#bffs #staying up all night talking about winn’s dad #probably #movie nights, obviously #winn begging mon to watch star wars with him #r u trying to tell me mon-el doesn’t live at winns #when he’s not at karas #lol winn’s like ‘thats a v culinary answer for someone that doesn’t cook’ #'cos u never cook when we’re at home, rude’

that’s the cutest chris that i’ve drawn lol

anyway i’m working on a victuuri doujin for AFA’s Creators Super Fest in late April. it’s actor AU where viktor is a famous actor and yuuri is an actual living legend figure skater (retired). chris is the one who introduced viktor to the beauty of figure skating.

they’re filming yuri on ice which is based on true story so there’s gonna be OLD victor and yuri. 

i’m having a crisis should old!victor be bald or half-bald like Yakov….. please help.

anyway, here’s another cute chris and viktor.

I’ll open international & local pre-order around early april, together with merch stuff, please look forward to it :D