Today (as Hanzo) I had the sweetest ingame moment. I was in skirmish and everyone was so damn angry so I started to kill my targets too. A Genji saw me and came to murder me, but stopped when I said the “hello” emote. He also said hello, we looked at each other for a while and then some stupid Tracer interrupted that glorious moment and killed me. Immediately after, I joined a match and that Tracer was in my team. Okay. It started fine and at some point she was next to me when she died. I was about to fire my arrows when someone texted: “She killed you before”. And I was like….Oh? The murderer was a Genji. OH. He was MY Genji. So we started emoting each other again in the middle of the fight. And then we ran away. We climbed the walls and left both teams alone and we just sat together on a remote place and stared at the sky the entire match. Just like… two brothers, reunited again…

I’m going to draw this.



naehja  asked:

(last for today, I promise) Xander: Prince Takumi you don't think that you have forgotten something?//Takumi:...Like what?// Xander: Before marrying Kamui?// Takumi:...No?// Xander: Like asking for permission to her BIG BROTHER?// Takumi: I have asking to her big brother ^^// Takumi: Ryoma has said yes ^^

I have just witnessed a MURDER