Other "We met before" reveals vs Yoi's reveal
  • Other animes/shows/books/movies and etc: When I was a young child...I was so miserable...but you saved me...with your smile...
  • Yoi: So like you dipped me to the floor, drunk off your ass, then got naked and pole danced. Grinding against me, you begged me to be your coach then left. And I was like "I need to find this boy again"

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr

i feel like yuuri’s “he never fails to surprise me” quote is applicable to the entire damn show because of all things i expected from episode 10, i sure as hell never would’ve predicted that

y’all know or not how exhausting it is to see white artists draw like any and every east/southeast asian anime characters like they’re white people. like always seeing these characters with v line faces, sharp thin pointy noses, pinkish skin, double lids and big eyes? every single one?? hundreds of thin lipped round eyed characters who are meant to be e/se asian. and it’s like yeah. some e/se asians do have some of these features but not everyone does. not everyone fits that kinda standard so stop treating it like a baseline: you can diversify how you draw us we’re not all from the same cookie cutter mold.

like at this stage i dont even care like when you do this it’s literally just whitewashing. draw monolids, hooded lids and epicanthic folds realistically or your art sucks period. learn how to put darker and/or warm toned skin on your characters or your art sucks. draw us with square, oval and round faces or your art fucking sucks. draw us with lower nose-bridges and with flatter and wider noses as well.

and i dont mean make us into a caricature. like ive seen some white artists try to overcompensate and draw the characters with literally bright yellow skin and everything else until they look like racist propaganda art boasting the chinese exclusion act lmfao. i mean like study our faces, study our skin tones and incorporate that into your art.

and if you refuse to change and say it’s just your art style? then fuck you art style. you cant justify excluding us from the media we created.