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Endless Acting (pt 1)

This fanfic based on @zahranamazis AU of Endless Summer being a famous TV show, it was a awesome au, Laura, legit!

Also, some note for character/actor name as:

Jake=Jacob Asher (lame, I know)

Diego=Daniel Purcell

Estela=Eleanor Holt

Quinn=Charlotte Sylor

Sean=Shawn Kline

Michelle=Aisa Garcia

Lila=Naomi Ervin

Aleister=Cameron Justice

Grace=Amelia Roberts

Craig=Joshua Sioong

Zahra=Fatimah Amal

Raj=Aryanathan  Chirayu  Daksh

I hope you enjoy and read the fanfic! (and also there is some old pb game ester egg)

((Estela, Michelle, and Lila))

“Do I need to punch Naomi off the window?”

Eleanor ask, worry on her voice or either angry on the result of the script. Being as Estela Montoya was really hard of her, since she never acting—never been on action show before. Holding a spear, making own stunt, heavy make up… Eleanor experienced it all now. Naomi on the another hand… it was orppsitive from it.

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