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Hey, remember how Ashley decided to never wear real armor ever again right before the reaper war? That was fun.

Forever bitter that tomboy Ash had to get a dolled-up makeover for ME3. That was totally unnecessary. Not only did it not make sense from a character perspective, but it was also kind of insulting IMHO. It’s implying that there was something wrong with her previous appearance because she didn’t wear as much makeup and had her hair out of her face. And I mean whatever people change and I personally like putting on makeup so I’m not faulting her on that front it’s just it doesn’t make sense for her character at all. It also makes no fucking sense from a universe perspective because based on every other Alliance marine we see, it seems obvious that the Alliance has regulations about hair & makeup. Plus that shit is just distracting in a fight, I can barely do the mundane tasks of my boring-ass life without my hair morphing into a cloud around my nose and mouth, I can’t imagine trying to do something physical with that shit flying everywhere.