hi folks im back


I’m not sure if anyone will see this but, in all seriousness.. I don’t mean to sound cheesy here, but I never thought the worst website in the world would’ve given me so much hope. Seriously, I can’t thank you guys enough.
In comparison to art accounts, 500 followers with ¼th of it being porn blogs isn’t all that much, but when I first started this blog I didn’t think I would get even close to this far. 500 people who follow my blog?
That’s like more than the population of Canada!

so I want to thank all the cool mutuals I’ve met and everyone who’s shown support in me and my art, it’s really given me motivation to keep on drawing.

me listening to some mediocre pop song: u know who this reminds me of? jemily

me listening to some obscure indie song: u know who this reminds me of? jemily

me listening to some instrumental song: u know who this reminds me of? jemily ;)

me hearing the wind blow one(1) time: U KNOW WHO THIS REMINDS ME OF? ;););)

D A R K E N E D   S O U L

Emily knew the dangerous of the night, and yet, she was always lurking outside. Sometimes she was scared, yes, but tonight was…different. It seemed that there was a full moon, and thanks to its light, it was brighter than usual outside. She stood still, her eyes on the moon high above. 

It was so beautiful…

She froze, and looked behind, her eyes scanning the environment behind her. “Hello? I-Is someone there?”

for @lonerangerortheciscokid !!!

probably the neatest thing i got to do this summer - it’s an illustration to go along with the script she’ll be pitching this fall, which has a really rad premise and a great northwest vibe! here’s a lil synopsis emily, my client, sent me:

The year is 1958, and kid sisters, Perrie and Evangeline Milland’s, town has fallen victim to a massacre perpetrated by a cult of rather unusual cannibals. With their parents missing in action, the girls manage to escape relatively unscathed, and begin to travel across Central Oregon to their grandparents’ place in Eugene. On the way, they meet a 20-something turncoat cannibal named Clark Warner, who is desperate to escape his deplorable past. When his family finds out what he has done, they exile him from the group and he too becomes a target of their acrimony. Clark takes the girls under his wing and teaches them how to defend themselves against the invaders, who are now moving from small town to small town. With cannibals hot on their trail, Perrie and Evangeline must learn to fight for survival and look out for each other like never before.

i did everything, including type, if my regular old handwriting counts as typography???? it was a great time going through the whole illustration process and the final piece came out even better than i thought it would!! BUT ANYWAY I’M BABBLING SO CHEERS, EMILY, TYSM AS ALWAYS xo

speakwithoutasound replied to your post “I hate to say this but tbh…I feel v uncomfortable @ this blog now…”

I’ve noticed when scrolling through someone’s actual blog, read mores don’t even cut it off anywhere it just shows the full post, but if you’re on your dash everything under the cut doesn’t show up at all. ~justmobilethings~

OMG does this explain it, you guys??? 

Because I really think it’s a thing out of my control. I don’t see much more smut being posted here, tbh, but maybe there could be something written at the top so you know to scroll through without reading if there ever is any more posted??