as seperated as you think. 

Helpful resources:

- a lot of tips

- developing your character and making them interesting

- make the readers care

- character sheets

I hope I could help anyone, even though this was very simple. I’d gladly share more tips if you would like me to. Even basic “get in the mood to write” tips. And I wish you a great upcoming week and happy writing!


Today’s pickups! These will be the final pickups!

My feet are officially dead so I will be resting all of tomorrow. I am currently soaking my feet in hot water + Epsom salt cause they are swollen and I counted 24 blisters even though I wore my Nike Pegasus 32 shoes which is known for cushioning and comfort =___=||| ung why are my feet cursed to be delicate ;-;

Also, yesterday @dachsii asked about the sweet delights poster and I asked Lilian (booth owner) and Shin (assistant) and Lilian was like they’re for decoration so I was like oh :/

I went back today AND OH MY GOSH LILIAN YOU SLY SLY AWESOME WOMAN! She gave me 6 posters! XD Ahhh~~ she’s so nice! I talked with them for a bit about their booth, stock, shop :D It was so nice of them <3

Thank you everyone for your interest in my pickups! This is definitely the most intense pickup I’ve ever done LOL it was fun even with all the walking back and fourth and bags and bags of plushies but as @luchile once said…. That’s what a boyfriend’s for ;D haha!

Sabi nila anong alam ko sa pagibig e Nbsb naman daw ako.
Hindi ba pagibig ung pagmamahal ko sa magulang ko? Hindi ba pagibig ung pagmamahal ko sa mga kaibigan ko? Hindi pa ba pagibig ung nararamdaman ko? Hindi ibig sabihin nang wala ka pang nagiging boyfriend o girlfriend wala ka nang karapatang maglabas ng thoughts mo about sa pagibig kasi hindi sukatan kung nakailang gf/bf kana para masabi mong may sapat ka nang kaalaman sa pagibig. Well kung may sapat ka nang kaalaman bakit hanggang ngayon nasasaktan ka pa rin? Bakit hanggang ngayon iniiwan ka pa rin? Bakit hanggang ngayon sawi ka pa rin sa pagibig? Hindi porket wala akong boyfriend hindi pako nakakaranas ng pagibig. At hindi lahat ng may partner dyan e nakakaranas ng totoong pagibig. 

anonymous asked:

What would you do if all of your family and relatives are pushing you down? hindi mo na namamalayan na pti srli mo nag da down na din sayo? becoz tina tanggap mo na tma ung snsbi nla?

It happened to me, But what’s different is the part that I believed them.
There are seven billion people in this world that can be against you don’t be against yourself too.

Prove them wrong. Starting today make a pact with yourself. That you will be great. Despite others pulling you down.

Prove them wrong and let your accomplishment speak for yourself.

Gusto ko talaga magpatattoo hahahaha ung di naman sobrang laki baka palayasin ako sa bahay,okay na sa akin ung semi colon,or ung tatts ng youtuber na balloon na may smiley tsaka cloud.

We love people we can’t have.

Bakit ang hilig nating magmahal ng taong malabong magkakagusto satin? Bakit ang hilig nating saktan ang sarili natin? Bakit tayo nagpapakatanga sa taong wala namang paki satin? Bakit tayo umaasa sa taong alam namang nating pinapaasa lang tayo? Bakit natin pinaglalaban ang taong alam nating sa huli wala din naman itong patutunguhan? An sagot dyan any dahil mahal natin. Bakit hindi natin pagtuunan ng pansin ung mga taong totoong nagmamahal satin. Wala naman sigurong masamang i try diba. Sabi nga nila titingin ka pa sa iba kahit nasa harap mo na. Minsan kasi sa buhay natin nililito lang tayo ni kupido, minsan tinetest lang nya tayo. May mga taong pinagtagpo pero hindi itinadhana para sa isa’t isa. 

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Niel, hindi ko alam kung anong meron sakin ba't sobrang naa-attract ako sayo. AS IN. Grabe, kung pano ako magfangirl kila Alden, Dj, Enrique etc ganon ung nararamdaman ko sayo. Ang hirap mong i-reach. Para kang stars, sobrang kinang mo tapos ang hirap hirap mong abutin. Well I guess, I'll be a forever fan of yours. :-)) Happy na ko as long as you're happy :-)) -Aanon

Nagpunta ka ba ng tsamu? :( Uyyyy hi anon Thankyou :”) Ako nga dapat magsabi nun eh, happy na ko as long as you guys are happy :) Thank you ulit at ulit :”)

Kanina hindi namin naabutan ni A yung 6-7pm
Mass. Favorite time ko yun kasi Tagalog ang kanta ng choir. Nakakasabay talaga ako kapag ganun kasi nag-choir ako sa church for 7 years. Tuwing saturdays kame nakanta and sometimes tuwing linggo kapag walang koro available.

Medyo nalungkot ako kasi pang huling mass na yung masisimulan namin. Matatapos na kasi yunh 6-7pm mass nung dumating kami. Niyaya ako ni A na pumunta sa lugawan.

A: “Gutom ka na siguro? Kain tayo, tara?”
Me:“ Eh baka di natin masimulan ung sunod na misa mahal..”
A: “Hindi mahal, 7:30pm ang start ng last mass. Don’t worry saglit lang tayo. Alam kong gutom ka na din saka parang pagod na pagod ka kasi.”
Me: Thank you be. *ngiting wagas*

Hila hila nya ang kamay ko nung pumunta kami sa lugawan. Parang bata lang. Ang bagal ko ata maglakad. Pagdating namin, umorder agad sya tapos tuwang tuwa ako kasi kahit di ko sinabi yung gusto kong kainin, alam nya talaga. Goto with chicharon at puto. Yung ngiti ko talaga, ibang iba. Natutuwa na sobrang tagal na, nililigawan palang nya ako nung una nya nalaman na fave ko ang goto na may puto na kasama. Tapos hanggang ngayon tanda nya parin.

Yung maliliit na bagay at detalye sa buhay ko, alam nya talaga. Kaya sobrang nakakagiliw. At oo, kinikilig pa din ako kay A until now. Hayyyyy.

Ung lunes ko ang ganda ng simula, okay na sana lahat e hahahaha kaso puta natisod ako sa may over pass hahahhaha medyo tanga, buti muntik lang kasi nakakahiya kung talaga nadapa ako hahahaha mader paker na hagdan yan.

gift (4t2 hairconversion)

This is not the last creation for ts2 you’ll ever get from me, so do not worry about there being nothing to expect. I’ve already planned on uploading some more stuff tomorrow, or later this night. 

I posted a picture of a hairconversion I was working on this week, and I deleted the post (because I was unhappy with how the picture turned out and I am a perfectionist, and I hate having things I’m not a 100% happy with on my blog lol). But today is the day I upload my conversion of antos “surrender” hair for female, ages child to elder. Keep in mind that I have not made recolors, and there is only one color included (volatile). I have included a psd for those who want to make recolors. The upload also contains the mesh itself and a preview. 


original here.

Linya ko at ng mga kaibigan ko ng mon-fri
“ inaantok pa ko”

“Uwi na tayo”

“Ingay ng boosters”

“ naka jabi nanaman si sir”

“ tara sa freedom park”

“Tara tayuman gutom na ako”

“ *rants about lrt* ”

“ lipat na talaga kong uste”

Nakakasawa hahahaha kabisado ko na pati kung paano ung bawat pagpalo ng mga drummers,pati ung ibang cheer ng feu jusko hahahahaha.

(160524) @redvelvet.smtown: *weird sound effects* she is is so good. [*] all nine songs are on endless loop. jjong you know dat. 🔁 yerm. 🍔

[translator’s note: the weird sound effects are basically: “ooh oh ung”. [*] there’s sort of a wordplay going on here. “here” means “i like it” or “it’s good”, but it’s also the title of jonghyun’s song. yeri wrote it twice so literally it would be something like: “i like it, i like it”.] (source: over1408)


“Ngày Nixon ra lệnh đem B52 ném bom huỷ diệt Hà Nội, ông hẳn không nghĩ đến này một người kế nhiệm ông ung dung ngồi uống bia và ăn bún chả trong một căn nhà dựng lên từ đống đổ nát đó.

Ngày John Kerry tham chiến trong hạm đội bảy nã pháo vào bờ biển Việt Nam ông hẳn không nghĩ đến cuối đời ông lại thảnh thơi đi dạo bờ hồ gươm.

Ngày Nguyễn Thành Trung ném bom Tân Sơn Nhất, ông hẳn không nghĩ tới ngày chiếc Air Force One lại về đậu trên chính đường băng đó.

Ngày những người biệt động thành hi sinh cảm tử tấn công Toà đại sứ Mỹ, họ hẳn không thể ngờ có ngày con cháu họ lại giăng biểu ngữ, cờ hoa đón tổng thống Mỹ như người hùng. Và cách nơi họ nằm xuống không đầy 300m là nơi Obaba đang dạy những người Việt trẻ ưu tú nhất cách đưa đất nước trở lại với thế giới văn minh.

Cuộc sống luôn chứa đựng những bất ngờ và cơ hội.

Nhưng có cần mất một thế hệ và rất nhiều xương máu, chia ly để làm điều mà họ có thể làm hơn nửa thế kỷ trước?

Ngày hôm nay chính là ngày hôm qua của ngày mai.”

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