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date a boy who's learning japanese but is a fucking idiot and says おはよう to you at 11 pm because he doesn't know how to say good evening

date a boy whos doing his best and makes u think about the sunrise in the evening for no reason other than thats the only way he knows how to greet u :^{

bring your good times and your laughter

amy santiago is the youngest captain in nypd history, and a freakout of corresponding magnitude ensues (feat: mentions of peraltiago babies, husband of the year detective jake peralta, and a ref to kokomo). title from celebration. as always, i owe my life and all my worldly possessions to @jakelovesamy and @elsaclack. also on ao3

The door shuts behind Captain Amy Santiago (she’s been in official possession of that title for a full three hours, and she has every intention to use it on even her takeout orders, just to hear the sound). The click of the doorknob is louder than expected, and she pauses for a moment, hand hovering, to see if anyone outside noticed, but the chorus of “Celebration” is blasting so loudly that the blinds are rattling against the windows. She shuts them, suppressing a reflexive sigh at the thought of the confetti littering the bullpen - her bullpen - and focusing on the overwhelming joy of this moment.

She moves behind her desk, savoring the feel of the new, heavy medals against her shoulder and the hat resting atop her perfectly smooth bun (she’d spent at least an hour ensuring every hair was in place. It could’ve been half that time, but Rae and Ana, nothing short of tornadoes, had spun through their bathroom halfway through the preparations, already in their pajamas for the babysitter, to grab Amy by the bun and plant large toddler kisses on her forehead, leaving bumps in Amy’s ponytail that refused to settle). Her desk is nearly bare, with only two framed photos perched below her desktop. There hasn’t been time for case files to accumulate, for her detectives and beat cops to need signatures or approvals or second opinions. The thought of the work excites her and terrifies her simultaneously, and it’s only as she’s sitting at this desk, so similar to that of her mentor’s, two precincts over, that the gravity of her situation hits her.

She, Captain Amy Santiago, is the youngest captain in NYPD history.

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hello everyone!!! so today is thanksgiving which means i’m even more soft than usual!! because i am so thankful for all of you, i decided today would be the perfect day to finally make my first follow forever. i love you all so much and i’m so happy to have all of you as my mutuals!


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every time i see him i get all light headed & starry-eyed 🌌🏹💕

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