[150831] Hoshi’s Instagram Update

[권스포] 익숙함에 무뎌진 그대들이여, 나 쉬운 남자아니에요 #호시 #세븐틴상사 #전략기획팀 #권부장see u at 00:00

[KWON SPOILER]  To all of you who stick to familiar things, I’m not an easy man. #HOSHI #SEVENTEEN_BOSS #STRATEGIC_PLANNING_TEAM #CHIEF-KWON  see u at 00:00

-[Hoshi] What could that lighting over there be shining on? … Ha.

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[150831] Hoshi’s Twitter Update

[권스포] 익숙함에 무뎌진 그대들이여, 나 쉬운 남자아니에요 #호시 #세븐틴상사 #전략기획팀 #권부장 see u at 00:00

[KWONSPOILER] To all of you who stick to familiar things, I’m not an easy man.  #HOSHI #SEVENTEEN_BOSS #STRATEGIC_PLANNING_TEAM #CHIEF-KWON  see u at 00:00

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
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i was gonna go to bed but then i was sent a link to this thread?? like this has gone way too far now. i thought trying to move on from this and ignoring this person would let it blow over but the fact they’re actually convincing people they’re me (and literally claiming to be me and posting my art as theirs??) is quite hurtful to both me and other people. i’m actually getting messages saying how rude i am on youtube to ppl when this isn’t me? and i can’t report them since i’m not sure what it means by having a photo id as proof, tried searching but no luck yet ;;

and no, it isn’t a troll acc. this person has proven before they really REALLY don’t like me (literally this thing started when i said i didnt like how one of my drawings came out on one of my video descriptions, and since they changed their account name to this) and have resorted to name calling, to me and other people just trying to help with the situation

just please, know this isn’t me. this is just a disgusting person trying to cause harm to people on google+ 

tbh i see a lot of people wanting fantasy where like things arent super generic and the creatures go against stereotypes and i just feel like they’d probably really enjoy the discworld series

VS. Excitebike on Wii U VC today ⊟ 

I guess you guys built enough stuff in Mario vs. Donkey Kong or whatever! Nintendo will release the Famicom Disk System-exclusive VS. Excitebike today. Ever wondered what it would be like to play Excitebike with someone else? Or what it would be like to build a track and not have it go down the memory hole? Find out today! Imma excite buy it!


no offense but i never wanna see this post on my dash again.

racist people share racist ideas because theyre awful racists who are fucking racist and racist people have racist thoughts which are often the same.

but stop comparing people to hitler. stop. hitler did things that donald trump is probably never going to do in his miserable existence. hes an awful ugly disgusting moldy man but hes not hitler.

just because someone is racist and terrible does not mean they are adolf fucking hitler. it means theyre racist and terrible. it means donald trump shouldnt be president. it doesnt mean hes adolf hitler. stop.